Zhao Ting may make Disney invest 200 million yuan 🦸‍♂️Marvel movie “Eternal Protoss” 🧐

As pride turned insult to China, Chinese director Zhao Ting continued to be banned 🙅‍♀️ may affect the Marvel movie “Eternal Protoss” 🦸‍♂️ Disney’s US$200 million investment or dwindling 🧐

At the 93rd Oscar Awards, Chinese director Zhao Ting won three awards with “A Place to Nowhere”, but was blocked outside the wall and inside the wall, the aftermath has not yet come, and now there is an amazing news: Hollywood directed by her The movie “Eternals” may also be banned. This blockbuster film produced by Marvel Films and invested by Disney with a $200 million investment may be severely affected.

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2021 Academy Awards: “Outsider” Zhao Ting becomes the creator of Hollywood history

Chinese director Chloe Zhao won the 2021 The Academy Awards for Best Director, becoming the first Asian woman to receive this honor.

Her work “Nomadland” (Nomadland, “Wandering World” / “A Place of Nowhere”) also won the best film.

Born in China, educated in the United Kingdom, and then developed in the United States, she made history successively in the 2021 awards season-she had previously won the Golden Globes for Best Director of the year.

She is also the first Chinese woman and the second best female director in Oscar history.

Oscar has always been the first time two female directors nominated for best director – Another is ” Something New Woman ” (Promising Young Woman) Director Emerald Fennell (Emerald Fennell, Emmy Lou Fennell ).

In the 92 years before them, only 5 women have been nominated for best director Oscars, and only one won the award.

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Zhao Ting: From the once “Pride of China” to the deletion of posts all over the Internet

The 39-year-old Chinese female director Zhao Ting won the 2021 Academy Award for Best Director with the film “Nomadland” (“Nomadland”/”Wandering World”). She became the first non-white woman to receive this honor. . But this news no longer makes Beijing’s politicians happy.

The authorities even took measures to block the news. On Weibo, “Zhao Ting”, “Wuyizhidi” and “Oscar” seem to have become sensitive words, and related online posts have been removed on a large scale.

At the press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the afternoon of Monday (April 26), when a reporter asked whether Zhao Ting and his films had been censored, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin said, “What you mentioned is not a diplomatic issue. ”

Before winning the high-scoring Oscar for Best Director on Sunday (April 25) local time in the United States, Zhao Ting had already won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director in the film category at the end of February this year. Compliments from the media and heated discussions from netizens. But the good times did not last long. Some Chinese netizens dug up her remarks in previous interviews, and she was criticized for “humiliating China.”

In an interview with American film magazine in 2013 Filmmaker , Zhao Ting recalled her childhood and said that China at that time was “a place full of lies.” In another interview, an Australian media quoted Zhao Ting as saying: “After all, the United States is now my country.”

Although the media later corrected that Zhao Ting said at the time that “the United States is not my country after all,” this sentence still annoyed many Chinese nationalists. Regarding the nationality of the director who has lived in the United States for a long time, there have been different opinions from the outside world. There are reports that she is a Chinese director, and there are also reports that she has become an American citizen.

After Zhao Ting won the award, movie accounts and netizens including “Sina Movie”, “Watch Hollywood”, “Houson Monkey” and other social media reposted the news on Weibo, Douban and other social media and expressed their blessings, but they Soon I found out that my post was deleted. The hashtag “#赵婷拿下OSCARBest Director Award#” was also blocked.

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“Unexpectedly, this can also be clipped (deleted). The speed of the wheel is much faster than expected,” said a Weibo netizen.

“Why can I be caught by reposting and likening? Is it true that the director can’t listen if he tells the truth? ​” Another Weibo netizen criticized.

Some netizens sarcastically said: “It’s weird, hasn’t the U.S. Oscar been held this year? It hasn’t been announced since April.

I searched for the keyword “Zhao Ting” on Baidu, China’s largest search engine, and there was no news about his award. At the forefront is Global Times a commentary published in March by Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the state-run .

“You have to pay it back sooner or later, as Zhao Ting said. Right now these are the storms and costs she should bear,” Hu Xijin wrote in the article.

On Weibo, the keywords “Wuyizhidi” and “Zhao Ting” were censored. Many netizens can only use “No 1 Land” instead.

The censored was not only posts with keywords such as “Zhao Ting” or “Nowhere”, but also other Oscar winning news and award videos. A search for “Oscar” on Weibo revealed only news about a Chinese variety show trainee with the same name.

In order to avoid deleting posts, some Chinese netizens can only use English or homophones such as “Normad-land” and “No 1 Land”, and some netizens use “Chloe Zhao” to call her, which is her English name Transliteration of Chloé Zhao.

It turns out that the Oscar-winning director teaches people how to not pay taxes

Everyone knows that the United States is a tax-heavy country, but each state has its own tax points.

New York State Starting in May in , state taxes will be raised to 14.5%. New York State’s state taxes have always been high. I heard that in the past, many people would drive to other tax-free states to buy things, which would have a greater impact on the economy. Later, New York State stipulated that the purchase of wearables for less than $110 would be exempt .

In contrast, nine states in the United States have no state taxes: Alaska , Florida , Nevada , New Hampshire , South Dakota , Tennessee , Texas , Washington and Wyoming .

In addition, there are five states in the United States that are exempt from consumption tax and have very low land taxes. These five states include: Oregon , Alaska , Delaware , Montana and New Hampshire . In addition, New Jersey is partially tax-exempt.

However, New York is neither exempt from state tax nor sales tax, so by next month many companies may move their “positions”, such as moving to Florida, Texas and other states, so that they can pay less or no tax.

Of course, people with poor economic conditions will still stay in New York State because of the good welfare. The rich may slowly leave New York State.

Okay, let’s get back to the topic, why does Zhao Ting’s “place of nowhere” teach people how to avoid taxes?

edited by Zhao Ting “Nomadland” , , has aroused people American ‘s interest in the trend of wandering life. Livingston, 80 miles north of Houston, is about 10,000 snails. the mailing address of .

Homeless people have been there since ancient times. In the past, most of them were the result of no other choice. However, technology has progressed to this day. Some people choose to live this life. They buy recreational vehicles, RVs or modified vans (van) as activity houses. , Install solar panels to obtain electricity, and continue to work anywhere through network communication. This trend has risen in the past few years. Journalist Chris Moody and his wife have lived like this for two years. He recently revealed some of the secrets of wandering life.

Nine states in the United States do not levy income taxes on state citizens. Homeless people like to register their vehicles in these states. Texas is one of them. After obtaining a driver’s license , no matter which state you go to, you are considered a Texan, and you can vote in Texas elections. Livingston has about 5,000 residents. The Escapees RV Club has 60,000 members in the United States, 10,000 of which are members of the Texas branch. The Texas headquarters is in a house in Livingston. , There are only a few staff members, no households, and 10,000 mailboxes are managed by these employees.

In order to cope with the mail of these 10,000 people, the delivery vehicle of the post office is a large 18-wheel truck. Members pay a small fee each month, and the club will handle the mail on their behalf. Important mail will be scanned electronically and sent to the member by e-mail, and junk mail will be discarded. These people do not have to pay state taxes, buy or rent houses, and their living expenses are much less than ordinary people. Moody said that those who like camping are more likely to adapt to this lifestyle, but those who hate camping should not try it lightly.

Republicans in Texas do not like this kind of “ghost residents,” especially those who do not live in Texas but are disrupting the Texas election. After the secrets of the Livingston branch of the RV club were exposed, some members were worried that the state government would set up regulations to strictly control them, which would cause them to choose another state to register.

Zhao Ting – The second woman to win the Best Director of the Directors Guild of America Award

Zhao Ting won the “A Place of Nowhere” Directors Guild of America Award Best Director of the for . She is the second woman to win this award.

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Oscars One of the important weather vanes of the ” The full list of winners of the 73rd Directors’ Guild of America (DGA) was announced. Chinese director Zhao Ting won the biggest award for Best Film Director for “A Place Without a Rest”. This is after Catherine Bigelow. (“The Hurt Locker”), the second woman to win the award, and the first woman of color to win the award. “The starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony McKay, and Brian Graty Hurt Locker ” (2009) , won the 82nd Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director that year. Jackpot.

Zhao Ting’s “A Place of Nowhere” defeated Alan Sorkin, “The Trial of Seven Gentlemen in Chicago”, David Fincher “Mank”, Emmare Finel “A Young Woman with a Bright Future”, Zheng Yishuo (Lee Issac Zheng) “Minari” won the 73rd American Directors Guild Award for Best Film Director.

The award is also Zhao Ting’s “A Place of Nowhere” following the 45th Toronto International Film Festival, the 78th Golden Globe Awards, the 32nd Palm Springs International Film Festival, the 26th Critics’ Choice Award, and multiple film critics associations. After winning the Best Director Award, another Best Director Award won is only one step away from winning the Oscar for Best Director!

The Directors’ Guild of America Award is an important reference for the Oscar’s Best Director Award, and the lists of the two often overlap highly.

Won three Oscars, the pride of the Chinese—”Ang Lee” director

Li An (October 23, 1954 -), a native of Chaozhou Town, Pingtung County, Taiwanese director. Won a number of major international film awards, including two Oscars , two , and two Golden Globes Golden , two Golden Lions for best film at the Venice Film Festival Bears for best film at the Berlin Film Festival, and a lifetime award from the British Academy of Film Achievement award.

Speaking of the Oscars, I have to mention the pride of the Chinese-the director “Ang Lee”, because he has won three Oscars .

I have to mention the first award-winning film ” Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon , “, which won the in 2001. Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film This foreign language film award is difficult to win. This refers to the Oscars awarded to the best foreign language film. For non-English film awards, nominated films should be released in the country or region from October to September of the following year. The award is only awarded to the director of the film, but it is considered a reward for the country of production.

There are actually a lot of films in non-English languages ​​around the world, so the competition for this award is also great. After Lee Ang received this award, it can be said that it is a big step forward for his career, and his future development is also increasing. The smoother!

In 1999, ” directed by Ang Lee Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ” won the 73rd Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and three technical awards. In 2006 and 2013, he for ” Brokeback Mountain ” and ” Fantasy Drifting of Junior PI won the 78th Academy Awards and the 85th Academy Awards “Best Director” ” respectively, and was the first to win the award. Is the only Asian director who has won the award twice so far.

In recognition of his contribution to the film, Asteroid 64291 was named after him and was awarded the First and Second Class Jingxing Medal of the Republic of China, and the French Culture and Art Knight Medal.

Ang Lee is the only director in the history of the Berlin Film Festival who has won two best films. Ang Lee is also the only Chinese director in history who has won the best director award at the three major international film awards ceremonies, the Oscars, the British Academy of Film Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

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Ang Lee’s “exclusive” barbershop in New York

We are fortunate to come into contact with Ang Lee’s “exclusive” Mrs. Lin hair stylist, she is a barber shop lady Beauty Hair Salon (New Lady Beauty Salon) proprietress, we frequented her haircut, so inadvertently learned something about Lee Director An’s personal experience information, I would like to share with you here, hoping to let you know more about the daily life of this great director.

The following is the business card of Mrs. Lin’s barber shop. If you are interested in “going here”, you can check it out.

Ang Lee came to the United States at the time to study film. At the beginning, the economic conditions were not good, so at that time he spent most of the time “walking” in Flushing.

Ang Lee came to this aunt’s hairdresser to cut her hair the day before receiving the Academy Award. On that day, he told the proprietress, “Thank you for helping me cut a little today.”

Ang Lee is used to sitting in the innermost position and cutting his hair, because others are relatively low-key and may not want to be recognized.

Sometimes the proprietress would also help him buy delicious food to eat in the store, so that Ang Lee would not have to “show his face” outside.

One of Li An’s son, Mason Lee, Li Chun wrote about this haircut…

Li Chun , (May 30, 1990 -), born in the United States, actor, graduated from the Department of New York University Drama at . The son of Taiwanese director Ang Lee. Nicknamed stone.

Ang Lee’s wife, Lin Huijia, and the proprietress are also very familiar with each other.

Lin Huijia , Taiwanese -American molecular biology scientists, people in Taipei, in 1986 to serve the New York Medical College , after the pathology professor, specializes in neuron disease (neuronal diseases) of pathophysiology. The two were notarized in the New York City Government on August 19, 1983.

It can be seen that his wife’s academic background is very good. Imagine being able to become a professor of pathology in the United States so long ago. How many immigrants can do it?

And I heard from the proprietress that she was still a very humble and polite person. I remember that once she came to the barber shop at eight or nine o’clock in the evening. Although the light was still on in the shop, she was not sure whether the barber shop was closed. She didn’t knock on the door either, just watched outside silently, not wanting to disturb the proprietress.

Later, the proprietress found out that she was outside the door and told her to enter.

The following is a thank you letter sent by Mrs. Li Ang to the proprietress (they lived in at the time Larchmont )

Another time, when speaking of Ang Lee’s wife, she felt very discouraged and thought about leaving Ang Lee, because before Ang Lee had not become popular, the economy was relatively tight and the income was not much. Maybe that’s the way it was in art. . So his wife was in charge of making money at that time. This kind of thought arises when the pressure is high.

I still remember that when they were about to give birth, they didn’t make it clear where and when they were born, and the wife was almost giving birth at the time, and Li Ang was filming and working.

Maybe the income was still not ideal at that time, so he chose to drive to the hospital by himself. Who knows that the car broke down on the road, but the wife still worked very hard. In retrospect, it was simply “no way to ask for help.” This can be said to be the biggest thing in his heart. pain!

Moreover, his wife is Taiwanese, and her family background should be relatively wealthy and knowledgeable, so the gap between her first arrival in the United States may be relatively large, and in addition, Li Ang has just started her career and has not yet started her career. Everyone should understand the pain in her heart.

Although Li Ang is so famous now, let me tell you a secret: He has always been responsible for cooking at home, I didn’t expect it~

Men don’t cook much anymore, and they are still a big director~ For so many years, his wife hasn’t had to cook. It was Ang Lee who was in charge.

He does everything from buying vegetables to cooking. Maybe it’s because Ang Lee was responsible for taking care of the children at home, while his wife was responsible for making money out of home. I’ve been used to this forever.

When Li Ang and his wife got married, Li Ang said to his wife after the banquet, “I only have 300 Taiwan dollars left. Do you want to marry me?”

He said that they didn’t look at money when they got married. So “Don’t bully the young and poor”, this is a living example!

Zhao Ting makes history, the first Asian female director wins the Golden Globe Award

2021 Gloden Globe Three women were shortlisted for the nomination list at the same time-this is the first time in history that more than one woman has been nominated for this award in the same year.

Regina King ( Regina King Regina , Jing), Zhao Ting (Chloe Zhao) and Emerald Fennell ( Emerald Fennell Emerald Fennell , ) three at the same time entered the nomination list . In the 77-year history of the Golden Globes, only five women have been nominated for best director.

This is the first time in history that more than one woman has been recognized in the Best Director category at the Golden Globe Awards. In the seventy years before this, only five female directors were nominated, namely Barbra Streisand (Yentl in 1984 and “Son of the Tides” in 1991), Jane Campion (Jane Campion, 1994, “Piano”). , Sofia Coppola (“Translation Lost” in 2004), Kathryn Bigelow (Achieved “Injury Locker” in 2010 and “Thirty Years with Zero Darkness” in 2013 ); and Ava DuVernay (representing “Selma” in 2015).

As early as 2018, Natalie Portman ( Natalie Portman ) made headlines due to the lack of female director nomination due to the Golden Globe Award. On the stage where the Best Director Award was presented, she joked: “Here are all the male nominees.”

We say this here to express a truth: in the United States, as long as you are willing to speak up, as long as you dare to speak, you have a chance!

Said this is really sent out with feelings, the best Asians have been treated unfairly and hurt, whether they are Chinese or Asians, I hope that they will not be ” dumb ” again! Rather, we must be united so that we can resist racial discrimination together and strengthen ourselves!

The 2021 ( Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards ) was announced. Chinese director Chloe Zhao made history and became the first Asian woman to win the Best Director Award.

The news that Internet users around the world have congratulated, after all, this is only the second time in history has a female director award – – 1984 Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand) with the ” Young duo after” (Yentl) prize, for many years There has never been a female director who won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director.

憑借《遊牧人生》(Nomadland,《and lonely place “) award-winning Zhao Ting, was praised by netizens “to the young Asian girl in a big inspiration,” some people said it was a “victory of women around.”

In response to the new crown epidemic, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony was changed to a live video broadcast. Zhao Ting, who gave her award-winning speech through the Internet connection, said that the reason she loves movies is “sympathy.”

“This is why I love making movies and telling stories, because it gives us a chance to laugh and cry together,” Zhao Ting said.

“It gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and understand each other better, so thank everyone for making it possible for me to do what I love.”

Zhao Ting won the best director and Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen) won the best comedian

At the same time, this year’s Golden Globe Awards is the first time that more than one woman has entered the best director nomination list-Regina King ( Regina King Regina King , ) and Emerald Finn Nell ( Emerald Fennell Emerald Fennell , ) are in the competition.

Barbra Streisand congratulated her on becoming the best director at the Golden Globes again after 37 years from a woman. She said on Twitter that “it’s time.”

On Chinese social media, netizens also celebrated Zhao Ting, who was born in China, for winning the prize. There are comments on Sina Weibo that this is “the blooming moment of Chinese female directors!”

Some netizens expressed appreciation for Zhao Ting’s personality: “With so many candidates, her dress, location, and even her state are the simplest… Appreciate her unchanging quality. ”

After winning the Golden Globe which is regarded as the “Oscar vane”, more netizens are expecting Zhao Ting to win again at the Academy Awards in April.

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After Zhao Ting won the Golden Globe Award, she was stripped of “humiliating China” remarks. The reason for the withdrawal of “A Place to Nowhere” is funny!

How did Zhao Ting change from “proud” to “humiliating China” in just a few days?

“A Place of Nowhere” makes Zhao Ting the “Pride of China”-she is the first Asian woman in history to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Director. However, her two sentences in an interview made the new female director quickly fall from the altar in China.

“Beijing girl Zhao Ting, in just a few days after winning the Golden Globe Award for an American director’s film describing the bottom life of the United States, she changed from’Chinese Pride’ to’Insult to China’,” wrote a Weibo netizen.

Here “the movie describing the bottom life of the United States” refers to “Nomadland” (also translated as “Nomadic Life”). By directing the film, Zhao Ting won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, becoming the first Asian female director in the history of the award to receive this honor. This is also the second time in history that a female director has won the award. The last time was Barbra Streisand in 1984.

The movie “A Place to Nowhere” has previously won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2020, and this time it also won the Best Feature Film Award at the Golden Globe Awards.

It is conceivable that such achievements have enabled Zhao Ting to successfully “out of the circle” and become a new Chinese director who is highly concerned and sought after today. After the award of “A Place to Nowhere”, Chinese state media reported “Zhao Ting’s creation of the Golden Globe Award history!” “Inspiring!”

Some members of the public called her “the pride of China” and “the light of Chinese directors”. At the same time, Zhao Ting’s identity as Song Dandan’s stepdaughter is also talked about. Many popular stars also congratulated her on Weibo.

However, things followed up with variables. According to AFP quoted entertainment magazine Variety (Variety) reported on March 5, “A Place to Nowhere” originally scheduled to be released in China on April 23 is suspected of being withdrawn in China. Some movies and theaters related The APP removed the release date of the movie.

As of press time, Chinese officials have not commented on related rumors. The Chinese Art Federation (National Art Film Screening Alliance), which approved the release of the film before, did not respond to Agence France-Presse’s inquiries regarding the possible withdrawal. However, Agence France-Presse pointed out in the report that these variables may be related to Zhao Ting’s remarks against China in an interview a few years ago.


As early as March 1st after the news of Zhao Ting’s award came out, NetEase published an article from the media, “The first Golden Globe Chinese director, Zhao Ting, is suspected of interviewing and humiliating China?” The article pointed out that Zhao Ting was interviewed by Filmmaker magazine in 2013. She once mentioned that China in her youth was “a place full of lies.”

The self-media article also mentioned that Zhao Ting had “declared herself a British” in another interview (it should be an “American”, here should be a translation error of this article published by NetEase).

Zhao Ting said in an interview with Australian media in 2020, “The US is now my country”.

The English version of the Chinese state media “Global Times” published an article on March 2, “Chinese or Chinese-American? Chinese netizens questioned the nationality of Golden Globe Award-winning director Zhao Ting”. The article read: “Some Chinese netizens discovered some controversial remarks made by Zhao Ting in previous interviews with two foreign media. These contents have now been deleted.”

On March 1st, the previous day, the Global English edition just published an article entitled “The Pride of China!” Chinese netizens congratulate Zhao Ting on becoming the first Chinese director to win the Golden Globe Award for the article.

On March 6th, the Global English version once again posted that because of Zhao Ting’s controversial remarks, on social media Weibo, the tags and posters related to “A Land Without a Base” had been deleted, and it was mentioned that there were appeals from netizens on Douban. Boycott Zhao Ting’s movie.

On Sina Weibo, there have been many criticisms against Zhao Ting in recent days. Someone posted that Zhao Ting “needs an explanation to the Chinese audience”. Some people even accused her of being a “yin and yang person” and called for a boycott of the Marvel movie “Eternals” (Eternals), also directed by Zhao Ting and scheduled to be released in China in November this year.

However, there are also netizens who are fighting injustice for Zhao Ting and disagree with the practice of “digging old accounts and turning black history”. Some netizens said, “Only after criticism can we become a great country.”

Who is Zhao Ting

Zhao Ting was born in Beijing, China. She went to boarding school in London, England when she was in high school, and then lived in the United States, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in film from New York University.

Her father is Zhao Yuji, the former general manager of Beijing Capital Iron and Steel Company, and her stepmother is Song Dandan, a famous Chinese actor.

After Zhao Ting won the award, Song Dandan posted congratulations on Weibo, calling it “the legend of our family.”

“Today, fighting for their strengths in their home courts has achieved such recognition and created such a record. You are the legend of our family,” Song Dandan said in a Weibo post.

“I believe your story will also inspire countless Chinese children.”

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Regarding Zhao Ting’s nationality, the media and public opinion have different opinions. Some call her a Chinese American, and some reports refer to her as a Chinese director.

On the day she won the Golden Globe Award, the hashtag “#赵婷中国第一第一个金球奖最女報將#” on Sina Weibo was read nearly 30 million times.

In response to the new crown epidemic, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony was changed to live video. Zhao Ting, who gave her award-winning testimonials via a network connection

There are online article refers, Zhao Ting accepted “in 2013 filmmaker ” (Filmmaker) magazine interview when he published his controversial remarks about Chinese background, but the article later not to quote the same sentence after being modified.

The magazine reported that after a period of work experience in the United States, Zhao Ting stopped her interest in politics and turned her attention to American popular culture, and then studied film and became a filmmaker.

In her current feature films, few Chinese stories are the subject matter.

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Nomadic Life ” (also known as “A Place of Nowhere”) is a semi-fictional story about a woman living a modern nomadic life across the United States. The film also won the Golden Globe Award for best film in the drama category.

This is the third feature film directed by the 38-year-old Zhao Ting. Her first two works-“Songs My Brothers Taught Me” (2015) and “The Rider” (2017) —— Become the participating works of the Sundance Film Festival (Sundance Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival) and Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Film Festival, Cannes/Cannes), with a good reputation.

Her next directed work is the Marvels superhero movie “The Eternals” scheduled to be released this year.

In addition, the Chinese state media ” Global Times English version of the ” once quoted news that “Nomadic Life” will be released in mainland China at the end of April.

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