The eternal “sister” 🏀Slam dunk Haruko Akagi prototype 🤔 died for the Chinese (today is…)

30th anniversary of debut. May you be happy every day in heaven!🎊🎆

Reiwa 3 years 2/10 (water)
1991.02.10 – 2021.02.10
Today is the 30th anniversary of ZARD’s debut.🎊🎆
Thank you sister’s songs for always accompany us to grow up.🙇‍♀️
Your singing brings us happiness, we will never forget.
May you be happy every day in heaven! Spring Water

“Slam Dunk” by Inoue Takehiko Haruko Akagi believes that the prototype is based on Sakai Izumi as a model

Isn’t Akagi Haruko’s prototype not Sakai Izumi?


On May 26, 2007, Sakai Spring was traumatized by an accident. She passed away on the morning of the 27th. According to the agency of Sakai Springs, since June last year, Sakai Springs has been repeatedly hospitalized for treatment due to uterine and cervical cancer. On the morning of the 26th, Sakai Springs took a walk as usual and went up the stairs on the way back to the ward. He stumbled and fell, causing serious brain damage.


Sakai Izumi made her debut with “Good-bye My Loneliness” in 1991, and then released popular songs such as “Wait to Miss” and “You Are Not Anymore”, and her “Don’t Give Up” was selected as a high school baseball in the spring of 1994 Admission to the game March.

“Negative けないで” (Don’t admit defeat) “Japan’s second national anthem”

A Japanese song became popular and was written into the Japanese school curriculum

And the song “Don’t Give Up”, ranked No. 1 on the public trust chart, and sold more than 1.64 million singles.

It directly shocked and inspired the hearts of countless Japanese people, causing a sensation.

“Don’t Give Up” Lyrics Manuscript

Inspiring and inspiring, it can be called the “spiritual comedy”.

This song was later hailed as “Japan’s first inspirational song” and even “Japan’s second national anthem.”

It was included in Japanese high school music textbooks in 2004.

Forever ZARD—February 10—To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sakai Izumi’s debut!

February 10th marks the 30th anniversary of her debut.

She died at Keio University Hospital in Shinjuku, Tokyo at the age of 40 due to a brain contusion at 3:10 pm on May 27th, Japan time. At present, there is no definite news about the funeral and farewell ceremony.

In memory of her outstanding contribution to Japanese music culture, Japan will hold a grand commemorative event for her. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the number of commemorative events has decreased, but it will still be very grand.

It is reported that the 2021 commemorative singing event with the theme of “Forever” is ZARD’s first full-length orchestra performance and symphony concert performance. The name is: billboard classics ZARD 30th Anniversary Premium Symphonic Concert.

The Japan Century Symphony Orchestra will perform two consecutive performances at the Tokyo Bunka Center at 17:00 on May 22 and 14:00 on May 23 after the performance at the Hyogo Prefectural Arts and Culture Center at 17:00 on May 8, 2021. The three performances were conducted by Yasuke Yamashita, and the famous composer Aika Ono, who has worked with Sakai Izumi for many years, served as the special art consultant.

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I wish the 2021 commemorative performance a complete success! Wish ZARD Sakai Spring Water will continue to bring people unparalleled enjoyment in the new time and space!

This is their Facebook website:

Sakai Spring Water- The Life of “Sister”

In Japan, the commemoration of a female singer can be called our brother Leslie Cheung.

She is Sakai Spring Water , and is affectionately called “elder sister” by the world.

The youthful and pure face was once known as the ” incarnation of Akagi Haruko .”

As a generation of legendary female rock singer, she has only made public appearances 7 times in her life, low-key and secretive to her bones.

This “beauty who is as clean and clear as spring water” was lost at the age of 40, leaving it to be missed and regretted by countless fans.

In 1967, Izumi Sakai was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, formerly known as Kamoike Sachiko.

Sakai Springs is the eldest daughter of the family, as well as a younger sister and a younger brother.

Sakai Izumi has a refreshing and dynamic temperament that he has acquired during his studies, and he is also very versatile.

She can paint, write poetry, and is an all-around sports student. She joined the school hard tennis team in high school.

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The quiet Sakai spring water is full of desire to express to the world.

When he was in college, Izumi Sakai became completely obsessed with writing poetry and lyrics, and he had a soft spot for rock music.

I love to bring my notebook wherever I go, and write down my thoughts (that is, lyrics) anytime and anywhere.

Later, she applied to join the band several times without success, and there was always no shortage of people.

After graduation, I had to work as a receptionist in a real estate company and worked for about two years.

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In 1988, Izumi Sakai started to work as a model under the real name of Kamiike Sachiko, trying to make money to make his own music.

When I was a model, Izumi Sakai was very sensitive to the camera, shy and restrained, and was often scolded for this.

Sakai Izumi who debuted as a model, with his detached temperament and amazing talent, quickly turned purple.

In 1989, at the Toei Karaoke Queen Selection, Sakai Springs was selected from the 3,000 contestants in one fell swoop.

It didn’t take long for her to become God’s darling, and she was discovered by the well-known music producer Daiko Nagato.

Nagato Daiko later recalled this way:

“When I first met her, I asked her what kind of music she wanted to make, and Miss Sakai immediately replied: Rock music, like Miss Mari Hamada or Miss Ann Lewis, make a catchy melody that can be sung in karaoke. .”

ZARD – 運命のル-レット迴して (Detective Conan)

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In 1990, with the support of Nagato Daiko, Sakai Springs officially started his dream music career.

A year later, Japan’s first female rock band ” ZARD ” was formed, and the lead singer was Izumi Sakai.

With the release of the first music EP “Good-bye My Loneliness”, Izumi Sakai officially debuted as a singer.

This song was written by Izumi Sakai himself, which directly created an impressive record of the newcomer debut song breaking into the top ten of the public trust list.

But this band is not as smooth as Sakai Izumi imagined.

The band is very unstable, you come and I go, the members of the band change frequently, only Sakai Springs is the only one who is struggling.

Later, in the hearts of fans, Sakai Spring Water is “ZARD”.

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In 1992, Sakai Springs ushered in the first peak of his career.

Won the annual “Best New Artist Award” at the 6th Japan Golden Disc Awards, and the sales of his first album “HOLD ME” exceeded one million.

A generation of rock goddess has completely walked into the dreams of countless people.

At this time, Sakai Spring Water completely burst out his musical talents, and soon ushered in the highest light moment.

In 1993, Izumi Sakai released the album “揺れる想い”, which achieved 1.938 million sales and won the album’s annual chart.


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Don’t admit defeat just a little bit,

Please keep running till the end,

No matter how far away,

My heart will be with you too,

Chasing that distant dream.

When the Japanese earthquake occurred many years later, countless radio stations in Japan repeated the song on demand with the citizens to regain confidence in the future.

This song seems to have become a “salvation song”, the meaning of existence has exceeded all words and boundaries.

As a result, Sakai Spring Water has become a well-known “national singer” in Japan and is highly sought after.

1993 was also the most glorious year of Sakai Spring, which no one can match.

Sakai Spring Water, which created his own musical legend, has since peaked one after another, mysterious and low-key.

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Singing for “Slam Dunk” and “Conan”

In 1996, the classic song “My Friend” sung became the ending song of ” Slam Dunk ” and became a youthful memory of countless people.

This song went directly out of Japan, and even became a collective youth memory in the world.

In addition to “Slam Dunk”, Izumi Sakai also sang classic songs in ” Dragon Ball GT “, ” Detective Conan ” and ” China Little Home “.

One is “Don’t you see!”, the other is “Can’t Breathe”, and the classic “Turning the Wheel of Fortune”.

In the “Conan Series”, Izumi Sakai sang a total of 9 theme songs.

Among them, “Rotating the Wheel of Fortune” has more than 25 different arrangement versions, which have been repeatedly revised 25-30 times.

For Sakai Izumi, creating each song is like creating a new life, and she is doing her best for this.

“I just don’t want to compromise to make music.”

No one misses and misses the memories of these songs. When they mention them, they immediately think of Sakai Spring.

In addition to writing songs for himself, Sakai Spring Water also influenced many well-known singers.

According to statistics, she has written more than 150 songs to others.

Sakai Spring Water and Teresa Teng sang with you in this life

The most talked about is “To Live With You” created for a generation of queen Teresa Teng .

Lyrics of “A Life With You”:

In the warm morning sun in winter, (you and I) hold hands and walk together.
This street, which is the same as usual, has become extraordinarily splendid today.
Recently, I don’t want to let my tearful mother worry about me, take care of her meticulously.
Spend this life with you, embrace this little happiness, and share all the troubles and pains together.
Spend this life with you, now I am stronger than anyone else, there is pain when there is love, and the days of timidity are over.
Just let the time pass quietly…
I met you in the days when I was crying alone, and I began to realize the happiness of being a woman.
Whether it’s swaying in an uneasy mood or awake at night, (all can be) as the (love) state, the anniversary of life.
Spend this life with you, embracing little dreams. Believe in true love and want to make (this feeling) always beautiful.
Spend this life with you, and now no situation will confuse us anymore.
(Life) The remote journey, as long as you and I walk together, can be surpassed! Let the seasons change…

After Teresa Teng passed away, Sakai Izumi specially sang this song in the album “君とのDistance” to commemorate her.

There must be an overlap between Sakai Springs and Teresa Teng in work (but so far, no information such as a group photo of the two has been found).

The Sakai spring water admires Teresa Teng. Because she wrote a song “あなたと共に生きてゆく” for Teresa Teng.

However, this song “あなたと共に生きてゆく” was later called “Magic Song” in the Japanese music scene.

Because Teresa Teng and Sakai Springs passed away two years after singing it. Very evil.

Sakai spring water can be described as a miracle in the music world.

Six consecutive singles have reached the top of Japan’s public trust chart.

Nine consecutive albums have sold over one million, and the total album sales have been astonished to 40 million, which is nearly 70 billion yen.

And she loves to write poetry, and has published four collections of poems.

Everyone has only one emotion towards her: ” Starting from the appearance, and finally talent .”

Asia’s most beautiful female rock singer

The character of Sakai Izumi is totally different from her song style.

She is sensitive, restrained, feminine, pure, clean and low-key mysterious.

If all geniuses are unique and lonely, then Sakai Spring Water is the best interpretation.

In the hearts of countless fans, Sakai Izumi is the woman most like Haruko Akagi.

In those days, Takehiko Inoue painted it in the same way as Sakai Spring.

She is also called “Asia’s most beautiful female rock singer” by fans.

As a popular rock singer, Izumi Sakai rarely shows up in public, always avoiding public camera.

With a free and natural personality, she never puts on makeup, does not dress too much, let alone wears revealing clothes, and she doesn’t speak much.

Some people even laughed and said: “Be more conservative in dressing than middle school teachers.”

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Therefore, when we look at the Sakai spring water, it is always the most simple and natural dress, singing the most direct soul song.

Moreover, she is very sensitive to the camera, and will always deliberately stay away from the public’s vision and immerse herself in her own world.

She has never had any scandals or a trace of negative news, and music is all of her life.

In the eyes of friends, Sakai spring water is a symbol of “purity”, and she has also radiated it to the extreme.

“She is a very beautiful person, amazingly beautiful.

She looks like a beautiful girl from the literature department.

Either you don’t know her, or you will love her.

Such an angel-like girl has brought countless surprises to the world, but sadly cannot escape the fate of illness.

In 2001, Sakai Spring took a year off due to physical discomfort.

During this period, Sakai Springs did not stop writing songs.

“From the moment I wake up, my life is closely related to music.”

What was the cause of death? ! Suffered from cervical cancer at the age of 39 and died of a fall at the age of 40

In 2004, Izumi Sakai brought “ZARD” to her second concert since her debut. Whoever thought it would be her last.

At this time, Sakai Spring’s condition had begun to deteriorate, and he performed with illness.

In 2006, Izumi Sakai filmed the MV for his 42nd single “Light the Heart”.

Suddenly feeling extremely unwell at night, he went to the hospital for an examination and was eventually diagnosed with cervical cancer .

This year, she was only 39 years old.

Sakai Spring had to suspend all work and actively treat the pain, underwent surgery to remove the uterus, and then rested in peace.

One year later, when Sakai Quanshui went to the hospital for a review, it was found that the cancer cells had spread to the lungs, which would be life-threatening at any time.

Facing the ruthless invasion of the disease, Sakai Springs had to be hospitalized again and actively received various treatments.

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After an optimistic attitude and anti-cancer drug treatment, Sakai Spring’s condition gradually improved, and he was full of hope for the future.

During the hospitalization period, she still insisted on composing songs on the hospital bed, recording every bit of inspiration.

But who would have thought that the heavens gave her another fatal blow.

At 5:40 in the morning on May 26, 2007, Sakai Springs completed a routine walk.

On the way back to the ward, she accidentally stumbled and fell from the 3-meter-high staircase slope due to the slippery road in the rain, and suffered a severe head hit.

And this fall, Sakai Spring Water never stood up again.

At 3:10 pm on May 27th, Sakai Spring finally died of a brain contusion. He was only 40 years old.

The goddess of rock and roll in the hearts of a generation of people lost their fragrance and fell to the world.

Sadly, the illness didn’t bring her down, but God insisted on taking her away, and Tian was jealous of her beauty.

This sad news shocked the world and plunged the entire Japan into endless sadness.

In the deep pain of the haze, more than 40,000 people attended the funeral of Sakai Quanshui, sending her the last trip.

At this moment, countless people are as sad as the collapse of their faith.

At the funeral, the song “Don’t Give Up” wailed in the sky, and then the fans shouted “Thank you, Spring” in unison.

And she had collected a whole box of lyrics before she was alive, and there were more than 300 pieces before she could publish it, which is regrettable and regrettable.

In addition to the memorial service, Sakai Izumi’s life has only appeared in the public seven times, but it has become a face that will be remembered forever by the world. ( It was the first time she appeared in front of fans in August 1999, 8 years after her debut.)

She once said: “I think happiness is to be able to do what you like for the rest of your life.”

Sakai Springs did it and never gave up.

Although her life is so short, she shines forever, youth and legend will always be there.

Just like a sentence sent to her by a fan, “If youth has a constant color, it must be like Sakai Spring Water.”

No matter how many years she has gone through, her music and face will not be forgotten by the world.

Because we really miss you!

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