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Today is the 18th anniversary of the death of my brother Leslie Cheung . I believe that many people can’t help thinking of this generation of superstars every year today.

“When you see the stars in the sky, you will think of me~”

There is a bench to commemorate him in Stanley Park in Vancouver . It was funded by his fans to rent a bench overlooking the sea from the Park Bureau. Sitting on the chair, you can overlook the West Vancouver where Leslie Cheung once lived. On the mountain.

The bench to commemorate Leslie Cheung in Stanley Park is located directly in front of the famous tea house (Tea House), which is also a place where he and other friends often talked during his lifetime in Vancouver. Looking into the distance, you can see the vast Pacific Ocean and the rolling mountains on the North Shore, and you can also look at West Vancouver from across the bank. The benches are rented out by the brother’s fans with money.

According to his fans on a Wenzhou website, the source of this commemorative bench is that a fan has always hoped that more people will get to know “brother”, knowing that Leslie Cheung often went with Bai Xuexian when he lived in Wenzhou. A tea house gathering in Stanley Park, so I went to the Vancouver City Parks Authority to inquire. It turned out that the bronze medal inlaid on the new bench could be engraved with a 50-character commemorative text. At that time, the park board provided a number of locations for the benches. At English Bay, Second Beach, and on the lawn in front of the tea house, the location in front of the tea house was finally selected, and a 10-year contract was signed with the Park Bureau, with a donation of 4,000 yuan, and the commemorative text on the bench was co-created by fans.

On the bench it read: “Looking for Leslie Cheung with deep affection (September 12, 1956 to April 1, 2003), you are a great artist and a man of courage. Your music and movies have captured the hearts of countless people all over the world. Come on, fans who love you so much.”

“Miss You Leslie Cheung” concert April 1st worldwide


Online play

Following last year’s online charity concert by Xu Guanjie and Aaron Kwok, YouTube in Hong Kong will hold the global free online “Miss You Leslie Cheung” concert at 7:30 pm on April 1st on the anniversary of the death of Leslie Cheung, for everyone who has worked hard to fight the epidemic. To cheer up, fans should seize the opportunity to miss the classic songs of Hong Kong superstar Leslie Cheung.

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About one year after the concert of Xu Guanjie and Aaron Kwok, they reviewed before the concert of “Miss You Leslie Cheung”

The online concert “Miss You Leslie Cheung” will take the night view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour as the stage. The opening video will kick off with Leslie Cheung’s well-known song “Star”. The screen will incorporate some of his elements into the scenery of Victoria Harbour in the form of animation, plus Shanghai special effects production presents Hong Kong with world-class night scenes in front of the audience. The four major Hong Kong music stars Hui Guanjie , Hacken Lee, Zhang Zhilin, and Karen Mok will also take turns to sing their classic songs, such as “The wind keeps blowing”, “Blame you too beautiful”, “Love for you”, “Silence is golden”, etc. With the use of “Brother” Leslie Cheung’s classic songs and exciting dance clips, we will bring everyone a free entertainment. We will also edit the precious clips of my brother over the years, so that fans all over the world will cherish the memory of his intoxicating charm.

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Next, let us review my brother’s deeds through this article.

Biography of Leslie Cheung

Leslie (English: Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, 1956 years 9 12 – April 1, 2003), whose real name is “Zhang Fazong”, was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the late well-known film artists and songs songwriters, Hong Kong Cantonese pop The emperor superstars and iconic figures at the peak of the music and film circles. He has also served as film scoring, line dance, music video director, art director and film director, etc., and is the most diversified development and commercial and artistic career in Hong Kong’s performing arts circle. One of the successful artists, has a wide range of influence in China and even Asian regions such as Korea and Japan.

In terms of music, he became famous in 1984 with the song “Monica” and the previous year’s “The Wind Continues Blowing”. From 1986 to 1987, he won the Golden Melody Gold Award for two consecutive years at the Top Ten Golden Melody Award Ceremony. From 1988 to 1989, he won the Top Ten Golden Songs Most Popular Male Singer Award and the Best Male Singer Gold Award on the Best Musical Pop Chart for two consecutive years. In the 1980s, with the albums “Amour” and “The Greatest Hits of Leslie Cheung”, he became the first Chinese singer to enter the Korean record market and broke the sales record of Chinese-language records in Korea. The album “Favorite” released in 1995 sold more than 500,000 copies in South Korea, breaking the sales record of Chinese-language records in South Korea again. In 1999, he won the Hong Kong Music Circle’s highest honor and the Big Gold Stitch Award. In 2010, he ranked third in the “Five Major Musicians Who Known Worldwide in the Past Fifty Years” held by CNN in the United States .

In terms of film, in 1991, he won the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards for his movie “A Fei’s Story”. In 1993, he starred in the movie “Farewell My Concubine”, and won the Best Actor Award of the Japan Film Critics Association and the Special Contribution Award of the 4th China Film and Performing Arts Society. In 1998 Leslie Cheung became the first Asian actor to serve as a jury for the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2000, he was selected as one of the ” Top 100 Foreign Actors in the 20th Century” by Japan’s ” Film Weekly “. In 2005, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association selected the “100 Best Chinese Films in 100 Years of Chinese Films”. Eight films starring Leslie Cheung were selected, and the number of selected works ranked first among Chinese actors. In the same year, he was selected by the China Film Performing Arts Association. He is one of the “100 Outstanding Chinese Film Actors in a Century”. In 2010, he was selected as one of the “25 Greatest Asian Actors in History” by CNN.

At 18:00 on April 1, 2003, 41 minutes, desperate Leslie from Central Mandarin Oriental Hotel leap 16th-floor window, reluctantly ended his 46-year-old bloom life. Regarding Leslie Cheung’s suicide on the day, different media reports have different opinions. On April 1, 2003, did Leslie Cheung see Mr. Tang dating a handsome boy? What was Leslie Cheung’s last abnormal performance? What did Leslie Cheung’s last will write?

The truth about Leslie Cheung’s suicide: Looking back at the cause of Leslie Cheung’s suicide, it’s not just depression

Is there anyone in this world that you have never seen with your own eyes in your life, but it takes a lifetime to miss someone?

At this time of year, I will miss Leslie Cheung very much.

Many people started to try to understand him because of his fame, or because of Cheng Die , who is still ranked second on the Douban movie list and the world-renowned ” Farewell My Concubine “. Yi and know him.

But no matter when and where it originated, we have to admit that a character like Leslie Cheung who has a magnificent appearance but is elegant and interesting, many people will feel uneasy as long as they have heard of the scattered stories of his life. Like him.

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There is a sentence in “Evil and West Poison”: “Every day in the future is a new beginning, how good you said.”

It is a pity that the life of his brother Leslie Cheung was fixed forever on the evening of April 1, 2003 with his jump from the 24th floor.

Later on, whenever I slowly missed my brother through his graceful figure in a movie or at a concert, the last words my brother left to the world flashed in my mind. I haven’t done anything bad in my life, why is it so”.

Why is this happening? He is only 46 years old, only half of his wonderful life

The answer that many people gave was because of depression, so my brother turned into an Asuka and jumped down from the 24th floor, resolutely ending his enviable and beautiful life.

But I don’t think it is entirely. Although physical depression is terrible, many people have gradually withdrawn from the moments when life is worse than death, letting themselves get used to catching sunlight in the painful gap.

Leslie Cheung has always been a strong person. He has been exercising before he fell ill, and has actively cooperated with doctors for treatment after he was diagnosed. Such him, logically speaking, even if he is ill, he will not be unable to withstand the torture of the illness.

So, why is it so? What made my brother choose to leave his favorite person and favorite career in his best years and die forever?

Later, after reading countless videos or news related to my brother, and after watching this world and people all over the world, I was shocked that the real answer to this question might have to start with his perfect life.

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Do things and love others as Leslie Cheung

I personally believe that my brother’s perfection can be reflected in both his career and his love, and his final ruin is also due to these two aspects.

In his career, his brother’s achievements are beyond doubt. High popularity and good works, as long as there is one thing in these two mixed entertainment circles, he has both at the same time.

The movie ” Farewell My Concubinestarring my elder brother is truly a world-renowned and highly praised masterpiece. Although there is also a lot of credit for the director, screenwriter, supporting role, etc., anyone who has watched the movie should know that if the role of Cheng Dieyi is really replaced by another person, then this movie will not With today’s achievements and influence, it is really not necessarily true.

Like Cheng Dieyi, her elder brother is very dedicated and persistent, both in sympathy with people and in play, and he is also a fairy character who is not mad and cannot survive.

Four months before the filming, Leslie Cheung went to Beijing to start learning the most authentic Beijing opera. In order to act well in every scene, he practiced various movements in Peking opera continuously when he was eating and walking ; in order to make his image closer to the character of Cheng Dieyi, he even shaved his eyebrows; In order to make his temperament closer to Cheng Dieyi, he changed the habit of sitting with his legs spread out in a careless manner. As long as he sits down, he will tighten his legs.

Treating himself so harshly and treating the characters in the play so madly, Leslie Cheung soon became half a Peking opera expert. His hands, eyes, body, and footwork are no different from professional Peking opera actors. He smiles and makes every move. Has the soul of the actress Cheng Dieyi.

When filming the scene where Cheng Dieyi was addicted to cigarettes, the first scene of his brother actually passed. But after watching the video, he felt that it was impossible, and immediately asked for a remake.

As a result, my brother went crazy as soon as he turned it on. He smashed the glass with a stick on the frame of the frame and smashed the glass into his hand. When a large piece of meat was cut off, he didn’t have the slightest thought to stop.

When the director Chen Kaige called to stop, the brother who had turned into Cheng Dieyi and was crying into tears also didn’t realize it.

With such love, dedication and pursuit of perfection, it is no wonder that Leslie Cheung has gradually played the character Cheng Dieyi into life from a layman who didn’t understand Peking opera at the beginning.

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There is no doubt that it is precisely because my brother always maintains a perfect attitude towards the acting he loves, he has performed so many wonderful and perfect roles for the audience. It is not surprising that the movie he starred in is not surprising in China or even the world. Exploded and won numerous awards.

However, he was later diagnosed with depression. Although his attitude towards perfection in the acting career he loves has not changed, he is still powerless.

The elder brother’s doctor once recalled that his physiological depression was already very serious in the later stage. Sometimes he couldn’t hold a glass of water securely, and his hands kept trembling.

How can such a brother help him to restrain himself from getting sick while acting? Depression caused slower reactions, confusion, and loss of emotional control, making him unable to work anymore.

“If I can’t live proudly, then I choose to die.” No one thought that this line would become the ultimate fate of my brother.

If the elder brother is just a person who can get by and go with the situation, he will definitely be able to continue to enjoy life in the entertainment circle with his past achievements in this life, or spend the huge wealth earned in the first half of his life to continue to enjoy life.

However, he is a person with a deep obsession who strives for perfection in everything and needs to do his best to be the best. Therefore, he could not live proudly, and finally chose to commit suicide.

Of course, there is another more important reason besides this. I think he still strives for perfection, kind and strong, he cannot bear to disappoint and hurt his lover.

Leslie Cheung and Tang Hede must have names

It is very popular in the entertainment circle to conceal love affair, because after you announce your love partner, it is very likely that your career will plummet and gradually become blurred.

But Leslie Cheung was really not afraid of these two decades ago. One day when the two of them were walking on the street, Mr. Tang immediately let go of his brother’s hand when he noticed that he was being followed by a paparazzi, because he was afraid that the reporter might hurt his brother by scribbling.

But who knew that as soon as the hand was released, his elder brother grasped his hand tightly and continued to hold it. This is undoubtedly a direct declaration to the media that Mr. Tang is his beloved, and he is not afraid of criticism.

The two brothers and Mr. Tang were really close and happy. They had a deep affection for each other. They seemed to have carved each other into their hearts and blood, which was stronger than the love between men and women in the world. Also more dedicated.

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My elder brother once chose to quit the music scene when he was the hottest and hottest, and followed Mr. Tang to live a life he likes abroad.

When his brother had no fame or wealth, Mr. Tang, as a bank executive, also chose to help him through the difficulties; when his brother was suffering from depression, he was irritable, and he lost his temper. The guardian is by his side forever.

But there is a Chinese saying that love is deep and responsibility is arduous. Although it is usually used in the scenes of parents treating their children, there is nothing wrong with its practicality in love.

When Zhang Luping, the elder sister of her brother, visited his house once, she was frightened when she heard the beast-like howls and the huge sound of hitting the door in the room upstairs from time to time.

It is conceivable that Mr. Tang, who accompanies his brother day and night, looks at his lover, how uncomfortable he feels, and how annoyed he is for his powerlessness.

In order to prevent him from uncontrollably hurting Mr. Tang when he became ill, his brother even offered to share a room with Mr. Tang and sleep.

But as the days go by, the sequelae caused by depression are still too great a blow to the brother who strives for perfection in everything.

It is really easy for a person to learn to accept the world, but it is really difficult to learn to accept oneself. This might be the case with my brother. He is kind and elegant by nature, leaving his best in front of the movie screens, stage lighting and everyone, but when he is awake, he cannot accept the pain and harm he brings to his lover when he suffers from depression.

He can work hard to resist the illness, can endure all the pain and torture brought to him by depression, but he can’t just watch it continue to hurt his favorite person but is powerless.

Therefore, when he was still awake, his brother made the decision to leave this world forever.

After leaving gifts for lovers and friends and questioning fate in the will, he chose to jump down from the 24th floor. In another world where there is no harm from depression, reunion with Cheng Dieyi, who is as serious and persistent as the drama, love and people, and strives for perfection.

My brother once said: “In addition to loving others, the more important thing is how to appreciate oneself.” Looking at it now, this sentence is still full of power, and the warmth that my brother brings to others is probably the same.

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The wind in the world continued to blow, but there was no more young man named Leslie Cheung. Only a group of sad people are left. Every April 1 in the future, I deeply cherish the memory of this immortal figure who is perfect from any angle.

Tang Hede “I can’t forget April 1st”! Zero time: I miss you…speak true. Life is impermanent, but love has eternity”: Never love others again!

Today (April 1) is the 18th anniversary of the death of the late superstar Leslie Cheung. His boyfriend Tang Hede of the year will post a message to miss Leslie Cheung every day. At 0 o’clock in the morning, Tang Hede PO showed a photo of Leslie Cheung with a bright smile. In just three words, “I miss you”, he even quoted the ancient phrase “Life is impermanent, but love has eternity” to mourn the beloved. He felt the same way.

Today, 18 years ago, “Brother” Leslie Cheung fell to his death. After the news broke, many people thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke, but it was true. After Leslie Cheung’s death for many years, Tang Hede always took him at heart. On the 10th anniversary of Leslie Cheung’s death in 2013, Tang Hede mourned Leslie Cheung with Su Shi’s works of mourning his late wife. , Perseverance day and night, life is impermanent. Only love has eternity, let us continue to spoil Leslie Cheung.”

In the environment where the folk customs had not yet opened up, even though Leslie Cheung was already a superstar, he still held Tang Hede’s hand generously in front of the paparazzi, and put down his career to travel together, even his car license plate was DC339 (Tang Zhang Changji). Leslie Cheung once expressed Tang Hede’s “gift to me” and said that they get along as if they are already married.

After Leslie Cheung passed away, the ashes were kept by Tang Hede, and he also took over all the inheritance. He once said that he would never fall in love with others in his life, and he has never seen a new boyfriend. During the Lunar New Year this year, Tang Hede also took a photo of him and Leslie Cheung to congratulate him. Many of Leslie Cheung’s fans continued to follow Tang Hede’s social media, and he remembered Leslie Cheung’s bit by bit and witnessed the eternal love.

Leslie Cheung and his “married photos of Mrs. Zhang” were exposed? ! “Li Cheng” in front of the auditorium

Leslie Cheung (brother)’s “Miss You Leslie Cheung” concert will be held on April 1st, on the 18th anniversary of his death. Online channel host Zheng Danrui (Al Dan) met with his brother’s loyal fans a few days ago to share unforgettable events with idols. A female fan who claimed to be “Ms. Zhang” showed off a “wedding photo” with her brother. Xiangzhong’s brother put on a white dress and took a photo with the “bride” arm in arm in front of the auditorium.
The fan said: “It’s because of my fate with Leslie (Leslie Cheung). In 1985, Leslie Cheung released the album “Love for You”. There was a lottery in the wireless “Golden Songs”. Send a letter to 10 girls who could be with their brother. Wedding photo, I’m so honored to be one of them. I have become the “Mrs. Zhang” who has the image to prove it. At the time of the formation, I was on Broadcast Road 77.” The female fan said that being able to take a wedding photo with her brother was like she was married: “I Don’t make me remarry.”

This Zhang is the “wedding photo” that my brother made for Fans in 1985.

So memorable!

“Brother fans” share the past with my brother
Another female “Brother Fan” shared a photo of her brother’s Peking Opera style, referring to the fact that in 1992, “Brother Fan” organized a group to visit Beijing for her brother who was filming “Farewell My Concubine”. My brother greeted us, the film company arranged for us to go to the studio to watch the shooting that night, and we had dinner with my brother in the hotel.
That night, my elder brother filmed “The Drunken Concubine”. Assistant Qu used the camera to take pictures of the modeling. My brother was so proud that I listened to him. He used a stand-in for the “Lying Fish” action (Peking Opera action). , Pride, we asked my brother to show the photo to us. My brother only accepted one photo at our repeated request. In the end, each person gave me two styling photos with the name of the fan on the next day. My brother was kind to me and asked his assistant to buy sodas and drink, and told me to eat too much on the street, and also told me to feel dizzy. Remember to take a lot of backup medicine.

Why is Leslie Cheung still remembered for so many years?

Back then, people said Vivien Leigh: If you have such a beautiful appearance, why do you have such an acting skill? If you have such an acting skill, why do you have such a beautiful appearance? This sentence is also correct for Leslie Cheung, just to put it another way: with such a Fengshen, why is there such an acting; with such an acting, why is there such a gentleness. However, he happened to have both. The words to describe Leslie Cheung are pretty, handsome, handsome, almost a bit.

I think it is necessary to bring the wind: romantic, elegant, and winds. In “Farewell My Concubine”, it is said that Cheng Dieyi smiled forever and mourned forever. This statement is also natural when applied to Leslie Cheung. Leslie Cheung’s beautiful, not an ordinary custard niche can make. Qingjun and Xiuya are superficial, with glamour in their bones, but they don’t deliberately euphemistically accommodate, but overflow naturally. Most of the time in “Evil and West Poison”, Ouyang Feng was unkempt; only for a moment, he was dressed like snow in white, with long hair and shawl, holding a sword and smiling. It’s really beautiful. No one is better than him with the kind of independence and eccentricity, with a little cynicism.


  In Leslie Cheung’s later period, there was a kind of transgender beauty. It’s hard to describe. At his legendary high heels long hair concert, I saw the taste of Michael Jackson in the early 1990s. Although the styles of moving and static are very different, they all cross the traditional gender and blend masculine and feminine. When he was 61 years old last year, I wrote: If he lived to be 61 years old, he should be able to use Jin Yong’s words to describe Huang Yaoshi: He is clear in appearance, rich in appearance, and Xiao Shuxuan, as clear as a god.

Well, he is already so good-looking. But he still has works. First of all, he is very careful, very attentive, and very transparent. In the movie “Farewell My Concubine” Yuan Siye first saw Cheng Dieyi, Ge You sits quietly and speaks, Zhang Fengyi plays his temper back and forth. Leslie Cheung was reflected in the mirror. Leslie Cheung has few lines, but the details are not perfunctory. There are at least three shots. He is blurry in the rear view mirror, but the attitude is still adequate.

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The difficulty is his special character. If you make rough movements, you will lose the unconscious charm of daily life. If you do less, you will lose it. You have to have a little attitude, unlike other rough masters who can play more freely. . In the end, Zhang Fengyi’s saying that he was going to eat flower wine implied the existence of Gong Li. Yuan Siye stayed for a moment and slowly sneered and said that there was other elegance. Without losing his manners, but after all, unconsciously, he raised his hand to his heart. The vast majority of viewers will not even notice his handling, let alone taste the beauty of it. This is the so-called. Obviously, you can rely on a masterful appearance to eat, but it depends on your intentions and acting skills.


   Leslie Cheung’s performance in the middle and late stages of acting has reached this state: When his acting skills are shown, I would rather his acting performance be a little bit short, or the role of the acting is a little more flat and shallow. To put it simply: Don’t act too deliberately…otherwise it’s easy to make people look devilish. Because when he played deep, the infectious power was too deep and terrifying, and he could drag people into the gloom. The appeal of Leslie Cheung himself in front of the camera is rare throughout the ages.

In “Farewell My Concubine”, it is said that Cheng Dieyi smiled forever, and mourned forever. This is also natural when applied to Leslie Cheung. Before “A Fei’s True Story”, his acting was still flat. Very solid, able to outline the characters, such as Ning Caichen’s bookishness, but not complicated. At that time, he was handsome and handsome, and he could still sprout. Wang Jiawei released Leslie Cheung, the quiet and dark side. Many of his gestures in front of the camera alone in “A Fei’s Story” have a kind of suction. Many people can compare movies such as “A Fei’s True Story”, “Happy Together”, and “Darkness”. When it comes to the meticulous grasp of diverse characters, Liang Jiahui is simply the king of a thousand faces. Who really act like who. When it comes to the conveyance of emotions, fullness, and integration with the atmosphere of the film itself, Tony Leung is a god, and it is not inappropriate to smile and smile. Leslie Cheung is different. There are good actors in “Farewell My Concubine” and “The Evil in the East”. Zhang Fengyi, Ge You, Gong Li, Liang Jiahui, Tony Leung are all good. But Leslie Cheung and them are different. In “Farewell My Concubine”, when there is no Cheng Dieyi, it is a typical mainland movie, with wonderful portrayal, vivid characters, and enjoyable tone and size. But Leslie Cheung’s play is different. Hong Kong and Taiwan actors are generally divided into mainland films, but this is not the meaning.

In “Farewell My Concubine”, Leslie Cheung’s play is quieter and deeper than others. When the camera jumped from the life world of Zhang Fengyi and Gong Li to Leslie Cheung, it seemed to have changed the rhythm. A gloomy feeling of dancing alone. “Evil East and West Poison”, too. The drama between Tony Leung and Tony Leung brings out tangled emotions, which is very precise and sentimental. And Leslie Cheung’s play is to hook people away and walk into the abyss.

Probably many viewers have the same feeling: watching Liang Jiahui, watching Wu Zhenyu, watching Wu Ma, watching Tony Leung, you will yell: good performance! But look at Leslie Cheung, you won’t be called out, but he will be sucked in. When he is acting in a comedy, he is young and angry, looks good and fun. But when it comes to the themes of death, loneliness, decadence, and stubbornness, Leslie Cheung can stretch the audience far and deep.


I think this is a kind of energy that is very related to his personal characteristics. Fascinating to be scary. Many people say that “Farewell My Concubine” was played according to the method, and I also think it is: once he reconciled with Cheng Dieyi, he became independent. Therefore, usually, I would rather watch “Happy Family”, “Man and Han Banquet (Golden Yumantang)”, “Golden Branches and Jade Leaves”, and of course “East and West” and “Love in Okinawa”. In those movies, Leslie Cheung is Qingjun and beautiful, and when he smiles, it seems that the whole world is laughing. Even if there is a sad part, it can be felt that “this is a character, not Leslie Cheung himself.” Because Wang Jiawei’s Leslie Cheung or Cheng Dieyi’s Leslie Cheung is a “Leslie Cheung upper body”, so charming that you can be drawn into a whirlpool, and then you can’t get out for a few days.

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In the mid-1990s, Leslie Cheung likes to use a technique in singing: low voice, with breath and sound fluctuations to bring out a little tremor, like a bit cold, sighing, but under this extreme lightness, he can see his grasp of the details. It is very light and soft, with little effort, and good wording. Many points are interesting, not stagnant, and slipping away. That’s it, sing in a low voice with a little trembling. If it is accompanied by an affectionate song, it will be extremely infectious and moisturize things in a silent state when it is quiet. My favorite: “Midnight Singing”, just like this, it’s cold, trembling, and affectionate. I am a standard heterosexual, listening to his later songs, you will feel that he sings very sexy. This kind of gentleness, with a touch of lethargy, draws people into the darkness, both in song and drama.

In France, Leslie Cheung’s reputation is higher than that of many Asian actors (Cheung Maggie and Leung Ka Fai have similar reputations) and much higher. On the one hand is the success of “Farewell My Concubine” in Cannes; on the other hand, in the words of a French friend of mine: The French would think Gong Li is a good actor, but she is still a typical East Asian; and Leslie Cheung has a kind of The French feel familiar-even when he is acting in a Chinese-language movie. I discussed with them carefully, and the conclusion is that the previous generation of French people were used to the new wave, so they liked jumpy, incoherent, non-narrative shots. Leslie Cheung, perhaps not the best actor in the history of Chinese film, who “tells the most complete and rich story from the lens”. However: Leslie Cheung is probably unique in that “continuous jumper clips, which can rely on one or two movements or eyes, or even a static, to instantly infect the audience.”

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