Wedding queen 👑Wang Weiwei Vera Wang, why on earth 🤔 70-year-old and 36-year-old boyfriend

Wang Weiwei (English: Vera Wang; June 27, 1949 -), a famous Chinese American fashion designer, mainly active in New York City.

Wang Weiwei was born in a Chinese family in New York City, USA, and grew up in New York City; the English name she used when she was born was Vera Ellen Wang. Both of Wang Weiwei’s parents were born in China and immigrated to the United States in the mid-1940s.

His father, Wang Chengcheng, was a high-tech scholar. He studied at Yenching University , MIT , and later became a successful businessman in international trade. His mother, Wu Chifang, was the granddaughter of Wu Junsheng , a warlord in the Republic of China , who served as a translator for the United Nations.

The generous family environment allowed Wang Weiwei to be influenced by fashion when she was a child. Her mother often took her to Paris to participate in various high-end fashion conferences. The mother’s beauty-loving nature gave her a unique understanding of beauty since she was a child. At the age of 40, he made a fortune of 400 million US dollars, but divorced at the age of 63 but fell in love with the 27-year-old world skating champion Lesacek .

However, Wang Weiwei, a wealthy daughter, was trained as a professional figure skater since she was a child, and has won many American youth figure skating championships. She participated in the National Figure Skating Championships in 1968, and her distinctive oriental face also earned her the title of “Unusual Face” in the sports pictorial. However, her life trajectory has changed after losing the qualification for the US Olympics, but from her later encounters, it can be known that “figure skating” has become an unquenchable dream in her heart. Wang Weiwei’s family lived in the fashion capital of Paris. At the age of 19, she entered Sarah Lawrence College in Paris to study art history.

Editor-in-chief of fashion magazine “Vogue”

After graduating, Wang Weiwei entered the French edition of ” Vogue ” magazine as an intern. This kind of job opportunity was not based on family background, but on the basis that she met the editor of “Vouge” while working in a YSL boutique. However, her life trajectory has changed after losing the qualification for the US Olympics, but from her later encounters, it can be known that “figure skating” has become an unquenchable dream in her heart. Wang Weiwei’s family lived in the fashion capital of Paris. At the age of 19, she entered Sarah Lawrence College in Paris to study art history.

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After graduation, Wang Weiwei entered the French edition of “Vogue” magazine as an intern. This kind of job opportunity did not depend on her family background, but on her own acquaintance with the editor of “Vouge” while working in a YSL boutique. Two years later, Wang Weiwei became the youngest senior fashion editor of “Vogue” magazine. Later, she took over the American version of Vogue and worked for 16 years, relying on her outstanding strength and hard work spirit. However, Wang Weiwei later applied for the post of editor-in-chief of the US version of “Vogue”, but was sadly defeated by her friend Anna Wintour. She failed to become the devil of fashion and left Vogue.

Ralph Lauren Design Director

In 1988, Wang Weiwei joined Ralph Lauren as the fashion design director. Anyone who has watched “Friends” is familiar with the Ralph Lauren brand Rachel once worked for, right? Ralph Lauren has also become Wang Weiwei’s mentor on the road of designer. Later, when Wang Weiwei received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Fashion Designers Association (CFDA), it was Ralph Lauren who personally presented her with the award.

The 70-year-old Chinese wedding queen angered her 36-year-old boyfriend. She was forced to switch careers, but immediately made 2.5 billion

The wedding of Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting has been screened, and the pace of hot search and show affection has never stopped….

In addition to Guo Biting’s antique crown worth 240,000 in the 1900s, many friends also noticed that her two wedding dresses were from Vera Wang, known as the “Queen of Wedding Dresses”.

The main wedding dress at the ceremony comes from Vera Wang 2020 spring and summer series Oleander, a combination of champagne tulle and lace, which is very fairy.

A set of Vera Wang champagne gown Maria Theresa at the dinner was inspired by Louis XIV, the “Sun King” .

The design of long sleeves and the perspective of tulle make it elegant and sexy.

There is a popular saying abroad: “Unmarried girls long to have a Vera Wang wedding dress. Married women often miss the Vera Wang that they wear. Remarried women are fortunate to have another Vera Wang.”

This sentence is enough to see the popularity of Vera Wang. As one of the most influential Chinese designers today, Vera Wang designer Wang Weiwei is now 70 years old and has become a legend. Even Obama took the initiative to pull her. Group photo.

But who would have thought that this “wedding dream maker” was completely “forced and helpless” on this road.

The famous daughter, was forced to transform into a “wedding queen”

After Wang Weiwei is a famous family, she has a prominent family background. His father, Wang Chengcheng, was a high-level scholar. He studied at Yenching University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and later engaged in international trade. He also owned a chemical factory in New York. He was a very successful businessman. His mother, Wu Chifang, worked as a translator for the United Nations and is still behind the generals.

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Wang Weiwei traveled around Europe with the mother of celebrity Faner since she was a child, participating in various high-end fashion conferences.

But fashion is just her hobby. Wang Weiwei’s dream was to become a professional figure skater since she was young. After losing the qualification for the US Olympic team, she entered the Sarah Lawrence College in New York State to study art history.

After graduating from university and the surrounding classmates were still having a headache to find a job, Wang Weiwei directly worked as an intern in the French edition of “Vogue” magazine. In just two years, she became the youngest in “Vogue” magazine. Senior fashion editor.

According to an enterprise search, Condé Nast, the publishing group of “Vogue”, is headquartered in New York, USA. In 2007, it established a branch in China. Condé Nast China now has ” Apparel and Beauty VOGUE “, ” Yue Ji SELF “, “Zhizu GQ”, Traveler” and many other magazines.

In 1988, 39-year-old Wang Weiwei joined Ralph Lauren as the director of costume design. In the second year, she and golfer Arthur Becker announced their marriage. In order to find a perfect wedding dress, she searched all the major bridal shops without success and came up with the idea of ​​creating a bridal shop.

In 1994, Wang Weiwei’s father was forced to accept his 4 million US dollars investment, began a new career journey of wedding dreams, and founded her own brand Vera Wang.

Wang Weiwei’s wedding dress gradually became famous in the upper class with its unique positioning and craftsmanship. Many celebrities love it: Beckham and Clinton’s daughter Chelsea chose Vera Wang’s wedding dress when they got married. It is said that Chelsea’s white tube top wedding dress is as high as As high as $30,000, even Obama’s wife has worn Vera Wang dresses on important occasions for appearances.

Wearing a dress designed by Wang Weiwei herself has gradually become a status symbol.

As early as many years ago, Wang Weiwei was on the “Forbes” “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” list, and was also ranked 34th Forbes richest women with 400 million US dollars (about 2.5 billion yuan).

70-year-old and 36-year-old love break up in previous years: the so-called soul mate is just looking away

In 2012, 63-year-old Wang Weiwei decided to divorce her husband who had been together for 33 years. Endless quarrels wiped out years of feelings.

One week after the divorce, Wang Weiwei was exposed to be in love with the then 27-year-old figure skating champion Resacek. She used her strength to interpret: If she can’t be a figure skating champion, she will conquer a champion boyfriend.

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Regardless of the rumors and rumors from the outside world, Wang Weiwei took her little boyfriend to various occasions, declaring to the world that he is her soul mate

The little boyfriend who ended his competitive career early because of “the price was not agreed”, moved into her mansion two months after Wang Weiwei’s divorce, and asked him to be his company’s “creative consultant”.

However, it is said that during the association with Wang Weiwei, the little boyfriend never went out to work and has been living in her mansion, and she also provided most of the living expenses.

After “raising” a boyfriend for 7 years, the two eventually broke up.

Not long after the breakup, the little boyfriend announced on social media that his new fiancée is Thai Baifumei, who is 7 years older than him.

Wang Weiwei broke up, as she always did, chic and straightforward, not sloppy.

But the boyfriend’s colleague who was immersed in the new relationship did not forget to cry to the media about his previous sadness, saying that the constant quarrels in the last relationship made him exhausted physically and mentally, and kept pouring dirty water on Wang Weiwei.

And Wang Weiwei is still the “wedding queen”, apparently planning to be chic and fashionable until she is 90 years old.

Wang Weiwei has encountered many failures in this legendary life, but every time she is reborn in Nirvana and heads towards a new gorgeous starting point.

Maybe you may not be able to own a Vera Wang wedding dress at the wedding, but you can have the same courage as hers.

Wang Weiwei never ends in her life

“I’m not the kind of Chinese woman who can make do with a lifetime.”

Vera Wang’s brand legend began with Wang Weiwei’s wedding.

It was 1989.

At the wedding, many fashionistas were full of praise for her wedding dress.

This wedding dress was designed by herself.

Before, Wang Weiwei felt that she would never get married.

Later, she opened a high-end wedding dress shop called Vera Wang on Madison Avenue in New York.

Since then, the 40-year-old rich second generation of Chinese descent has officially started to start a business.

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According to common sense, Wang Weiwei, who was born in a wealthy Chinese businessman family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, should enter a prestigious university to study law or business.

Therefore, when she proposed to her father Wang Chengqing that she wanted to study fashion in Paris, she was flatly denied.

Wang Chengqing graduated from Yenching University (now Peking University), and then studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; founded US Summit Company in the United States, obtained the Far East agency rights of major companies such as U.S. Steel and General Motors, and entered the petroleum industry at the same time. , Chemical business, is a well-known Chinese entrepreneur in the United States.

In his opinion, learning fashion means going to be a tailor.

But the daughter is always heartbroken. Later when Wang Weiwei got married, he gave his daughter a 22-room luxury apartment overlooking New York’s most prosperous area.

Wang Chengcheng couldn’t bear to destroy the second dream with his own hands after seeing that his daughter had just failed in pursuing the first dream.

My daughter’s first dream is to enter the US national team and become an extraordinary figure skater.

Since the age of 8, Wang Weiwei has been professionally learning figure skating and has won the youth figure skating championship many times.

However, this dream was touched and shattered in time.

Due to poor performance in the National Figure Skating Finals, 19-year-old Wang Weiwei was rejected by the US Figure Skating Team.

This is undoubtedly a major blow in her life.

Faced with his daughter, he didn’t feel helpless but found another way out. Wang Clarification finally felt soft and took a step back:

Wang Weiwei entered Sarah Lawrence College, a famous liberal arts college in New York, but she did not need to study law or business, but instead studied art history.

As for Paris, she also successfully realized her dream and lived there with her mother for a long time.

Wang Weiwei’s mother, Wu Chifang, is very fascinated by clothes and lifestyle.

As the daughter of Wu Junsheng, the No. 3 warlord who was second only to Zhang Zuolin and Feng Delin in the Republic of China, Wu Chifang settled in New York after studying in the United States and worked as a translator for the United Nations.

“My mother is an incredible fashion lunatic. I grew up with fashion. I know the world too well, and I am sure to be a part of it.” Later, Wang Weiwei said in an interview.

Sometimes, career is destined.

While working in the Yves Saint Laurent boutique on Madison Avenue, Wang Weiwei met Francis Stein, the editor of “VOGUE” magazine.

“She asked me to call her after graduation. I called and got a job in “VOGUE”.”

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“VOGUE”, founded in 1892, has been hailed as the global “fashion bible”.

Thanks to her mother’s influence and her own interest and sensitivity to fashion, Wang Weiwei is in vain in “VOGUE”.

After a short internship, in 1972, at the age of 23, she became the youngest fashion editor in the history of “VOGUE”.

Wang Weiwei has been working in “VOGUE” for 16 years.

She also intends to spend her life here.

The turning point occurred in 1988.

When the editor-in-chief of “VOGUE” abdicated, Wang Weiwei, who is already a senior executive level, challenged this position.

But the result she got was that she was again given up by the god of luck after losing to the American figure skating team for 20 years.

Sitting on the throne of her coveted editor-in-chief was Anna Wintour, who was later known as the “devil of the fashion industry” and the same age as Wang Weiwei.

Wang Weiwei is naturally unwilling to subdue to Wintour.

She left “VOGUE” and went to the famous clothing brand Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) as the clothing design director.

Later, Wang Weiwei regarded this setback as part of her success:

“This makes you understand life more realistically… Once failure is an opportunity and experience to learn.”

Soon after joining Ralph Lauren, Wang Weiwei married golfer Arthur Becker.

Because she couldn’t find a wedding dress that was satisfactory on the market, she had to design it herself.

No, I discovered the business opportunity of custom-made wedding dresses and started a new entrepreneurial career.


After the opening of the Vera Wang wedding custom shop, in addition to wedding dresses, it also launched services such as dress customization.

Although Wang Weiwei has a wealth of experience and contacts in the fashion industry, she still experienced a period of trial and error and exploration.

The biggest challenge is how to make the brand affirmed and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In 1992, Wang Weiwei, who had a deep connection with the skating world, finally waited for an opportunity to make the brand popular:

Designed the competition suit for the American figure skating master Nancy Kerrigan.

Wearing Vera Wang, Nancy Kerrigan, known as the “Queen on Ice”, won the bronze medal in women’s singles skating at the Winter Olympics.

After tasting the sweetness of star effect, Wang Weiwei began to use her personal network resources in the fashion industry more deliberately to enhance brand influence.

In 1994, she founded a brand named after her name Vera Wang.

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Four years later, the brand finally ushered in an explosion.

In 1998, Hollywood sexy actress Sharon Stone, wearing a lavender dress tailored by her friend Wang Weiwei, appeared at the Oscars ceremony, stunning the audience.

In the Oscars, the pinnacle of fashion, Vera Wang quickly became popular.

This collaboration, which Wang Weiwei called “two newcomers” (a newcomer in the performing arts and a newcomer in the design world), has now become a classic case in the history of fashion.

An American Chinese entrepreneur who is familiar with Wang Weiwei once told Huashang Taolu that the cooperation with Sharon Stone was a major turning point for Wang Weiwei. After that, Vera Wang began to become a hot fashion brand, and was embraced by acting stars and celebrities.

Vera Wang gradually became the best choice to avoid the “Worst Costume Award”.

Wang Weiwei’s celebrity client list is getting longer and longer——

Victoria Beckham, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Davida McCall, Wilson Sampras…

Britney Spears, who lasted only 55 hours in her first marriage, was also wearing Vera Wang at the time. She also publicly declared that she “never wore such a beautiful dress.”

At the 78th Academy Awards in 2006, Keira Knightley wore a Vera Wang burgundy one-shoulder taffeta evening dress and was evaluated by the media as: Among all the actresses at the ceremony, perhaps only Michele The orange evening dress of El Williams can compete with Knightley’s “Chinese dress”.

And Michelle Williams’ orange evening dress was also made by Wang Weiwei.

At the same time in the political circles, from the Kennedy family, Clinton married daughter, to the former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama and now the first daughter of the United States Ivanka Trump, Vera Wang is almost a “queen” brand.

Therefore, some people say that there is no need for Wang Weiwei to hold a work conference, because politicians and celebrities will line up to help her “endorse”.


Wang Weiwei’s success is largely due to the star-seeking effect.

The celebrity’s willingness to follow is also due to her extraordinary talent for combining virtual and real in brand management through independent thinking.

“Virtual” is her brand management philosophy and technique. Wang Weiwei seems to have a way to make Vera Wang detonate the media and become a hot spot and focus. Vera Wang always has an independent spirit: not pursuing fashion, but looking for ways to build himself into fashion.

“Reality” means that while constantly injecting new elements into the brand, she always maintains the ultimate requirements for design, quality and materials. “Practical first, then good-looking, is my purpose.”

Back to the starting point of her entrepreneurship: wedding dresses.

Ever since she went through New York before her wedding and couldn’t find a satisfactory wedding dress, Wang Weiwei has thought a lot about “what is a better wedding dress”.

She found that a big problem in the American wedding industry is:

Blindly inheriting the magnificence of the European royal family, but forgetting to innovate, so that it is old, complicated, and cumbersome, making the bride look bulky, bloated and tacky.

So, when she opened her own store, she overturned the past as soon as she shot it-

Change to a simple and smooth style, focusing on modern dignity and dignity, and use light and comfortable fabrics as a major feature of the wedding dress.

With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Wang Weiwei has the big data processing and computing capabilities of fashion like an artificial intelligence robot, so that she always has the ability to design according to people, time, and local conditions.

She especially emphasizes bringing into application scenarios to find design inspiration, from the performance of fashion being worn on the body, to push back the best design plan.

“When I design, I always think about the way people wear it. I make a wedding dress so that the bride can dance in it.”

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In terms of fashion, in Greater China, which has always looked to Europe and the United States, Vera Wang’s reputation has long since reached its peak.

The wedding dresses of many celebrities and wealthy families, such as Carina Lau and Tony Leung’s Bhutan wedding, are all designed by Wang Weiwei.

There have been such praises in the market:

“Unmarried girls look forward to owning a Vera Wang wedding dress. Married women often miss the Vera Wang they wore. Remarried women are thankful that they can ask for another Vera Wang.”

Today, Wang Weiwei has opened flagship stores in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Although she is an authentic American, she still emphasizes that developing in China is extraordinary for her.

“For me, emotionally speaking, this is a very big thing, and that’s where my roots really are.”

Today, Vera Wang is not just a wedding dress brand, but a fashion kingdom including publishing, perfume, cosmetics, accessories and home accessories.

In addition to the high-end Vera Wang brand, Wang Weiwei also launched the mid-priced “VERA WANG Lavender Label” and the affordable “Simply Vera VERA WANG”.

In the US self-made women’s rich list, Wang Weiwei has been selected many times.

She also does not see herself as a mere designer.

Out of the design room, how to make a profit is the focus of her bother.

“As an entrepreneur, you must consider more things, including responsibilities to employees.”

For the frequent conflicts between artistic pursuits and commercial goals, her solution is diversified development.

“We pursue the ultimate and luxury, but the most cutting-edge design is not necessarily easy to sell, so we also take into account the needs of the public and provide more inclusive services and products.”

In January 2016, Wang Weiwei hired Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, the global brand president of Aramis, Designer Fragrances, BeautyBank and IdeaBank under the Estée Lauder Beauty Group, to Vera Wang as the group president to help him expand.

In the same year, she was selected as “one of the 15 most powerful women in the world” by Newsweek.


Wang Weiwei, who has already become famous, is the most concerned and sought after by the global media, as well as her private life.

Wang Weiwei was once a non-marriage activist.

She didn’t care about her mother’s direct or euphemistic urging of marriage.

“I am not the kind of Chinese woman who can make do with grievances for a lifetime. I like to work and pursue to live my life according to my heart.”

When she stood on the threshold of 40 years old, many people thought that she would be single for a lifetime like this.

“I also thought I would be a nun in the fashion industry. Because the nuns in the fashion industry always come out in large numbers, and all they drink, eat, and smell are clothes.”

In the end, her family and her boss at the time, Ralph, changed her mind.

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At the age of 40, she got married.

This marriage lasted for 23 years.

In 2012, 63-year-old Wang Weiwei announced his divorce.

Soon afterwards, she was reported to be in a relationship with the 27-year-old American figure skater Resacek.

Resacek is the men’s double figure skating champion at the Winter Olympics and World Championships. He broke the men’s singles figure skating in the United States. He has been silent for 22 and 13 years in the Olympics and World Championships.

In 2008, Resacek asked Wang Weiwei to design the Winter Olympics clothing, which sparked a spark.

Since then, he wore a game uniform designed by his girlfriend and won gold medals in the World Championships and the Winter Olympics, and called Wang Weiwei his “goddess of luck.”

When he moved into Wang Weiwei’s mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, it was a different approach and realized his girlfriend’s dream of figure skating when he was 19 years old.

When Wendi Deng held her 30-year-old boyfriend, many netizens said that she was a big female winner. If this is the case, then Wang Weiwei is undoubtedly the big winner among the big winners.

In the face of praise and honor, Wang Weiwei, who is worth billions, just smiled and said that she was lucky, and she could succeed in starting a business at this age, and thanked many people.

But she should be most grateful, perhaps she should be:

Thank you for not lying in the advantages provided by your parents, thank you for not giving up your independent thinking; thank you for your unwilling and brave heart.

On February 12, 2019, New York time, Vera Wang released a new 2019 autumn/winter ready-to-wear collection.

This season is inspired by Celtic clothing, and the prints are taken from the Western calligraphy masterpiece “The Book of Kells”.

Celtic words that symbolize loyalty, bravery and steadfastness are embroidered on clothing.

Perhaps, Wang Weiwei, who is about to 70 years old, wants to encourage female friends in this way:

Live this life bravely with spiritual independence.

70-year-old Vera Wang looks like 17, 5 tips for the queen of wedding dresses to stay young

The 71-year-old Chinese-American female designer Vera Wang has been searched for because of her figure. Many netizens are shocked by the daily photos of Pin Yipin: exo me, is this figure surely 17 years old? ? ?


  That’s right, Vera Wang was born in June 1949 and is now grandmother’s age… Today, her brand’s official Twitter also reposted a tweet from a netizen, saying: Don’t doubt your age, it’s really 70 years old .


  Although she was shocked by her age, everyone should be familiar with her. Vera Wang’s Chinese name is Wang Weiwei. As a well-known wedding dress designer, she has created a personal wedding dress brand of the same name. It can be said that no one knows it, and she is also known as the queen of wedding dresses.


  Vera Wang has countless celebrity fans: Beckham, Ivanka, Kardashian, Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Hailey Bieber, etc., all choose his wedding dress on the most important day.


  Among the domestic stars, from Guo Biting, Liu Shishi, Chen Yanxi, to Liu Jialing, Tang Wei, Xu Ruoxuan, Yao Chen…there are too many to wear Vera Wang’s wedding.


  Charlotte in “Sex and the City” was excited because she wore a Vera Wang wedding dress. Carrie also wore a Vogue blockbuster. In short, Vera Wang is the favorite of celebrities and is synonymous with the perfect wedding dress in the dreams of countless girls.


  As the founder and designer of the brand, Vera Wang himself has a successful career. According to Forbes, his net worth is at least US$460 million (nearly 3.3 billion RMB). In addition, the life style is quite exciting.

After swiping the screen this time because of her figure, many netizens are asking for her maintenance tips. Today, I will take a look. I can still look like 17 years old at 70. What is it that I rely on~


  The appearance is against the sky, focusing on maintenance and super self-discipline

Vera Wang’s body proportions are inherently good. It looks like she has very long legs, but she is actually only 1.61 meters tall. The point is that even in the ancient years, the figure is still as slender as before, there is no trace of fat on her body, and she looks very young from a distance.


  This is closely related to the highly self-disciplined body management. When he was young, Vera Wang was good at sports. He used to be a figure skater and also practiced ballet. Although he switched careers, he has always maintained the habit of sports.

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  Although she is very thin, her abdominal muscles are lumpy. Many girls are sore. Let alone 70, this figure has never had a 17-year-old _(:з」∠)_


  She usually lifts iron and plays golf when she has nothing to do. At the age of 70, she still exercises every day. With decades of persistence, her figure and posture have been kept online.


  There is also a particularly surprising point. There are almost no wrinkles on her skin, which completely subverts people’s impression of 70 years old. It is almost like taking preservatives!

In a previous interview with Bazaar, Vera Wang revealed her secret. When she sleeps, she will adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to close to the temperature of the refrigerator, making the room like a refrigerator, because low temperature helps sleep and slows down the body’s metabolism. But the main fan thinks that this is still different from person to person. Generally, the sleeping temperature is around 20 degrees. It is not recommended to follow suit if the temperature is too low~


  In order to maintain appearance, Vera Wang is also very particular about his daily diet. For breakfast, she will eat fresh fruit and yogurt, or simple eggs and chicken sausages. Lunch is usually sashimi, brown rice, broccoli and chicken. Dinner is salmon with black bread and a lot of lemon, which supplements protein and vitamin C. Very high calories.


  In addition, she has given up the habit of drinking Coke since 2006. Although this decision is painful, she has insisted on not drinking sugary drinks for more than ten years and only drinks water.

Relative to her figure, the state of her face can still see obvious signs of aging, especially the bags under the eyes, but considering her age, the overall situation is pretty good~


  In terms of skin care, she said that she likes to apply Clinique moisturizing cream, often apply facial mask, and keep 7-8 hours of sleep every day no matter how busy, these are the keys to good skin.


  Vera Wang’s hair volume is also quite amazing. From his youth to the present, he has always had black mid-length hair. He still has black and thick hair at the age of 70. The volume of hair is against the sky and there is no hairline crisis, which shows how important hair is to being young! However, she has not shared the experience of maintaining hair, and she also admires her natural anti-aging physique~


  Dress boldly, with countless fashionable items

Vera Wang is an avid fashion fan. Unlike the wedding dresses she designs, her private dress style is more street-style. She likes to wear men’s clothing. She loves to buy Prada, Balenciaga, and Rei Kawakubo. She is never restricted by age.

Like lace jumpsuits, all kinds of fashionable clothes, difficult items can be easily held~

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  Balenciaga mix and match Adi sweatpants, but also dare to wear it↓


  Nowadays, she has not lost any of the popular trend items, such as the Prada Lei Feng hat and the “armband bag”↓


  Gucci sequined loafers and old shoes, which were very popular in the past two years, also took their feet early.


  I bought new clothes from LV and Dior, and I can’t wait to get the hang of it↓


  She also likes the exaggerated oversized down jacket. This one is from Rick Owens. It is full of black domineering, like a walking sculpture~


  As well as the cycling pants that can only be controlled by small legs, the irregular jeans full of personality are the most in-line items, and they are definitely a fashion trender.


  Perhaps to make up for her height, she usually wears all kinds of high-heeled, thick-soled shoes, which look very hard, but she never tires. She is still like this at the age of 70.


  In terms of accessories, exaggerated sunglasses are her indispensable matching artifact. Wearing a kind of Matrix has a sense of sight↓


  Sometimes she wears hairpins and bow hairbands like little girls, transforming into cute little fairies~


  Take pictures with vigor, various concave shapes

Vera Wang is still a master of concave styling. Looking through her ins, you will find that her daily style of painting is particularly energetic, and she is very free to take photos, completely like a young girl. For example, the most favorite pose is to show legs, steal the spotlight for 100 points↓


  This has become her signature action, and it can be dented anytime and anywhere~


  There is also this sitting posture with bent legs. The main point is to stretch your arms on your knees. This is not only natural and unpretentious, but also shows that the legs are long and youthful. You can feel the sight of large shots at random. I don’t know how to take pictures while sitting. My sister can learn~


  Sitting on the floor in a pink lace dress and crown, who is not a little princess~


  I often wear sunglasses for selfies, concave shapes, and I can’t tell my age at all↓


  It’s okay to tie a double ponytail with a baseball cap “click”, which is also very age reduction~


  Young mentality, love challenges and dare to innovate

It is said that each other is born from the heart, Vera Wang looks against the sky, but his mentality is actually very young.

This has a lot to do with her family and education. Vera Wang was born in an elite family in New York, owned a pharmaceutical company, and her mother was an interpreter for the United Nations. Both of her parents were born in China and immigrated to the United States in the 1940s. Vera Wang has embraced Chinese values ​​since she was a child and was also influenced by American culture. Therefore, she has a tough and hard-working character, but also likes all kinds of new things and dares to keep trying. .

    Vera Wang’s parents

  In her early years, she had been a figure skater for many years, training very hard, but later missed the Olympic Games, decided to give up the road of sports. Later, she moved to Paris and found a fashion career she really loves. She worked as an editor at VOGUE for 17 years. After resigning, she went to Ralph Lauren as the creative director. Two years later, she started her own business, relying on the contacts accumulated over the years and excellent design aesthetics. , And soon became a big success.


  She loves work very much. Although she is very old now, she has always insisted on doing it herself. During the epidemic, she posted photos of working from home↓


  In terms of design, she is also very bold and innovative. Vera Wang’s wedding dresses always lead the trend, such as black wedding dresses, colorful wedding dresses, and all kinds of fairy and elegant and chic elements, which break through the concept of traditional wedding dresses. Xingcheng unique brand style.


  The dresses she designed are also very popular in celebrity circles. Many celebrities’ stunning red carpet shirts are all made by Vera Wang.


  Last year’s Emmy Awards red carpet, Zendaya’s slay mermaid skirt was designed by Vera Wang

Nowadays, big luxury brands are opening up the home furnishing line. Vera Wang has already seized this market, often launching cooperation models with brands such as Wedgwood, and also has perfumes and personal care products under its umbrella, which are also very successful.


  Outside of work, Vera Wang’s mentality is also very positive. No matter how old he is, he is full of enthusiasm for life, likes flower arranging and enjoying travel ↓


  Halloween and Christmas parties are also super high, and I feel more energetic than young people.


  Jumping around with my little friends, she is still like a girl in her 70s. She is really cold from the inside out.


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