Worse than anyone 👎Chinese-American Li Meiqi Maggie Q💃 is as famous as American film and television celebrities🏆 wins the “Golden Sourberry Award”

Chinese-American Li Meiqi Maggie Q wins the “Golden Raspberry Award” as famous as American film and television celebrities

The Golden Raspberry Awards (English: Golden Raspberry Awards, referred to as Razzie Awards) is a negative awards ceremony imitating the Oscars. Before 2020, it will be announced before the Oscars every year, in order to tease the bad works widely criticized by the media. But it is often criticized for this.

The 41st Golden Raspberry Awards will be held tomorrow (April 24), it is the election of 2020 annual worst movies.

Anne Hataway-Anne Hathaway (the protagonist of “The Devil Wearing Prada”)

Anne Hathaway (English: Anne Hathaway, November 12, 1982 -), whose real name is Anne Jacqueline Hathaway (Anne Jacqueline Hathaway), is a well-known American film and TV actress, born in New York, USA. Famous works include movies such as “ The Devil Wearing Prada “, “The Sparrow Becomes a Princess” series, “Brokeback Mountain”, “The Dark Knight: Dawn Rising” and other movies. In 2008, she won the National Critics Association Award for Best Actress with “Rachel Is Getting Married”, and was nominated for the Best Actress at the Academy Awards. In 2012, shewon the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actresswith “ Les Miserables “, the Screen Actors Guild Award and the British Academy of Film Awards.

Another starring movie “Crossing the Sky: The Eight Sides” (English: Ocean’s 8) is a 2018 crime comedy directed by Gary Rose, with Ross and Olivia Milch (Ross and Olivia Milch) acting screenwriter. This film is an all-female derivative biography of Stephen Soderberg following the “Hidden Sky Trilogy”. One of the performers, Okafina , is the first Asian actress to win a Golden Globe Award.

Okafina👑The first Asian who started with abalone finally became the Golden Globe actress🏆

Robert John Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. (the protagonist of “Iron Man”)

(from left) Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) and parrot Polynesia (Emma Thompson) in Dolittle, directed by Stephen Gaghan.

Before the Oscar nomination list is announced next Monday, the 2021 Golden Raspberry Awards are also publicly shortlisted. ” Dolittlestarring Robert Downey Jr. has 6 nominations, ranging from film and director all the way to the worst combination; No. One episode is very popular, but the sequel “Supergirl 1984”, which was criticized and turned over, was shortlisted for the worst supporting actress and worst sequel. Fortunately, the heroine Gal Gadot escaped.

In fact, the “commendation” of Golden Raspberry is not necessarily the worst. The worst and big name is their goal. The biggest player in this year’s nomination list is to stop being the “Iron Man” and pretending to be a weird veterinarian. Doolittle “of Robert Downey Jr. . Eddie Murphy’s version was quite classic at the time, but Robert Downey’s version was only 13% fresh on the film review website Rotten Tomatoes. In particular, his strange accent makes the show, and the performance has no personal charm at all, no wonder. He is a strong finalist for the worst actor this year.

Another movie that fans may think is not wronged is ” Superwoman 1984 “. This is a rare superhero movie that can be released smoothly during the epidemic. The audience originally had high hopes, but they were scolded. The audience generally thought that the plot logic was blind and the fighting was not enough. The new villain “Leopard Girl” lacks charm. , and she plays a “leopard woman” of Kristen Wiig on a finalist in the worst supporting actress, considered to help the actress Gail plus duo block a lot of gunfire.

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Due to the epidemic, many films cannot be released. Fortunately, the streaming platform Netflix continues to launch films. Therefore, whether it is the best films of the Golden Globe Awards or the bad films of the Golden Raspberry, Netflix is ​​a big producer. Just like this time, the five nominations of “The Desire of Imprisonment” and “Escape from Neverland” are both produced by Netflix, and there is a 40% chance to win back the “Bad Movie King” trophy in 2021.

“Escape from Neverland” starring Maggie Q was shortlisted for 5 Golden Raspberry Awards, with a poor reputation.

However, a few days ago, the Hollywood Golden Raspberry Awards announced the nomination list. Maggie Q’s ” Escape from Neverland ” was ranked second in five finalists. Fortunately, she survived not becoming the worst heroine and escaped.

Maggie Q Li Meiqi’s fame and development history

Margaret Denise Quigley (English: Margaret Denise Quigley, Vietnamese overseas name: Lý Mỹ Kỳ/李美琪; May 22, 1979 -), stage name Maggie Q , father is Irish American , His mother is an overseas Chinese from Vietnam, born in Honolulu , Hawaii , a Hong Kong model, actress and animal rights activist. After becoming famous, he has returned to the United States and is now a first-line American actress.

Maggie Q’s father is an American of Irish and Polish descent. He met and married his mother when he was dispatched to Vietnam, and later settled in Honolulu, Hawaii. Lit Dennis Quigley), and has the name Lý Mỹ Kỳ (李美琪) of the overseas Chinese in Vietnam.

After graduating from Milani High School and completing basic education, Maggie traveled to Japan alone to enter the modeling industry, and then moved to Taiwan and Hong Kong for development. In 1998, she got her first TV performance opportunity.

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A beautiful girl of five-nation descent: Li Meiqi was selected by Hong Kong media as “the woman Hong Kong men most want to embrace”

Li Meiqi, born on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Li Meiqi’s father is French, Canadian, Polish and Irish , and his mother is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam.

In the entertainment industry, there are a lot of beauties, and even a lot of mixed-race beauties, they are more unique than ordinary people. For example, the well-known sister-in-law Kunling of the Heavenly King, Cecilia Cheung , the head of the Jade Girl School , Miss Hong Kong Guo Xianni, and the wealthy “daughter-in-law” Liang Luo Shi are all suffocating mixed-race actresses. The actress we are going to talk about today is also a mixed-race beauty, with ancestry from 5 countries, and was once rated as “the woman Hong Kong men most want to embrace”. She is Li Meiqi.

Li Meiqi, female, was born on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu , Hawaii , USA . She started filming TV commercials in 1998. In 2001, Li Meiqi was selected by Hong Kong media as “the woman Hong Kong men most want to embrace”. Because of her beautiful appearance, she was discovered by Jackie Chan and brought to the showbiz. In 2002, she starred in the movie ” Naked Agentwith Daniel Wu . In the film, she was the top killer Charlene. In the process of completing the mission, she fell in love with Daniel Wu. The two not only acted as lovers in the play, but also brought this relationship to reality, but this relationship only lasted for 2 years, and finally ended in Li Meiqi’s love for Edison Chen.

Although they are often photographed together by the media, Edison Chen has never admitted this relationship. In 2004, Li Meiqi appeared on the cover of the Asian edition of Time Magazine. In 2006, Maggie collaborated with Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible 3”. In 2007, she collaborated with Bruce Willis and starred in Die Hard 4. Hollywood in the United States can be regarded as a small celebrity. Looking at the entire Asian entertainment circle, there are few women like Li Meiqi.

In 2014, Meiqi Li and Dylan McDermott met after starring in the American TV series “The Stalker ” and were connected because of this. The two got engaged after only 3 months of dating. You must know that Dylan McDermott is Born in 1961, Li Meiqi was 18 years old. But Li Meiqi feels that as long as the two love each other sincerely, age is not any problem. After being with Dylan McDermott, Li Meiqi slowly faded out of the entertainment circle, and there has been no new work for a long time.

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Now Li Meiqi is 39 years old. From the photos exposed by the media before, compared to her before marriage, she is almost like a different person. She always dressed very sexy before, but now although her figure is still hot, she never wears Dressed up is quite conservative. However, she once had such a good future in the entertainment industry, so she resolutely gave up for love, which is also a pity for many people.

Li Meiqi Maggie Q love history male god Daniel Wu once cried for her late at night

Not long ago, ” Sister Riding the Wind and Waves ” hit the air. Tranquility was one of the invited guests. Because of her bold performance, she re-entered the eyes of many netizens and attracted many fans.

In addition to netizens, the famous actress MaggieQ also posted a message on her personal social platform that she loves her personality. In fact, compared to Serenity, this woman named MaggieQ has a more colorful love life. Where her career is, her feelings will be brought to where she is. All the boyfriends she interacts with are male gods and so on. It is not an exaggeration to call it the “international male gods harvester”.

MaggieQ was born in Hawaii, USA in 1979. It is okay to say that she is an Asian actor, or that she is not an Asian actor, because her pedigree is very complicated.

MaggieQ’s father is an American, but he has French and Irish ancestry. His mother was brought back by his father during the Vietnam War and later gave birth to MaggieQ.

In general, her pedigree is very complicated. In some respects, the farther the blood relationship is, the better the genetics of the child born. Therefore, MaggieQ, a multi-national biracial girl, has superb physical condition and appearance since she was a child, and has achieved the name of a biracial beauty very early.

At the age of 18, MaggieQ was spotted by an advertising company. After several years of development, MaggieQ attracted audiences with its wild, mysterious and exotic temperament, and began to emerge in the entertainment circle, once known as the “woman most men want to embrace”.

In the earliest days, Maggie Q worked as a model in Japan, but by chance, she moved to Hong Kong for development. In order to adapt to local habits, Maggie Q gave herself a Chinese name Li Meiqi, and Hong Kong has become her place of fame, where she shot many classic works.

Famous and attractive, there is no lack of men’s pursuit behind MaggieQ. Looking at her acting career and emotional career, the two complement each other and love wherever she goes. She is also a passionate person.

During the period of Hong Kong’s development, Li Meiqi made a film “Naked Agents”. The sexy and charming killer played by Meiqi Lee has made many audiences shine, and since then she has become famous and has become a well-known actress in the Hong Kong film and television circle.

In this movie, the male celebrity partnered with is naturally Wu Yanzu, and he also composed a love song when he collaborated with him. One is a handsome guy in the film and television industry, and the other is a new sexy actress. This relationship has also attracted media attention.

However, the personality gap between Daniel Wu and Li Meiqi is very big! Daniel Wu is low-key and introverted. He usually doesn’t drink or smoke, while Li Meiqi’s personality is the opposite. He has no drink and is not happy, and loves to play. Maybe it has something to do with the environment he was in since childhood!

After talking for about two years, the relationship ended with “Wu Yanzu proposed to break up.” The reason on the scene was that the two had different personalities.

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However, there was another version of the reason why Wu Yanzu and Li Meiqi broke up at the time. Li Meiqi and Edison Chen once collaborated on the filming of “Special Police New Mankind 2”. After the film and television series ended, the two were exposed to the lace news of “fake drama and real work”.

Subsequently, in real life, Edison Chen and Meiqi Li were constantly being photographed together, and the relationship between the two was relatively ambiguous.

Based on this, many netizens have speculated: Wu Yanzu and Li Meiqi broke up, maybe it has something to do with Edison Chen !

Regardless of the reason for the breakup, Wu Yanzu still has a deep affection for Li Meiqi. In an interview many years later, Daniel Wu once said: After breaking up with Li Meiqi, he couldn’t sleep well for a long time. After waking up, he found that he was crying.

After becoming famous, Li Meiqi’s career was not limited to Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, etc. have been involved.

During the development of Japan, Li Meiqi had an entanglement with the famous football player Hidetoshi Nakata! At that time, Hidetoshi Nakata fell in love with Li Meiqi at first sight, and then broke up with his ex-girlfriend and caught up with Li Meiqi.

During the period of love, some media often took pictures of the two going shopping and traveling together, and the feelings were very close. However, this relationship did not last long.

It is reported that because Nakata Hidetoshi is a famous football player, his agent secretly operated to prevent Li Meiqi’s career development. It is estimated that she didn’t want the two to be good. Li Meiqi couldn’t bear such a treatment, and then broke up with Hidetoshi Nakata, and once bluntly said in public: It’s too much and it’s bad.

Later, while working in South Korea, I met the Korean mixed-race actor Daniel Henry. Some media said: I have taken pictures of Li Meiqi and Daniel Henry’s private meeting.

However, the duration of this relationship is very short, and there is no conclusive evidence, so the authenticity remains to be studied.

Although Li Meiqi became famous in Hong Kong and other places, she began to enter Hollywood in 2006 and is well-known by American audiences for her excellent films such as Mission Impossible 3 ” and ” Die Hard 4.0 “.

Afterwards, her work has always focused on the United States. In the past ten years, her figure has been difficult to see in Asia. It seems that she is bent on developing in the United States.

She brought her career to the United States, and at the same time she took away her feelings. She has continued to refresh her own legendary story for ten years.

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Die Hard 4.0 ” is Li Meiqi’s famous Hollywood work. Although she plays a cold computer hacker in the play, she is still a distinctive “cold beauty”.

Soon after the movie was released, news broke that she was having an affair with the actor Justin Lang. This matter did not spread for too long, so Li Meiqi came out to clarify that there was no such thing.

Brett Ratner, the producer of the American TV series ” Prison Break “, also had an affair with Li Meiqi, but because it didn’t take long, it would be nothing, and the authenticity could not be verified.

After the two “old men”, Dylan McDermott and Li Meiqi exposed their love affair. So far, this is the longest relationship Li Meiqi has talked about, and the two almost got married.

Meiqi Li and Dylan McDermott met in “The Tracker”, and the two are partners in the play. After two or three months of getting along, the two came together, and it was a love affair.

Soon after, Dylan McDermott publicly proposed to Li Meiqi and gave out a diamond ring the size of a “pigeon egg”, which envied many people.

However, although this relationship lasted for a total of four years, it was once thought to enter the palace of marriage, but eventually broke up.

Before dating Li Meiqi, Dylan McDermott had a marriage, during which he had two daughters. There are reports that: Li Meiqi broke up with Dylan McDermott, mainly because of disagreements, and has nothing to do with the two daughters, but the truth of it is unknown.

At present, neither party has come out to clarify the reason for the breakup.

After breaking up with Dylan McDermott, on the evening of March 21, some media filmed Maggie Q sharing a car with a mysterious man.

From the image point of view, the man is a bit sloppy, but he also has a bit of cool, mature man temperament. The two flirted and talked very happily in the car, and many media questioned that Maggie Q had a new relationship.

Li Meiqi is also 41 years old. Although she is a darling of multi-national hybrids, her appearance is no longer the same. Back then, the stunningly beautiful assassin in “Naked Agents” now has a lot of crow’s feet on his face.

The editor here also complains: Woman! Relying on his beauty, he didn’t take good care of himself when he was young, the older he was, the less happiness he found, and the men he found were worse than the other. If we could catch Wu Yanzu back then, it is estimated that Li Meiqi would not be frustrated in love for so many years.

Several Asian stars who successfully broke into Hollywood, from rich woman Michelle Yeoh to Maggie Q

Several Asian actresses who shine in Hollywood, from the crazy rich Asian Michelle Yeoh (Michelle Yeoh) to Li Meiqi (Maggie Q).

Maggie Q in the ” Rush Hour ” (Rush Hour) with Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan) and in “Mission Impossible 3”: and (Tom Impossible III) in Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) Orchestra together. It is definitely a piece of cake.

It can be said that the biggest Asian success story in the West is Malaysian idol Michelle Yeoh (Michelle Yeoh) . Yang was born in Ipoh and became famous during the glorious years of Hong Kong cinema from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Michelle Yeoh was originally a dancer, and later attended the Royal Academy of Dance in London . She seamlessly integrated into the martial arts field, starring in “Yes”, “Madam” and “Police Story 3” opposite Jackie Chan. “And other movies, although she did not receive formal combat training when she grew up.

Yang’s behavior and appearance (she was Miss Malaysia and Queen of the Pacific) once attracted the attention of the actors and directors of the James Bond movie ” Tomorrow Never Dies “. Even though she soon returned to Asia and starred in Wu Xia’s classic ” Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon “, this is also Michelle Yeoh’s breakthrough role in Hollywood. However, she still plays an important role in films such as Memoirs of a Geisha, “Madam”, “Crazy Rich Asians” and “The Last Christmas”.

Maggie Cheung (Maggie Cheung) is one of the most famous actresses in Hong Kong and Asia. She has achieved success not only in her hometown, but also in Europe and the United States. Born in Hong Kong in 1964 , she grew up near Happy Valley in Hong Kong before her eight-year-old parents moved to London . After graduating, Zhang Xuecheng returned to Hong Kong to look for a job and was quickly noticed by scouts. The rest is history. Zhang Yimou has starred in several of the most popular and famous films in Hong Kong. She won five Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actress from 1990 to 2001, which is the highest record in the category.

Let us focus on the Hollywood road of Maggie Q, the protagonist of our article.

Maggie Q, the first generation of mixed-race female model in Hong Kong, enters Hollywood with the image of a female killer hitting a female

In the era of Hong Kong-made action films, many outstanding action actors emerged, among them many actresses. The more well-known ones are Michelle Yeoh, Hui Yinghong , Hu Huizhong, Li Saifeng, and Yang Lijing . The images they are familiar with are the policewoman and Bawanghua is a very positive image, and then after 2000, a new female star appeared, and she was MaggieQ.


  She is different from the previous female stars who are positive policewomen every time. MaggieQ is famous for her role as a “killer woman” and has entered Hollywood development with her image of a female agent killer. Except for Hu Huizhong’s debut in a literary and artistic film, the others are all born in dance, so they are more graceful in acting and beating female images, but they lack a sense of sharpness, and MaggieQ happens to follow this route, ruthless and clean. Neat, one look is enough to kill all enemies.

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  MaggieQ’s Chinese name is Li Meiqi. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Her father is French, Canadian, Polish and Irish. His mother is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam. She started shooting commercials in 1998. She is also the first generation of mixed-race female model in Hong Kong. She has become popular since then. Since then, there has also been an upsurge of mixed female models in Hong Kong, such as Amanda Strang (representative work “The Beautiful Thief “), Jessica C (representative work “Dead City”), and Be Anqi (representative work “Peak Weapon”) , Angelababy.


  In 2000, Li Meiqi acted for the first time in the movie “SWAT New Mankind 2”, as a female agent Jane Quigley. In the play, Edison, the elite newcomer of the police force played by Edison Edison, has many rivals. This is also the first movie played by Edison. It can be described as an authentic performance, because his English name is Edison Chen.


  On the whole, this movie is not as good as the first one. Daniel Wu was replaced by Edison Chen. The key sci-fi theme robot element is flawed, which led to the bad reputation of this movie. Previously, it was reported that Director Chen Musheng intended the original crew to shoot “Special Police New Humans”. 3″, with his sudden death, it is a pity that this third part will never come out.

Since Li Meiqi made her debut with this film, she has been portrayed as a female assassin, and this image has been maintained until now. Let’s take a look at her other classic film and television spy killer images.

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Naked Agents

“Naked Agents” is a Hong Kong action film directed by Cheng Xiaodong in 2002, written by Wang Jing, starring Li Meiqi, Daniel Wu, and Anya. The film was released in Hong Kong on November 15, 2002, and won a box office worth 72,828 US dollars in the first week.


  This movie should be very familiar to everyone. It used to be the movie that popped up on the homepage of the video website for a long time. The degree of madness is no less than that of some small game advertisements now. Later, there were countless follow-ups. The true companion article should be regarded as “The Amazing Weapons” written by Wang Jing in 2012. It is starred by Sammo Hung, Xie Tingting, An Zhijie, Anqi Bei, Wu Yunlong, Jiang Luxia, Hong Tianming, Chen Yalun and others. The storyline is the same as that of “Naked Agents”. .


  Hai Yao, played by Li Meiqi, was a martial arts athlete since she was a child. She was abducted by a killer group and trained to become a female agent. The killer group trained by Madam M, the mastermind for a few days, has a unique style, specializing in abducting and training beautiful girls to target men. The weakness of using the seductive carcass to become the strongest weapon, become an invincible killer on the bed.


  When the movie first came out, it was easy to think of it as “the kind of movie” after watching the introduction of the plot. After watching it, it was discovered that it was such a truly cool action movie. Katt, played by Yao and Anya, trained together on a desert island since they were young, and then they performed tasks together, especially when they first appeared on the stage, the temperament was really amazing.


  Since I watched this movie, this look has made me deeply fascinated by Li Meiqi, feeling that her killer temperament is innate, enough to make opponents afraid, and when I see her, I feel back pain. In addition, the emotional line between her and the actor Daniel Wu is also a big selling point of the film, but when the film was made, the two had already broken up.


“Raptors” is a Hong Kong action film directed by Li Rengang in 2005, starring Wu Jianhao, Shawn Yue, Xia Yu, Huang Shengyi, Li Bingbing, Sammo Hung, Zhou Junwei, Li Meiqi, Yuan Hua, Ren Dahua, An Zhijie, Liao Qizhi, Tang Zhenye and others. The film tells the story of a group of Interpol from different backgrounds escorting a felon to Hong Kong, attracting a mysterious group to abduct the prisoner, and detonating a black and white storm crisis that shakes Hong Kong.


  This movie has a great background. It is a star-studded movie that gathers actors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, the United States, and South Korea. In addition to the actors, the producers are also made up of multiple countries. One of the most well-known is the Hollywood action superstar Steven Seager, which is also the first Hong Kong film he has participated in the production of.

“Raptors” totaled US$10 million in copyright fees in the United States and Europe, and sold US$2 million in copyright in South Korea. The film was included in the collection of the National Museum of China. This is the first time that the National Museum has included a film in the collection of the museum. This achievement is enough for director Li Rengang to celebrate for a lifetime.


  Li Meiqi plays a member of the mercenary in the play, and was a sniper of the Vietnamese special forces. Bai Ruoxue, the Hong Kong Interpol, played by Huang Shengyi, was shot to death by her. In the end, she had a duel with the sniper Lu Shaojun played by Xia Yu, a member of the Interpol of China Interpol, in the cemetery. This is the first time I have watched a movie. Hope the villain It was a pity that she was killed by Lu Shaojun in the end.

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At that time, I rented the movie “Raptors” and watched it together with “Slaying the Wolf”. This movie was called a big bad movie. In fact, I think the story is really clichéd, but the bad movie is a bit too much. The first collection of the museum proves that it still has its meaning.


  Whether it is from the light and shadow composition level of the film, the spiritual level of the core of the story, or the design level of the action scenes, it is not a bad film. The protagonist of the police team is a group of five, plus an elderly driver Jiang Long ( Played by Sammo Hung ), they all have a fighting spirit of not admitting defeat.


  In addition to showing their badness, the villains also portrayed a friendship between each other. In order to avenge his teammates, the sniper played by Li Meiqi killed Bai Ruoxue, played by Huang Shengyi, and then Lu Shaojun played by Xia Yu. Take revenge for her teammate Bai Ruoxue and beat her to death.


  The most fully manifested shot is Petros Angelo played by Michael Bean, and finally salutes Gao Dongyuan played by Xu Junhao: “Colonel, I am honored to be able to work with you.”

One is a lieutenant of the armed forces and the other is a colonel of the special forces. The two people show mutual respect and mutual respect, which is not available in previous police and criminal films. The image of mercenaries is only for money, and sometimes even brothers can be sold. So this The film has raised the image of the villain to a great level.

“Mission Impossible 3”

In 2006, Meiqi Li began to enter Hollywood and participated in “Mission Impossible 3” as a member of Tom Cruise’s team.


  This 3 tells the story of Ethan Hunt, played by Shuai Tang, preparing to start a family and start a business. He has since retired from the arena. As a result, the villain kidnapped his beautiful apprentice. In order to rescue the apprentice, he returned to the arena and led the computer expert Luther and the Irish nationality Together with language expert Declan and the beautiful and charming female agent Jane, they challenged many difficulties together, and finally completed the impossible task again.


  The female agent Jane, played by Li Meiqi, has a lot of roles. It is not the kind of character that only shows her face, especially a red evening dress. The scene of going to the banquet to get the target character’s information is not inferior to other international scenes. Actress, when the yellow sports car was finally blown up, she said funnyly: “What a great car.”

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Die Hard 4

Then in 2007, she co-starred in Die Hard 4 with Bruce Willis. This time she was another female agent of the villain who directly wounded the “tough guy” Willis during the filming.


  This is also the first time the villain of the “Die Hard Die Hard” series is a female. This is Bruce Willis’s signature film. To say that the classic level is still 1 and 2, the next few movies are not as good as one, especially him. The son grew up and became the last part of the agent, which directly put an end to this series.


  Meiqi Li plays the role of a high-IQ female hacker named Merlin who combines beauty and wisdom. It doesn’t matter if the girl understands the computer, and the fights are so fierce. When Bruce Willis wanted to take a dangerous shot. , I was kicked and broken by Li Meiqi, and I was sent to the hospital to have 28 stitches. I will ask you if you are afraid. After starring in these two famous Hollywood movies, Li Meiqi gradually established her status as an international movie star.


In 2010, Meiqi Li starred in the American drama “Nikita”, which is about Nikita, starred by Maggie Q, who has been in trouble since she was a child. Once, an American agent from a mysterious organization named “Department” rescued her from fire and water and gave her a chance to re-behave and serve the country. But Nikita didn’t know it, and it was on the road of spies and killers.


  This TV series has 4 seasons, and it is also the first female protagonist work in the true sense abroad. The first season of this series has countless shadows of her previous film works. Many netizens jokingly called: “Naked Agents” and “On the Disc Spy 3 and Die Hard 4 are all prequels to Nikita.


  This is also the second American drama I have ever chased, only for Li Meiqi, the first is the “Prison Break” series. Nikita was a rebellious street gangster girl who was sentenced to capital punishment after committing a felony. However, the mysterious espionage organization “Division” rescued her from death row, cultivated her to become a spy assassin in all aspects, and gave her a chance to “rebirth”.


  The online movie “Secret Agent Crazy Flower” starring Xu Dongdong is a naked plagiarism of the “Nikita” poster. A comparison of the two pictures shows that Li Meiqi’s killer temperament is exhaustive, and Xu Dongdong’s this is hard to say. I really don’t understand why these directors can’t make movies with their heart, because they have to copy everything from others.



“Her life experience is a mystery, unpredictable, enchanting and glamorous, and strong in skill; she also has a tender side, strong and decisive, dare to love and hate.”


The story of this double-faced female agent has been filmed in multiple versions. The story setting of this version of “Nikita” produced by CW is also derived from the 1990 film “” by the famous French director Luc Besson. Fallen Flower (Nikita), a remake of “Never Look Back” from the United States in 1993, and the TV series “Nikita Girl”, a collaboration between the United States and Canada in 1997.

Li Meiqi’s version of “Nikita Girl” undoubtedly surpassed the previous works in fame and truly brought the name of “Nikita” to the world. After the first season aired in the United States, it was introduced in China, Brazil, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and South Africa and achieved super high ratings.

The first season of “Nikita” was the most-viewed episode of Sohu’s video (played nearly 260 million times). As of the fourth quarter, the total number of views has exceeded 600 million. And Maggie Q, who is famous for starring in this drama, is also Sohu’s American TV ambassador, who has repeatedly appeared in the country to promote “Nikita”.


  I have forgotten everything about the plot. I only remember that Li Meiqi is beautiful and impeccably beautiful. I watched the 4 seasons without watching the subtitles. After watching all the faces, I knew that either she was killing or she was being chased. Then she killed all the people who chased her, and finally the whole play ended.


  Especially in the first season, there are really many scenes that are completely reprints of “Naked Agents”, especially the part in which he appeared in a swimsuit, which is almost the same as Hai Yao’s first mission except for the clothes. Ever since I watched this American TV show, the stills of “Nikita” dominated my computer desktop for more than 10 years, and until the appearance of Gal Gadot, my computer and mobile desktop became Wonder Woman.


  In addition to these female agent movies, Li Meiqi also starred in many other types of movies in Hollywood, but the impression was not as deep, such as “Divergent: Alien Awakening”, “Stalker” and “Exorcist”.

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  In 2008, he starred in one of the UFO trilogy directed by Li Rengang, “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”, playing the role of Cao Cao’s granddaughter Cao Ying.


  In the film, Cao Ying is portrayed as a flawless ambition God of War, injecting aura and murderous into the characters, even the “God of War” Zhao Yun is not her opponent, this is also Li Meiqi in addition to the secret agent film, another amazing the film.


  In 2012, in the hot-blooded fighting film “The King of Fighters” directed by Chen Jiashang, she played “Mai Shiranui” in the film. There is nothing to say about this, it’s a really bad movie. Watching the “King of Fighters” cartoon is more exciting than this.


  Li Meiqi in life is a very caring person. She loves puppies. At the beginning of the year, she took a lot of photos with dogs to denounce people who say that dogs can bring viruses. Li Meiqi is Supporter of the Humane Treatment of Animals Association (PETA). During the filming of the movie “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”, Li Meiqi refused to wear fur clothes, only willing to wear artificial fur.


  Who would have thought that the “female agent killer” with agility and neat movements in the movie is like this in reality. Now the action movie actress has no successor. I really hope she can make a few more movies of this type of agent. However, after checking the information, the movies to be released in 2020 are all thriller and horror movies. It’s a pity. .


  It seems that only this “Long Gone Heroes” tells the story of a special forces soldier. Li Meiqi plays the daughter of a politician involved in a major political scandal. I don’t know if there will be an action scene. Let us look forward to it together.

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