Okafina👑The first Asian who started with abalone finally became the Golden Globe actress🏆

The first Asian actress to become famous by “abalone” Okafina Awkwafina

During the Chinese New Year, every Chinese family may like to eat abalone. Here is a female artist who started her career with abalone.

Okafina used to be just an ordinary front desk assistant, but she likes to sing and perform, so she later rapped a song by herself and put it on the social platform. The following video is her “famous song MY VAG”.

Of course, after that, she was fired by the boss for this song. But knowing that it is not a blessing, she just got angry because of this song.

Okafina is not only an actor, but also a rapper . Many people first met her through music. Okafina quickly became popular after releasing her first song ” MY VAGon the Internet .

The following is the lyrics of her famous work MY VAG :

[Verse 1: Awkwafina]
My vag like a operatic ballad
Yo vag like Grandpa’s cabbage
And my vag effortless
Yo vag post ads on Craig’s List
My vag squirt aloe vera
Yo vag look like Tony Danza
My vag like tasting heaven
Yo vag manages a 7- Eleven
Yo Ya the make VAG My Girl Panties Creme
Yo Spreads Hepatitis C VAG
And My VAG A Chrome the Range Rover
Yo VAG hatchback, Toyota ’81
Yo My VAG Harvard Law School
Yo VAG Apex Technical
My Speak Five Different languages VAG
And the make Told YO VAG Bitch me a sandwich
Yo my vag feel like winning the lottery
Yo shit got turned down from eHarmony
My vag won best vag
YO VAG Won Best Supporting VAG
[Hook: Awkwafina]
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG look like Janet Reno
Awkwafina apos A Genius
And HER vagina IS 50 Times Better Within last A penis
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG look like Janet Reno
Awkwafina’s a genius
And her vagina is 50 times better than a penis

[Verse 2: Awkwafina]
Yo my vag got built-in utilities
Yo fat ass is on disability
My vag a Beyonce weave
Yo vag a polyester K Mart hairpiece
My vag bounce like J-Lo’s booty
Yo vag like James Lipton’s booty
And my vag it’s ornamental
Ya vag is a 5 hour PBS special
Yo my vag feed the homeless
Yo vag date the homeless
My vag made the Dean’s List
Yo vag couldn’t pass a HIV test

HOLLYWOOD, CA – AUGUST 07: (LR back) Harry Golding, Sonoya Mizuno, Gemma Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Constance Wu, Chris Pang, Nico Santos, Ronny Chieng, Kevin Kwan, (LR front) Jimmy O. Yang, Kevin Tsujihara, Jon M. Chu, and Ken Jeong arrive at Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Crazy Rich Asians” Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on August 7, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

[Hook: Awkwafina]
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG IS only SO SO
Awkwafina apos A Genius
And HER vagina IS 50 Times Better Within last A penis
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG IS only SO SO
Awkwafina apos A genius
And her vagina is 50 times better than a penis

[Verse 3: Awkwafina]
Yo my vag is Godfather 1
And yo vag is Godfather 3
And my vag got a big ass gun
Ya vag is like pineapple cottage cheese
Yo my vag got 12 inch gold wheels
And yo vag got bird poop on the windshield
My vag beats yo vag by a million
Yo vag is frightening like Serena Williams

[Hook: Awkwafina]
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG look like Janet Reno
Awkwafina apos A Genius
And HER vagina IS 50 Times Better Within last A penis
It apos Time that WE the let The World know
Bitch Ya VAG look like Janet Reno
Awkwafina apos A genius
And her vagina is 50 times better than a penis

[Outro: Awkwafina]
Better than a penis
That’s what I said though
Better than a penis
Better than a penis
Better than a penis
Better than a penis
Ok I’m done

For the first time she was followed by so many netizens, at that time, apart from excitement, she also had constant panic. She was hesitant to release a song. After all, her smoking voice is not something that everyone can appreciate. After all, she has been ridiculed for a low and harsh voice.

Lin Jiazhen (English: Nora Lum, June 2, 1988 -), stage name Awkwafina ( Awkwafina ), an American Chinese-Korean mixed-race, is an American actress and rap singer, more familiar works include the movie ” Secretly Crossing the Sea: Beauty Tactics (2018) and “Golden Romance” (2018).

In 2020, she played Wang Billy in the movie ” Don’t Tell Her ” (2019) and won the 77th Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical and Comedy Movie. Okafina was the first to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy Movie The protagonist is an Asian woman.

Okafina was born in New York City and grew up in Forest Hills , Queens . Her father Wally is a Chinese-American, and her mother immigrated from South Korea and is a painter. Her great-grandfather was an immigrant from China in the 1940s and ran Lum’s Cantonese restaurant in Flushing. Her mother passed away when she was 4 years old. She was taken care of by her grandmother since she was a child and was deeply influenced by it.

Okafina becomes the first Asian actress at the Golden Globe Awards

On Sunday night, January 7, Awkwafina became the first Asian American to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Music/Comedy for her role in ” Don’t Tell Her ” (The Farewell) female.

Her award was the only thing she gained on the night of the movie. In the movie, Okafina played a Chinese American immigrant struggling with her cultural identity. She tried to hide her grandma (played by Zhao Shuzhen) and keep her from knowing herself. Severe condition.

“Don’t Tell Her” also nominated the best foreign language film, which ultimately went to ” Parasite “.
“If I’m down, we can sell this,” Okafina said while holding her trophy high in her acceptance speech. “So this is great.”

For films directed by or about women, this year’s Golden Globe Awards is a small year. The director of “Don’t Tell Her” Wang Ziyi and all other female directors were not nominated in the director category.
“You gave me this opportunity, this rare opportunity in my life, you taught me a lot,” Okafina said to Wang Ziyi in her speech. “Just shooting this movie with you is already very beautiful.”

The following is the full version of Okafina’s award-winning speech:
great. thank you all. If something happens, if I am down, we can sell this, so this is great. First of all, thank you very much Hollywood Foreign Press . I have never been to the Golden Globes, so now I am here, which is really great. I want to thank everyone at A24, Peter Saraf, Dani Melia, Big Beach and Andrew Miano.

I want to thank Zhao Shuzhen who played my grandma in “Don’t Tell Her”, Teacher Zhao, thank you. And most importantly, thank you Wang Ziyi, our excellent director. You gave me this opportunity, this rare opportunity in my life, and you taught me a lot. Just shooting this movie with you is already wonderful. I want to dedicate this award to my father Wally. Dad, I told you that I have a job. And my grandma, my best friend who raised me. And my mother Tia, I always wanted her to look at me somewhere in the sky, I hope she is looking at me now. Thank you all, thank you.

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She was said to be “ugly” and won all female stars!

Ordinary-looking girls may not have a high sense of presence in the vast sea of ​​people and are not valued, and even in the process of growing up, they will be criticized by others about their appearance, but they still rely on their accumulated strength and unique personal charm. Can have the highlight moment of life!

Okafina, who won the best actress in a musical comedy film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, became the first Asian actress at the Golden Globe Awards. This girl, who was once controversial because of her appearance, got her due honor with her outstanding acting skills.

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On the same day, Okafina put on matte red lips, and the flying eyeliner and sparkling eye makeup highlighted her aura. Her makeup artist is proud of her, and on the social platform PO released the makeup used in the same makeup, most of which are from the local American brand LORAC . This brand is loved by Hollywood stars and has high color rendering. The eyeshadow palettes are often sold out of stock on the Internet.

At the awards ceremony, Okafina got up and hugged the family members in the film immediately after learning that she won the award, and thanked the grandmother Zhao Shuzhen “Mr. Zhao” in Chinese when she said her words of thanks.

Cate Blanchett, the “big devil” who had worked with Okafina, was extremely happy for her in the audience.

In the movie ” Crossing the Sky : Beauty Tactics”, the two had a rivalry. Okafina impressed Cate Blanchett with her skillful acting skills.

The 31-year-old Okafina is an American Chinese-Korean actor who has appeared in many Hollywood movies in recent years. However, compared to the halo of the first Asian actress in the history of the Golden Globes, many people have focused on her looks.

With high cheekbones, a not tall nose, and a round face with square jaws, Okafina seems to be far away from the beauty that some people recognize.

But she is not bound by her appearance. Before she became a shadow queen, her self-confidence was born from within. Compared to pursuing what others call beauty, Okafina is more attractive in her personality, which belongs to her own unique personality.

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“Weird” is acceptable, you are so different

Okafina’s current optimism, self-confidence, and vitality are largely influenced by her grandmother. Because her father was busy with work, she was raised by her grandmother since she was a child.

Grandma has always cared for her. When she was ridiculed when she was a child because of the difference in skin color or appearance from others, it was the grandma who told her that these seemingly different “weirds” are acceptable. Grandma gave it. She was 100% affirmed and trusted. These encouragements planted the seeds of self-confidence and strongness in the heart of young Okafina.

Grandma is from Beijing. In order to better communicate with her grandma, Okefina went to Beijing Language and Culture University to study Chinese after graduating from high school . She lived in Beijing for nearly a year. She has been to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Sanlitun, etc. Place, she likes Beijing very much.

Okafina has been able to succeed to this day, and grandma’s encouragement to her career is also indispensable. When she released her first song that became popular on the Internet, her family members had mixed reactions. “My dad was crazy, but my grandma didn’t. She also bought me a DJ controller and a microphone.” From singer to actress, never being favored to winning awards, Okefina’s success is not accidental.

Asian identity is a challenge, but also an opportunity

The film “Don’t Tell Her” is directed by the Chinese Prince Yi . The story is adapted from her personal experience. Okafina plays the granddaughter Bi Li, who grew up in New York, and the Asian granddaughter who grew up overseas. This role is very suitable Okafina.

But it is not so easy for Asian actors to develop in Hollywood. For her identity, Okafina believes that she does represent a group of people, and responsibility and pressure are inevitable. But this responsibility can promote oneself to do a good job, become a better person, then it is not a bad thing. “At the same time, I have shortcomings and cannot truly represent everyone. However, if I can inspire them to do what I am doing, then my task will be completed.”

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Okafina is deeply moved by the embarrassment of the Asian identity. When you receive an American education in the United States, people around you think you don’t belong here. When you return to your hometown, you still feel like you are an outsider. “No sense of belonging” is the resonance of this group of people. Fortunately, the barriers are slowly being broken, and now there are more and more opportunities to show themselves.

Interesting soul is actually a kind of self-protection

Okafina also left a deep impression on the audience in the film “Golden Romance “. The heroine and girlfriend she played was funny and made people laugh.

Okafina’s performance and some of her performance in interviews often make people feel her humor.

The lively and cheerful Okafina actually endured a lot of sad experiences. After her mother passed away, Okafina began to learn to use happiness to resolve sorrow.

“I used humor as a protective mechanism when I was about 4 years old. I wanted to be a symbol of joy rather than a symbol of sadness. That’s when I started acting.”

The popularity of multiple identities means more controversy

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