4/23 Released 🎬”Mortal Kombat”👊The adaptation of the movie “Magic Empire” turned out to be a Fuzhou native/American Chinese remake of a classic game

Wen Ziren remakes the classic game “Mortal Kombat” and adapts the movie “Magic Empire”

After 20 years, the new series of live-action movie ” Magic Empire ” adapted from the classic fighting game ” Mortal Kombatis scheduled to be officially launched this year, with ” Chain Saw Cry ” # Saw , “潜伏”# Insidious , “李阴宅“# Produced by Wen Ziren, the “Hollywood Ghost King” of TheConjuring , ” Fast and Furious 7 ” and ” Aquaman.

Wen Ziren (English: James Wan, February 26, 1977 -, or translated as James Wen or James Wen) is a Chinese American Hollywood director, producer and screenwriter born in Kuching , Sarawak, Malaysia . Good at making horror movies.

Magic Empire ” is back!

The live-action movie “Mortal Kombat” ( Mortal Kombat , translated into Chinese as the Magic Palace Empire), adapted from the classic fighting video game , has been confirmed to begin production and shooting this year (2019). The script is supervised by Wen Ziren , and Greg Russo is responsible for writing the script. The director hired Simon McQuoid to direct, this will be his film debut.

The movie “Mortal Kombat: Destruction” (title tentative) will be filmed in Adelaide, Australia. Although “Mortal Kombat” is a well-known violent video game, the filming plan for this movie still won 10% of the local government. Sponsorship discount for filming costs. The Governor of South Australia, Steven Marshall, said that this shooting will be the largest film shooting plan in the region, hoping to promote the local film entertainment business.

▼”Magic Empire” in 1995

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“Magic Empire” and the sequel movie (the box office lost, so many of my friends didn’t know that there was a second episode…) were released in 1995 and 1997 respectively. They are masterpieces of contemporary fantasy martial arts movies and have returned for more than 20 years. According to a report from The Hashtag Show last year , the script of the new “Mortal Kombat” live-action movie has been completed. The story will revolve around a physically and mentally exhausted boxer from Philadelphia, Cole Turner, who was recruited to help protect the planet and his daughter. You must join the battle team to fight eternally with killers from another dimension.

More detailed information such as the release date has not yet been disclosed, but it is said that the special effects of today’s movies are not the same as those of 20 years ago, plus the addition of “Chain Saw” and ” Fast and Furious 7

The James Wan executive producer, the film can be expected to be able to present a unique gloomy atmosphere and aesthetics of violence in the original.

Director Wen Ziren’s wife Ingrid Bisu posted a picture of herself wearing a ring with Wen Ziren on social media, and changed her surname to Wan, officially announcing her marriage.

The best-selling video game “Mortal Kombat” adaptation, the movie “Magic Empire” is eye-catching at the box office

The first “Mortal Kombat” movie “enchanted empire,” released in 1995, was the ” Resident Evil directed” (Resident Evil) series director Paul Anderson (Paul Anderson), actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa included (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ), Christopher Lambert and Talisa Soto. The film worldwide hit $ 100 million 22 million at the box office results, after also launched the “enchanted Empire 2″ and the television series ” Jane and Empire: The Kingdom Guardian ” (Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm) and the “enchanted empire “Mortal Kombat: Conquest” (Mortal Kombat: Conquest) and other series sequels.

The restart plan for the series “Magic Empire” officially began in 2011. At that time, New Line Pictures expected to find Kevin Tancharoen to direct the new version of the film, but after that, Kevin Tancharoen announced his withdrawal from this continuously postponed movie. Plan, so New Line Films hired Wen Ziren as the producer, and Simon McQuoid became the new director.

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This wave of the latest news about the restart version of “Magic Empire” hints that the entire plan is currently under rapid development, and the behind-the-scenes team has officially finalized the shooting location. According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC Adelaide ), the Prime Minister of South Australia Steven Marshall (Steven Marshall) announced in a press release that the relaunch version of “Magic Empire” will be filmed in South Australia and will also become a local filming scale. The largest film production, and brought 580 job opportunities and 70 million US dollars in revenue to the local area. The previous production of this film is rumored to be officially launched this month.

“Magic Empire” restarts the legend, what surprise will Wen Ziren bring to the audience?

The plot of the relaunched version of the “Magic Empire” movie has not yet been made public, but the relevant movie character analysis information released in July 2018 suggests that the film may be based on a cole Turner (Cole Turner) New characters are developed for the main purpose, and fans may see the 14-year-old young version of the video game character ” Raiden ” ( Raiden ) in this film; however, this news has been reported by one of the producers of this film, Todd Ghana (Todd). Garner) denied it.

In March of this year, related reports pointed out that Joel Edgerton may play another role from video games in this restart version-Kano.

As for what kind of content Wen Ziren will bring to this restarted version of the “Magic Empire” movie? We can only wait and see for now. And from his works such as Aquaman ” and “Furious 7”, we have already understood that this director has a solid performance in action movies in addition to horror films.

The first “Magic Empire” movie had a good record at the box office at that time, but today, fans’ impressions have been blurred. I believe that this time the news is issued, and video game fans will definitely hope that the restart of “Magic Empire” will be able to Faithfully present the violent aesthetics of the video game series.

Mortal Kombat main role introduction (many Asian actors participate)

@osricchau – Actor/Producer (Supernatural, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Halo 4)
@hellomeganlee – Actor/Singer (Make It Pop, SWAT, Murmur)
@ludilin – Actor (Mortal Kombat, Aquaman, Power Rangers)
Peter @ancientfuturist Shiao – Founder/CEO of @immortalglobal)
@jujuchanszeto – Actor (Wu Assassin, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2)
@ronyuan – Actor/Director (Mulan, Marco Polo, Sons of Anarchy)

Ludi Lin Lin Ludi (Liu Kang 刘康) from Fuzhou

Among them, Ludi Lin was born in Fuzhou. He was sent to a boarding school in Australia, where he spent most of his adolescence. In his final year of high school, Ludi moved to Canada, where he studied acting at the University of British Columbia. He has participated in film and television performances in Los Angeles, USA. Ludi has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and has researched medical drugs.

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Joe Taslim Joe Taslim (Sub-Zero) Indonesian Chinese actor

Joe Taslim (English: Joe Taslim, 1981 Nian 6 23 -), is Indonesian Chinese actor and martial artist, a member of Indonesia’s judo national team (1997-2009), and in 2011 starred in the thriller action movie “Total Assault”, he participated in the Hollywood movie “Destiny 6” in 2013, which marked his first appearance in a Hollywood movie. He played the role of Ito in the 2018 Netflix movie “The Night Came to Us”. Currently, Taslim plays Li Yong (Li Yong) in the Cinemax action series, “Chinatown Warrior”.

Hiroyuki Sanada (Scorpion Scorpion) Japanese

Sanada Hiroyuki (Japanese: Sanada Hiroyuki Sanada, MBE, October 12, 1960 -), whose real name is Shimosawa Hiroyuki (しもさわひろゆき), was born in Oimachi, Shinagawa City, Tokyo, a Japanese actor. He graduated from Hori Kokai High School in high school, and graduated from the Film Department of Nihon University College of Art with a bachelor of arts degree. Active in various fields such as movies, TV dramas, and stage plays in Japan and abroad. Owns the Japanese Kabuki Tamagawa stream name Tamagawa Daisuke. Received the fifth level of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Asano Tadanobu (Raiden Raiden) Japanese

Asano Tadanobu (Japanese: Asano Tadanobu; Asano Tadanobu, November 27, 1973 -), whose real name is Sato Tadanobu (Satō Tadanobu), was born in Yokohama, Japan. He is an actor who performed “The Eighty Thousand Volt Dragon” and “The Killer” “One”, “Bright Future”, “Zatou City”, “Jiaxian Time”, “The Last Life of the Universe”, “Abnormal Five-star”, “The Taste of Tea”, “Mongolian King”, “Thunder God Thor”, etc. Famous for the movie. He played the role of Captain Nagata in the 2012 movie “Super Battleship”.

In 1995, Asano met the Japanese female singer Chara due to the film “Dream Traveler” , and fell in love immediately. After that, they married and had two children. However, the two agreed to divorce in 2009 due to busy work, little gathering and more divorce.

Max Huang (Kung Lao) German nationality

Max Huang was born in Nuremberg, Germany on September 22, 1988. He is a Chinese/German actor and film producer. Next, he will play “Kung Lao” in James Wan’s Mortal Kombat Reboot. Max is also a true stunt performer, coordinator and member of the Jackie Chan stunt team.

John Tobias and Ed Boon, creators of Bi-Han

Noob Saibot (previously known as Bi-Han (Chinese: Bi-Han ; Pinyin: BìHán; meaning “cold wall”)) and the superior subzero, are a series that was transformed into a ghost by Lin Kui’s assassin in a Mortal Kombat fighting game .

Ed Boon (founded Noob Saibot, the opposite of Boob & Tobias)

Edward John Boone ( Edward John Boon ) (born February, 22, 1964) is an American video game programmers, philanthropists, voice actor and director, he worked for more than 15 years at Midway Games, since 2011 Has been working at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Company (NetherRealm Studios).

Boone is known for the popular “Mortal Kombat” series co-authored with John Tobias . The surnames of Boon and Tobias are switched, which is the basis of the Mortal Kombat character Noob Saibot’s name.

Look at the five main characters in the picture below, which are described in detail above

Wen Ziren and Chen Sicheng (Chinatown detective) are both on the box office statistics rankings

According to Box Office statistics, Wen Ziren ranked 11th

The only person who can catch him is Chen Sicheng , the director of Chinatown Detective , ranked 26.

Both of them are of Asian descent, and they really win honor for the Chinese!

“Mortal Kombat” Asian Cast talks about hate crimes against Asians

The action blockbuster ” Mortal Kombat ” (Mortal Kombat) , which will be released on April 23, is based on a well-known game. The main casts in the film include many Asian actors of Chinese, Japanese and Filipino descent, many of which have martial arts backgrounds. , There are many wonderful action scenes in the film. A few days ago, many Chinese casts participated in the promotion of this film and accepted an exclusive interview with US News Express. They talked about the recent escalation of hate crimes against Asians. They said that “Mortal Kombat” is also an anti-discrimination film, which just shows ethnic unity. importance.

“Mortal Kombat” is a world-famous game with fighting as its selling point. Many characters in it are from Asian backgrounds. The characters not only have Asian characteristics in their names, tricks and costumes, but they can also speak Chinese or Japanese. This time the game was put on the screen, maintaining the fantasy and horror style of the game. At the same time, most of the actors have also chosen well-known Asian actors in Asia or Hollywood.

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The Light of Asians (Asian Success History)

The recent series of incidents of racial discrimination and hatred have made many people feel uneasy. Especially Asians have been treated unfairly and hurt a lot!
In fact, many Asians have made outstanding contributions in the United States and even around the world. Welcome to read and forward their glorious deeds!

There is a paragraph in the film that just mentions discrimination against Asians. At the dinner table, a white fighter Kano ( played by Josh Lawson ) teased the name of another Asian warrior “Kung Lao” (Kung Lao), calling him “Kung Baku” and demeaning the ability of the Asian warriors. “Gong Lao” and another Asian warrior, Liu Kang, did not remain silent, but responded politely, and later proved their strength.

Liu Kang and Gong Lao are popular characters in the Mortal Kombat series. The former is good at attacking with fire, and the latter has a very solid and sharp shield. Max Huang, a Chinese-German mixed-race actor who starred in the film, said: “I am deeply saddened to see the current escalation of crimes against Asians. Originally, the new crown epidemic was a disaster faced by people all over the world. We need to call on Asians to unite and resist discrimination.” Huang Youliang has been a substitute and martial arts coaching in his early years, and has participated in movies such as “The Chinese Zodiac” and “Lion Falling from the Sky” starring Jackie Chan.

The actor of Liu Kang and Chinese Canadian actor Ludi Lin ( Ludi Lin ) has long been well-known in Hollywood, and has appeared in Hollywood commercials such as “Power Rangers” and “Aquaman”. He said: “At this time, as Asians, we can no longer be silent. We should clearly express our anger and resistance against Asian discrimination, and demonstrate the solidarity of Asians and strive for equal rights for Asians.”

Four major vaccines (Pfizer/Modena/AstraZeneca/Johnson & Johnson) vaccination strategy

Pfizer, Modena, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson’s four major vaccine analysis,
which one is the best? Vaccination accidents and side effects? Which vaccine is the safest? How to choose?

The cold-blooded killer ” Sub-Zero ” in “Mortal Kombat” is played by Indonesian Chinese action star Joe Taslim (Joe Taslim). Martial artist and judo player. Joe Taslim said: “The current high level of discrimination against Asians in the world is very unfair and angering for Asians. Every one of us is fighting the new crown epidemic. “Mortal Kombat” is just one. In this anti-discrimination film, the Asian actors in the film are all very ugly roles, hoping to improve the image of Asian screens.”

Another well-known Singaporean Chinese actor Chin Han who played the role of the wizard Shang Tsung in the film has also been in Hollywood for many years. He has appeared in ” Batman the Dark Knight “, “Captain America 2” and other well-known blockbusters. . He said that in “Mortal Kombat”, there are actors from multiple ethnic groups such as whites, Africans, Asians, etc. This is the result of cultural integration, which just proves that if ethnic unity is achieved, it will not only make the film more attractive, but also make the film more attractive. Ethnic audiences find resonance.

Huang Jinghan also introduced that the filming of “Mortal Kombat” was also temporarily shelved due to the impact of the new crown epidemic. Part of the content was filmed during the epidemic. Fortunately, their filming location is in Australia, the epidemic is not serious, and the staff continue to test and disinfect them to ensure the safety of the crew. It is also an unforgettable experience.

Recently, the Korean pop band BTS (BTS) also issued a statement expressing support for the ” Stop Asian Hate movement ” ( Stop Asian Hate movement ), saying: “We extend our deepest condolences to those who have lost their loved ones. We feel sad and angry about these crimes. We recalled the moments when we were discriminated against as Asians. We endured swearing for no reason, and we were ridiculed for our looks. We were even asked why Asians would Speak English. Compared with the events of the past few weeks, our own experience is insignificant. But these experiences are enough to make us feel powerless and weaken our self-esteem. What is happening now cannot be separated from our Asian identity.” Because of BTS The influence is great, and all major media in the United States have reported this statement to speak for Asians.

To ” Mina in ” (Minari) nominated for an Oscar for best actor this year’s Korean actor Steven yuan (Steven Yeun) also via Twitter for some people, “Let Asians go back to Asia,” remarks retorted: “The United States It’s my hometown, and I’m not going anywhere.” California Rep. Ted Lieu reposted this tweet, saying that there are many ethnic groups among Americans, and many Americans are native speakers of a second language other than English, but the United States Asians are still Americans.

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