[Latest] Nathan Chen Chen Wei won three consecutive World Figure Skating Championships 馃 5 consecutive championships in the United States Figure Skating Championships 鉀革笍 First person in 69 years

Nathan Chen Chen Wei “counterattack” to achieve 5 consecutive championships

On the evening of March 27th, the World Figure Skating Championships ended the men’s singles free skating competition in Stockholm , Sweden.

The Chinese American star Chen Wei “counter-attacked” a comeback in the case of a short program error and achieved three consecutive championships.

On the 27th, Chen Wei was in the men’s singles free skating competition.

Figure Skating – World Figure Skating Championships – Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden – March 27, 2021 Gold medallist Nathan Chen of USA poses with his medal after the men’s free skating TT News Agency via REUTERS/Jessica Gow/tt THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. SWEDEN OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN SWEDEN..

Chen Wei received the award after the competition.

In the competition of the day, Chen Wei demonstrated superb strength and extraordinary psychological quality. After the short program error ranked third, he completed 5 four-week jumps in free skating, and finally scored 222.03 points in free skating, totaling 22.03 points. With a score of 320.88 points, he won the World Championships for the third time in a row.

Chen Wei also staged a counterattack at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea . At that time, he made a serious mistake in the short program and only won the 17th place, but with 6 free skating four-week jumps, the total score was chased to fifth.

Yuzuru Hanyu in male solo player in the free skate.

Japanese teenager Yuma Kenyama won a silver medal for his debut in the World Championships. He scored 190.81 points in free skating, with a total score of 291.77 points. Although the two-time Winter Olympics champion and Japanese star Yuzuru Hanyu led the short program, he made a mistake in the free skating and eventually scored 182.20 points and won a bronze medal with a total of 289.18 points. Japanese star Masauma Uno played well in free skating and finally finished fourth. Chinese players Yan Han and Jin Boyang won 13th and 22nd respectively.

Two-time World Championship bronze medalist Jin Boyang was in a sluggish state in Stockholm and made frequent mistakes. The short program ranked 19th. The free skating “House of the Rising Sun” scored 121.20 points and the total score was 199.15 points, which is far from his normal level. The veteran Yan Han鈥檚 “City of Philharmonic” did not have a four-week jump, and scored 153.79 points, with a total score of 235.31 points.

He is the first American legendary figure skating player Dick Button to win the gold medal in this tournament for 5 consecutive years since he established 7 consecutive hegemonies from 1946 to 1952.

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Nathan Chen 鈥 guest of Biden鈥檚 inauguration

Who is Chen Wei? At a young age, he is only 21 years old. Why can he be a guest at the inauguration of the new President Biden?

No. 1 in the world???

Chen Wei was the first player to complete five four-round jumps in a long program in the official competition of the International Figure Skating League. He was called the “May Fourth Youth” by Chinese ice fans. In 2018, he set an Olympic record in Pyeongchang, becoming the first player to challenge six difficult four-round jumps in a single program, rewriting the record for the highest technical score in history.

In the same year, he won the gold medal in the World Championships and was the youngest world champion after Plushenko. Following Yagudin in 2019, he defended the world champion at the age of his teens, making him the first person since the 21st century.

U.S. Figure Skating Championships Chen Wei 5 consecutive dominance

On January 17th, the four groups of Changqu’s four groups of jumps all landed beautifully, allowing the Chinese American figure skating expert Nathan Chen to successfully complete the 5th consecutive victory in the men’s group of the American Figure Skating Championships.

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Chen Wei won the championship in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He is the first American legendary figure skating star Dick Button (Dick Button) to create 7 consecutive hegemonies from 1946 to 1952. A player who won gold for 5 years in a row.

Chen Wei told the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC): “This is incredible. I will cherish this moment. Button has been an idol of all figure skaters since he established 7 consecutive hegemonies, so he has the opportunity to follow in his footsteps. It is unbelievable that all figure skaters continue to challenge the goal.”

Nathan Chen poses after winning the men’s skate event at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in San Jose, Calif., Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)
Nathan Chen poses after winning the men’s skate event at the US Figure Skating Championships in San Jose, Calif., Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

In the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Chen Wei was one of the big favorites to win gold. Unexpectedly, he made many mistakes in the short song, but had an amazing performance in the long song, and finally finished 5th. After that, he has consistently delivered impressive results.

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Chen Wei won the championship with a total score of 322.28 points, far ahead of No. 2 Chinese American player Vincent Zhou (Vincent Zhou) by 30.9 points; No. 3 American player Jason Brown (Jason Brown).

Speaking of this game with no fans to watch, Chen Wei said that he is looking forward to being more diligent before the scheduled World Championships in Stockholm in March.

Chen Wei also said that he didn’t have the opportunity to face the two-time Olympic gold medalist Japanese star Yuzuru Hanyu last year, which made him feel “very strange.” The last time the two played together was in December 2019.

Enter Yale with perfect score in mathematics, and defend the figure skating champion, this is a typical Chinese teenager who walked out of an elite family.

Behind the best of Chinese descent, parents experience surprisingly similar

According to official U.S. reports, 39% of the top American players in the men鈥檚 and women鈥檚 figure skating elite events during the 2017 season were Asian, but in terms of population, Asian Americans only accounted for the total U.S. population. About 5.7% .

As one of the few top players, Chen Wei is a talented athlete among many people.

The youngest men’s singles champion in U.S. history

Chen Wei was interviewed by the media when he was 10 years old

He was exposed to skating at the age of 3 and participated in competitions at the age of 4. Chen Wei won the national figure skating championship at the age of 10. At the age of 17, he won the National Championship in one fell swoop and became the youngest men’s singles champion in American history.

On March 23 this year, at the 2019 World Figure Skating Championships in Saitama, Japan, NBC Sports in the United States even used words like “a pre-excellent moment of glory ” and ” any vocabulary used to express Chen Wei’s performance is not exaggerated. ” , To describe Chen Wei’s performance.

Father comes from Laibin rural area, Guangxi, and received a PhD in pharmacy and medicinal chemistry from the university

Chen Wei’s parents immigrated to the United States in the 1980s, which can be said to be a successful example of the first generation of immigrants.

My father from Laibin rural area, Guangxi, studied at Guangxi Medical University and China Military Medical College. In 1988, he went to the United States to study for a Ph.D., and obtained a doctorate in pharmacy and medicinal chemistry from the University of Utah , and then obtained a green card to become a senior in the medical field. Researcher, founded his own medical technology company and laboratory.

Does the U.S. really dream of becoming a place?

Young Chen Wei and his family
His mother is from Beijing and she worked as a Chinese translator after she came to the United States. Chen Wei is the youngest child in the family and has two older brothers and two older sisters. The two older brothers are good at ice hockey, and the two older sisters like figure skating. Now they work in the fields of technology, finance and aerospace.
Chen Wei’s mother in the stands clapping and cheering for him during the game

Coincidentally, Zhou Zhifang, the third Asian runner-up in the World Figure Skating Championships, also has a similar family background.

Born in Palo Alto, California, he has a gentle name, which is derived from the “Confucian Analects”, “You can be brave and know the way”, which means to make him brave and courteous.

Both Zhou Zhifang’s parents are from Beijing, and both graduated from the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University . In 1992, the two went to study and work in the United States, and later settled in Silicon Valley, California, as computer engineers. His mother resigned as a Silicon Valley engineer when he was 9 years old, and moved with his youngest son to Southern California, which is closer to the ice rink, to accompany him in training full-time.

Zhou Zhifang is currently the youngest player on the American National Figure Skating Team.

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