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I saw the news yesterday that the Japanese textbook officially included Chunli in the Japanese textbook

The real version of Chunli is (fortune) for many New Yorkers, and it can be seen at any time…

Capcom Officially Approved Street Fighter Chunli Appears in English Textbook

As a major animation country, Japan is full of cartoons and comics in its daily life. Recently, English textbooks have been added to the classic character illustrations of the fighting game “Street Figthers”, which have been officially recognized by Capcom .

  • Officially recognized by Capcom
  • Fighting game ” Street Figthers ” classic characters
  • Illustrations appear in English textbooks

The daily lives of Japanese people are full of cartoons, from mascots to government propaganda. Recently, there are English textbooks for middle school students, and classic characters of the fighting game “Street Figthers” appear, including: Chunli, Sakura and Aron. It is also officially recognized by Capcom for teaching. According to illustrator Taro Minohoshi , after receiving a request to draw a fighting game character, he thought of applying to Capcom based on ” Street Figthers “, and then he was quick to obtain authorization. Although there is only one illustration, I believe it will also arouse students’ interest in learning.

The most successful game in the world, Fortnite, has joined the role of “Chun Li”

 Fortnite became the world’s highest-paid game for the second consecutive year, with US$ 64.4 billion (£49.2 billion) for mobile games, US$29.6 billion (£22.6 billion) for PCs, and US$15.4 billion (£11.7 billion) for consoles.

The representative characters of Street Fighter Chun Li and Ryu will soon play roles in ” Fortress Night “. On Saturday, February 20, at 7 pm Eastern Time, gamers can purchase Chunli and Ryu images in the game store of Fortnite.

Chunli and Ryu are not the first TV game stars to appear in “Fortnite” this season-fans also have the opportunity to choose skins based on Kratos in “God of War” and master chiefs in Halo.

The entire season of “Fortnite” was packed with other crossovers, including Tron and GI Joe’s Snake Eyes, the two “The Walking Dead” characters, real-world team football equipment, and even Mandalorian and Baby Yoda (games Absolutely lovely person in). The last season of the game is a large-scale crossover game with Marvel as the theme.

The arrival of Chunli and Ryu may be unexpected, but they once again remind us that no brand is safe in ” Fortress Night “.

There is only one woman in Street Fighter— Chun Li . Many stars have played Chun Li in movies. But do you know who her prototype is?

Mao Ying – The prototype of Street Fighter Chunli

In fact, the prototype of Chunli is in the north and south restaurants of Flushing Bayside . If you are interested, you can check it out at any time~

Liu Jielian played by Mao Ying in the 1972 movie “Broken the Ring”. The game developer designed the game character Chunli based on the look of Liu Jielian in this movie, with a bun head on both sides and a blue coat as a reference design. Chunli’s background is a female fighter from Hong Kong, and she has great leg skills.

Street Fighter: The Story of Chunli

Street Fighter: Chun Li Biography ” (English: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun -Li) is based on the Japanese CAPCOM company an adaptation of the famous game Street Fighter series of action films released in the US in February 27, 2009. The protagonist is the popular female character Chunli in the game.

The prototype of Street Fighter Chunli is the same as Bruce Lee’s “Kung Fu Queen”

We know that Bruce Lee’s screen lover is Miao Kexiu, because they collaborated very happily in movies such as ” Jing Wu Men “, ” Big Brother Tangshan “, and “The Raptor Crossing the River “. She was called the Dragon Girl. In fact, Bruce Lee has another one in his mind. A beautiful woman, he admires the other party’s kung fu, and can be praised by Bruce Lee, that must be quite a kung fu. We all know that Bruce Lee is a Kung Fu superstar. He doesn’t like to praise others, so he has a very high vision! Who is she then?

The Light of Asians (Asian Success History)

The recent series of incidents of racial discrimination and hatred have made many people feel uneasy. Especially Asians have been treated unfairly and hurt a lot!
In fact, many Asians have made outstanding contributions in the United States and even around the world. Welcome to read and forward their glorious deeds!

Do you still remember the movie Dragon Fight and Tiger Fightmade by Bruce Lee ? There is a memory at the beginning of the movie, that is when she played Bruce Lee’s sister. This beautiful and capable role is played by Mao Ying. Although it only takes a few minutes, it is just these few minutes of fighting that let us see Mao Ying’s kung fu, she is agile Skills, clean movements, especially in the movie serial kicks, made the audience screaming. This kind of kung fu was Bruce Lee’s famous stunt before, and she would never think that she would have such a super stunt. This is also Bruce Lee admired her very much. one of the reasons.

The real kung fu movie was first proposed by Bruce Lee. In the 1970s, a large number of kung fu stars emerged, especially Bruce Lee and the martial arts actress Mao Ying . They created real kung fu movies.

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Ying was the most popular actress at the time. After cooperating with Bruce Lee in “Dragon Fight and Tiger Fight”, she joined Jiahe Company with the wonderful performance of this movie and starred in “Dragon Eight Generals”, “Iron Palm Tornado Legs” and ” Taekwondo Shake “. Movies such as Kyushu and Muay Thai Fighting are precisely because of these classic martial arts movies, which have established him as a veteran martial arts star in kung fu movies.

At that time, Jiahe Company valued her strength very much. After Jiahe Company promoted her internationally, she was also the first Chinese Kung Fu female star known to the world after Bruce Lee. The Kung Fu movies she made at that time had a great influence overseas and changed foreigners. The views of Chinese women let foreigners know that Chinese women are not weak to be deceived. She has made an indelible contribution to kung fu movies.

However, she withdrew from the film industry in 1982 because she was already a world of male stunt performers, but after all, the female martial arts posture was more graceful and more attractive to the audience. At this time, new female actors appeared, that is, Michelle Yeoh , Luo Fu Luo, Yang Lijing and others with more practical characteristics and more beautiful . After that, Mao Ying returned to the film world, but did not move much. He cooperated with other popular male and female martial arts movie stars a few times, and then gradually faded out of the film world. Since then, he has participated in the shooting of several documentaries to commemorate the Kung Fu Emperor Bruce Lee.

The Japanese call her the female killer boxer, and Western movie fans even call her the female version of Bruce Lee, a deadly Chinese doll. She is also one of the few martial arts stars in the world. Although she has not stayed in the entertainment industry for a long time, the impression she left on us is too deep, and the contribution she made to Kung Fu movies is indelible, so she will always live in the hearts of movie fans, what do you think?

Mao Ying was the older sister of Bruce Lee in the cameo movie ” Dragon Fighting Tiger Fighting “.

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Mao Ying was born in 1950 and grew up in Taiwan. At the age of six, she began to study art in a drama school, and later became the top ten Wudan. Her film history is glorious and short. She debuted at the same time as Jackie Chan. When Mao Ying became popular, Jackie Chan was still unknown.

In 1970, the newly born Jiahe shot ” Dragon and Eight Generals” in order to become famous , which was Jiahe’s first film. Mao Ying also came to Hong Kong from Taiwan in 1970, joined Jiahe, and participated in “Dragon and Eight Generals”.

At that time, Jiahe discovered the plasticity of Mao Ying, and in 1971, it became famous for Mao Ying to star in the movie “Kinugawa”. Also formed the Golden Harvest action classic iron triangle Mao Ying, Bai Ying, Sammo Hung.

In 1972, for the filming of the movie “Aikido”, she went to South Korea to practice Aikido and became a black belt master of Aikido. In the same year, the filming of “Iron Palm Tornado Legs” became more and more famous.

In 1973, she appeared as Bruce Lee’s sister in the filming of ” Dragon Fighting and Tiger Fighting “. In the same year, she learned Taekwondo for the filming of “Taekwondo Shaking Kyushu”.

Bruce Lee and Luo Lishi, Bob Wall’s ” Aikido ” by Mao Ying

Everyone knows that many of the previous martial arts actors were from theatrical troupe, such as Zheng Peipei , the Seven Little Fortunes, etc., like Bruce Lee, who are proficient in multiple actual combat methods and few stars. And Mao Ying has become a black belt master of Aikido and a master of Taekwondo through her own efforts. This is very worthy of recognition.

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Once such an incident happened when Mao Ying was attacked by a man while walking home. As a result, the man was beaten by her and ran away. This incident made the headlines at the time. It can be seen from this that Mao Ying really has actual combat skills.

In the 70s and early 80s, Mao Ying starred in many action movies. The movie “Aikido” is actually like the female version of ” Jing Wu Men “, with one enemy and multiple enemies. Her fighting is fierce and elegant, using high kicks that can break the opponent’s chin to sweep through groups of enemies, and she throws her braids aside from time to time in the bloody fight. In her movies, a common climax is that she fights with a villain who is twice as big as her.

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So Jiahe at the time made her the image of the female version of Bruce Lee. “The Life and Death Fight in the Muay Thai World”, “The Iron King Kong Breaks Through the Purple Sun”, “The Sacred Hand of Tantric Buddhism”, “Breach of the Ring” and so on are all classic action movies of Mao Ying.

Mao Ying also has many fans abroad. Director Quentin claims to be influenced by the movie starring Mao Ying. In the 2003 film “Kill Bill”, hammer swings appeared in a scene of fierce fighting, which was based on the scene of Mao Ying’s film ” Broken the Ring “.

Several action movies by Mao Ying were shown at the Mill Theater in Times Square in the United States in the 1970s. At that time, American film critics believed that she was a feminist spokesperson under male chauvinism.

The “Kung Fu Queen” who is as famous as Bruce Lee is now the owner of the Chinese restaurant

In 1983, after the birth of Mao Ying’s son, Mao Ying died of filming. In the mid and late 1980s, he made several cameo appearances. In the 1990s, he made several documentaries to commemorate Bruce Lee. In 1993, Mao Ying moved to New York, USA. After that, she opened her first restaurant, Mama King, on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing. Nan Bei He restaurant opened in 1997, and then moved to Bayside.

She said this is my second career: “In the United States, opening a Chinese restaurant is always a good way to make money.”

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At the age of 70, she lives in a stable family in the United States. During the day, she takes her granddaughter to inspect and sit in the restaurant when she is free. Many martial arts enthusiasts come here.

Mao Ying once said the original purpose of coming to Hong Kong from Taiwan: “To be honest, the income of filming is higher, and I have to support my family. I give most of my income to my family. This is a Chinese tradition.” She doesn’t value her star status, which seems obvious from the beginning

Once a Kung Fu magazine wrote: “Obviously, success did not let Mao Ying be spoiled, or that she was too simple to know how famous she was.”

Said at the end

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