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Missing brother Leslie Cheung 🙏18th anniversary of death 🔎The truth about suicide revealed 👩‍❤️‍👨Wedding photos exposed?! Tang Tang 🗣 Declaration of love

Today is the 18th anniversary of the death of my brother Leslie Cheung . I believe that many people can’t help thinking of this generation of superstars every year today. “When you see the stars in the sky, you will think of me~” There is a bench to commemorate him in Stanley Park in Vancouver […]

“38 International Women’s Day” is not at all three or eight 💃 pay tribute to the great female scientists who are underestimated 🙇‍♀️

A female scientist whose achievements have been underestimated by the world over the past century Who is the scientist you admire most? In addition to Mrs. Curie , what do you know about female scientists? In the past, the scientific world was mostly dominated by men. Take the Nobel Prize in Physics as an example. […]

The granddaughter-in-law of Yuan Shikai, who was on the permanent stamp of the United States, Mrs. Curie of China, the mother of the atomic bomb-Wu Jianxiong

The US Postal Service will issue Wu Jianxiong commemorative stamps – Chinese physicist, mother of the atomic bomb “When I was young, homesickness was a small stamp. I was on this end and my mother was on the other.” Stamps are memories with stories. Behind it contains emotions, history, social changes, and traditional culture. It […]

[Latest] Nathan Chen Chen Wei won three consecutive World Figure Skating Championships 🥇 5 consecutive championships in the United States Figure Skating Championships ⛸️ First person in 69 years

Nathan Chen Chen Wei “counterattack” to achieve 5 consecutive championships On the evening of March 27th, the World Figure Skating Championships ended the men’s singles free skating competition in Stockholm , Sweden. The Chinese American star Chen Wei “counter-attacked” a comeback in the case of a short program error and achieved three consecutive championships. On […]

Wedding queen 👑Wang Weiwei Vera Wang, why on earth 🤔 70-year-old and 36-year-old boyfriend

Wang Weiwei (English: Vera Wang; June 27, 1949 -), a famous Chinese American fashion designer, mainly active in New York City. Wang Weiwei was born in a Chinese family in New York City, USA, and grew up in New York City; the English name she used when she was born was Vera Ellen Wang. Both […]

Okafina👑The first Asian who started with abalone finally became the Golden Globe actress🏆

The first Asian actress to become famous by “abalone” Okafina Awkwafina During the Chinese New Year, every Chinese family may like to eat abalone. Here is a female artist who started her career with abalone. Okafina used to be just an ordinary front desk assistant, but she likes to sing and perform, so she later […]

The eternal “sister” 🏀Slam dunk Haruko Akagi prototype 🤔 died for the Chinese (today is…)

30th anniversary of debut. May you be happy every day in heaven! Reiwa 3 years 2/10 (water) 1991.02.10 – 2021.02.10 Today is the 30th anniversary of ZARD’s debut. Thank you sister’s songs for always accompany us to grow up. Your singing brings us happiness, we will never forget. May you be happy every day in […]

Yang Xuelan, founder of “Hundreds of People” and the only Chinese vice president in the history of GM, dies of breast cancer

Yang Xuelan lady, President of the US-China Cultural Association, the incumbent president of the Young’s consulting firm, and served as General Motors senior adviser Asia-Pacific region. She served as the global vice president of General Motors from 1988 to 2000, and led Buick into the Chinese market. Ms. Yang Xuelan currently serves as a director […]

The United States [Chinese food founder-Jiang Sunyun] helped found PF Chang and passed away at the age of 100

American Chinese food founder Jiang Sunyun dies at the age of 100 Jiang Sun Yun ( Cecilia Chiang ) on Wednesday in San Francisco, died at home, at the age of 100 years old. In the 1960s, she founded the Fu Lu Shou Restaurant ( Mandarin ) in San Francisco to introduce a rich variety […]

One night stand? Getting on the wrong car [Chinese rich woman Susie Q Zhao] was tied up / sexually assaulted / burned to death 🔥Parents collapsed…

Playing one night stand? Getting into the wrong man’s car, the rich Chinese woman was burned alive after being tied up and sexually assaulted! Parents have collapsed… The trial is on! She was tied up and sexually assaulted and burned to death by the murderer alive! More than half a month ago, the Michigan State […]