Date with ex-girlfriend every year after marriage💃🏻Epstein sex island❣️and Chinese flight attendant girlfriend “the real Bill Gates'”

Bill Gates still spends one weekend a year with his ex-girlfriend Ann Winblad after his wife’s acquiescence after marriage

On May 3, Eastern Time, the former richest man in the world Bill Gates and his wife Melinda through joint A statement, announcing the end of the 27-year marriage.

There are undoubtedly many ups and downs in the 27-year marriage. In fact, before entering the marriage hall in 1994, Bill Gates and Melinda French had a private arrangement. With his wife’s acquiescence, Bill Gates can spend the night with his ex-girlfriend every year.

According to the negotiation between the two parties, every year, Bill Gates can work with software entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Ann Winblad took a plane to leave for a weekend, remember In the old days, write down new memories that belong only to the two of them.

Gates said that before he pursued Melinda and proposed to her, he had asked Winblad’s consent.

Bill Gates said that he and Winblad share the same love for all sciences. He also said: “When I was hesitant to marry Melinda, I called Ann and asked her for her opinion.” Brad gave Melinda a very good evaluation.

Winblad recalled: “I said at the time that she was very suitable for him because she had a sense of intelligence.” Winblad began dating Gates in 1984 until the two broke up in 1987.

According to Winblad’s LinkedIn, she has an impressive resume and is in Silicon Valley Multiple companies hold positions.

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Walter Isaacson wrote in a special report in 1997: “Even now, He still has an agreement with his wife that he can maintain the holiday tradition with Winblad. Every spring, just like the past ten years, Gates and Winblad will spend a long weekend vacation together in Wembley. Ryder is located at North Carolina A beach house on the Bund Island. There, they drive a beach buggy, hang gliding, and walk the beach together.”

In their scientific dialogue, they will “wow amazed at how the two once young people embarked on a great adventure on the edge of a little-known industry and headed towards the center of an amazing universe.”

More importantly, the dating model of Gates and Winblad was quite advanced in the beginning. Unlike the two being together in reality, their date is virtual, so the close relationship can only be maintained by discussing contemporary movies. They will watch the same movie at the same time in theaters in different cities.

In “Time, Isaacson even described Gates and Winblad as “like-minded.”

In an interview in 2005, Winblad recalled that when he first dated Gates, he thought he was “no big deal.” She quipped: “For a while, I even had more money than him, and I had to pay for everything. But that time was short, but it was unforgettable.”

In 2013, Winblad told reporters that Gates gradually showed self-confidence, and she gradually developed a good impression of Gates.

“We walked on the beach, and Bill told me,’I believe I can achieve 500 million US dollars in income in the future.'” Winblad recall Say, “Bill had a big influence on me. But at the time I thought,’Oh, can you really start a company like this in the software industry? Are you kidding me?'”

She continued: “I remember I asked him to write the numbers he said on the beach. How can he do it? Then he said,’What troubles me is how to surpass 500 million dollars in revenue.'”

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“I thought to myself,’Are you really worried about this problem?'” Winblad said, “I’m very happy that someone has the ambition to make $500 million.”

In 1996, Winblad told the story of the two men who suddenly wanted to go to Cabo San Lucas for a vacation in Mexico on a whim. She said that once they arrived in Mexico, “it was difficult to rent a car, so when I finally arrived there, we only had a dilapidated Volkswagen.”

“Then we booked a hotel. It was a very rudimentary hotel. But it didn’t matter, because we came here on a whim, which is part of the adventure. When I checked in, Bill stayed outside by himself.”

“Then I went out to find him and asked him,’Where’s our car?’ He said,’I sublet it out.’ He sublet the old VW to a few teenagers for $5 a day!” Winblad said. “He gave them the car keys and said,’We are right here. Knock on the door and you can return the keys to us.'”

“I said,’These are all teenage children, and we will never see that car again.’ He said,’Maybe you are right’… But two days later in the morning, we took the car back. , And the car is still intact.”

Time” wrote another story that has nothing to do with Melinda, Gates and Winblad’s Brazil tour. At that time, Gates brought a molecular biology textbook with more than 1,100 pages, and the two began to study together.

On another occasion, they went to the ranch in Santa Barbara together. Winblad brought a few volumes of audio tapes by the famous physicist Richard Feynman, and the two began to study and study together.

Gates admitted that “even in the most severe cases”, Winblad “can bring joy and a sense of humor.”

Gates said: “Her professional attitude always reminds me of Warren Buffett. She is very smart.” Gates is also a long-term friend of Buffett.

On Monday, nearly 30 years after their marriage, the Gates announced their divorce, shocking the world. When explaining the reason for the divorce, the two said, “We no longer believe that in the future stages of life, we can grow together in the name of a partner.”

“In the past 27 years, we have raised three children, established a foundation, and have jobs around the world, hoping to enable everyone to have a healthy and active life. We continue to share common ideas in this work and will continue to cooperate with the foundation. ”

In 27 years of married life, the Gates and his wife have raised three children: Jennifer, Lori and Phoebe. In 2000, the two established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a charitable foundation.

Currently, Gates and Melinda have a combined net worth of more than 130 billion U.S. dollars.

Bill Gates Puff The Magic Dragon

Puff The Magic Dragon This was originally a nursery rhyme, but everyone said it was actually a song about chasing a dragon (drugs). Americans know it.


Meet the Fockers this part</a a>The movie is about this song, which is very important to foreigners. Are they talking about drugs or nursery rhymes?

And why did Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend deliberately mention this song when he was interviewed? And when they said a word about “sea”, Bill Gates even raised his pitch. Why did he sing such a fantasy nursery rhyme with a particularly high pitch?

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On the days when Bill Gates “eating soft rice”, he got the permission of his ex-girlfriend before marriage

Bill Gates’ ex-girlfriend Winblad also laughed and said: “I used to pay for everything when I was richer than him.”

Even before Bill Gates proposed to Melinda, he asked his ex-girlfriend Winblad’s consent in advance.

When Bill Gates and Winblad first started dating, he said that although he hadn’t made too much money, I still missed the days of “eating soft food.” But I am confident that the company’s turnover can reach 500 million.

This is what I said before “Microsoft“, and it was Few people use computers, Windows is changing the world.

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The most powerful software company at the time could only achieve 100 million, but he said he could achieve 500 million! I can imagine what a great “ambition”

This is not what happened in 2013, but at the time Winblad reported to Silicon Valley Magazine Silicon Valley Business Journal revealed.

In fact, before entering the marriage hall in 1994, Bill Gates and Melinda French had a private arrangement. With his wife’s acquiescence, Bill Gates can spend the night with his ex-girlfriend every year.

According to the negotiation between the two parties, every year, Bill Gates can work with software entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Ann Winblad took a plane to leave for a weekend, remember In the old days, write down new memories that belong only to the two of them.

As mentioned above, the matter between Bill Gates and this ex-girlfriend Winblad, his wife Melinda all knows.

So it may not be the “point” anymore~ Let’s talk about some key revelations!

Bill Gates suspects that Xinhuan is a Chinese female flight attendant born in 1985. See how the wife Wang Zhe responds to the rumors of “Gates divorce”!

Founder of MicrosoftBill Gates and his wife Melinda (Melinda Gates) 3 The divorce announced on Japan attracted worldwide attention. Zhe “Shelly” Wang, a foundation Chinese translator who has a deep interaction with the Gates and his wife, was rumored to have an “unusual relationship” with Bill Gates, but she herself refuted the rumors on Weibo earlier, “It is a single young woman.” Do we have to find a way to arrange it? There is no melon here (the mainland Internet term means gossip), take a break early.”

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According to “Fox Business News” (Fox Business), Wang Zhe started from March 2015. Since the beginning of the month, I have been at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) served as a translator, and also served as an interpreter for multiple organizations. Recently, the Gates’ divorce has attracted attention from the outside world. There are even extremely popular Twitter accounts suggesting that Wang Zhe and Bill Gates have an “unusual relationship.” The report also mentioned that although the reason is unknown, the number of searches for Wang Zhe’s name on the Internet has increased greatly, and most of them are related to Bill Gates.

▲Wang Zhe has worked as an interpreter for nearly 9 years and is fluent in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. (Picture/Retrieved from Wang Zhe’s Weibo)

According to Wang Zhe’s introduction at LinkedIn, she Be able to speak at least 6 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese certification, and a Mandarin certification, also indicate that one’s native language proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, piano teaching and Chinese dance choreography .

Wang Zhe used to work at Utah works for a hot pot restaurant, responsible for market research and management of the company’s website, and from Brigham Young University in 2007 (Brigham Young University) received a bachelor’s degree in business and managerial economics, and began to study interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2011.

▲In addition to the translation work of the Gates Foundation, Wang Zhe also serves as a simultaneous interpreter for the Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School. (Picture/Retrieved from Wang Zhe’s Weibo)

The report pointed out that Wang Zhe first served as the Monterey Institute of International Studies in September 2012 (Monterey Institute of International Studies), participated in TED the following year, and began to lead the team in April 2013 to translate the content of TED activities into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. In addition to providing interpretation services, the Foundation also serves as a simultaneous interpreter for Yale University School of Management and Harvard Business School.

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Regarding external rumors, some netizens asked Wang Zhe directly on Weibo, and she responded bluntly, “Should I be a single young woman, do I have to find a way to arrange it? There is no melon here (mainland Internet terminology means gossip), take a break early.” . Later, Wang Zhe also clarified in a PO post on Weibo, “I originally thought that it would be self-defeating if it came from nowhere. I didn’t expect it to become more and more crazy.” Please don’t waste time on unfounded rumors, “No melon, don’t cue”.

▲▼Wang Zhe posted on Weibo to refute the rumors. (Picture/Retrieved from Wang Zhe’s Weibo, LinkedIn)

Is Bill Gates an innocent president or a model ? Has Gates ever been to Epstein’s sex island and Manhattan’s luxury apartments?

Lawyer Liu Longzhu said that Bill Gates actually went to the island of sex. Epstein played with the underage girls in the Manhattan luxury apartment.

If none of you have heard of Sex IslandEpstein, please watch the following video

Jeffrey Epstein, The American billionaire investment financier, of course, his last title is the most talked about.

Sexual abuse of underage girls, and underage girls’ sex traders

Of course, what people are more interested in is not that this rich man who suddenly made his fortune from an elementary school mathematics teacher, his personal habit is more focused on his business Among the underage sex trading network.

The social celebrities and political elites in the United States and the Western world involved, including the former presidentClinton The current President Trump seems to be related to him.

This should be the biggest gossip news of this era. Let’s follow the gossip today.

When everyone is looking at the evil habit of celebrities, let’s look at the back of celebrities, what else is more gossip, perhaps more cruel and evil .

Let’s talk about this gossip story today. Let’s start with the eastern state of New Jersey. There is an airport called Tetebro in New Jersey. People who are very familiar with this airport, Will call it Tetebro Private Jet Airport

Because all the private jets of wealthy people get on and off here, from here take the New Jersey Turnpike 95 to the north and onto the Washington Bridge or you go south to No. 3 Cross the Lincoln Tunnel, enter Manhattan, and return to the mansions of the world’s super rich in Midtown Manhattan. It is less than 10 miles away.

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On July 6, the private jet of hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein returned from Paris and opened its landing door in Teteboro

The law enforcement officers of the U.S. Judicial Department rushed forward with live ammunition. The arrest warrant took him away. At the same time, he was already at Jeffrey’s in Manhattan, New York. Outside the mansion, these detectives from the American FBI on standby, as well as police and law enforcement officers in New York, also started to move, preparing to enter the mansion to search for evidence.

But here comes the problem. Jeffrey’s seven-story mansion in Upper Midtown is worth close to US$80 million and more than US$77 million.

What’s more, he has so many ulterior secrets. You think his house security measures are quite strong. The experienced FBI has been fiddled outside the door for half an hour. Able to break the security equipment can not enter the door. What should I do, please ask “Why can’t my head get in” “Smash”

The detectives pulled up a yellow line at the entrance of the street. Since they all said they smashed the door, what shall we do? Under the full view of the crowd in Manhattan, Duan raised the sledgehammer to hold the door. Smashed open.

The results of the search are worthy of this effort. As soon as I entered the mansion, there were photos of naked women everywhere, and when I opened it, I found more pornographic videos
It includes minors.

In this inclusion of Jeffrey’s mansion, they found out the sex trade charges operated by Jeffrey and his agent over the years, as well as the charges during this period. Telephone records of various victimized women’s contacts.

In fact, it’s not the first time Jeffrey Epstein has encountered a similar scene of home search and arrest, and it’s not the first time because it involves minors. Arrested for organizing a transaction.

The last light sentence was 13 months, only one day in jail a week, and 12 hours a day for the remaining 6 days, in his highest office and Palm Beach Resort Spent.

And while serving his sentence, he was still organizing, he continued to decorate a small island he bought in the Virgin Islands, and prepared for a more mysterious sex trade on a larger scale.

You have to ask him who is brave and arrogant, who gave him this bravery, you said that billionaires with money can afford the best lawyers. This is correct. But more importantly.

His manor, his mansion, his private jet, his mysterious island, have a large number of customers, and these customers are not ordinary people, they are the most in the world Power, the most influential person.

So Epstein unscrupulously reduced those shady photos to any corner of his mansion.

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