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Growing Up

If there were a nationwide poll to determine the ratio of how many people like or dislike insurance, my guess is that for every 1 person who likes it, there will be at least 10 who dislike it. Believe it or not, but I am that 1 out of every 10 that loves insurance – when done correctly and thoughtfully.

I will explain my complex relationship with insurance policies using two major life events that shook my world: a traumatic accident that took the lives of my two dear friends and almost mine, and the loss of my father.

This next section regarding your hometown is nice but I’m not too sure that it is necessary. It seems to be off topic and while this is an, “about me,” page, it’s really an, “about why this work that I do is so important to me.” I cut out some parts, but I would really recommend looking into trimming it down to three to four sentences about Ipoh and your upbringing. I also moved this section to the beginning of the story because it feels so out of place at the end. Let me know your thoughts on this.

But first, rewind several years to my childhood: growing up in a small town of less than 100,000 residents. I was a crappy ADHD student who would skip class to hang out at the snooker center and marjong parlor. In 1988, on my 13th birthday, our little home of Ipoh was officially declared a city.

As my parents worked excruciatingly hard to provide the best future for us in a grocery store located in a much smaller area known as Gerik, my siblings and I were raised by my great grandmother. You do have siblings, right?

Growing up in Ipoh with her was, in my eyes, a huge upgrade from Gerik. My great grandmother used to remind me all the time that we were of the first to have a TV in our house. I am not trying to brag that we could afford a TV back then, but I bring it up to show how little we really had at the time; I never thought that I’d be able to live in a place like NYC as I do now. It’s unreal to me that Ipoh is now considered the 3rd largest city in Malaysia.


Oddly enough, Chow is connected to both New York City AND Ipoh. Another unforgettable moment was seeing him on this movie about Long Island with …(I will fill in later) When you tie this together, let me know and I’ll gladly look over it. Possibly beneficial to delete this section regarding the famous people though. After all, your audience is interested in you, not necessarily Mr. Chow.

Chow was somehow related to Ipoh as well, as the remake of the movie “The King & I.” Believe it or not, but it was actually shot in Ipoh, not Thailand.


Despite the town being so small at the time, two other famous people were raised in Ipoh. Crazy Rich Asian, anyone? No, not Awkwafina (aka Nora Lum).

The most famous person from Ipoh has got to be Michelle Yeoh. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Yeoh

Maybe followed by, NO, NOT David Beckham! [SELF NOTE, look for the picture of David Beckham visiting that store] The owner of the cheapest Michelin hawker store.


But this Chicken store owner.

I am proud of where I was raised and who I have become in the long run, but I had a lot of growing pains to survive before I was a strong-minded individual. When I was given the opportunity to go to a private school like KDU, I made a fool of myself and failed miserably. This forced me to waste another two years at a local college in the middle of nowhere called Sunway.]

As I got older, I didn’t necessarily become wiser. Approaching my 21st birthday, near the time of the accident, I was an arrogant SOB, always pretending to be a rich kid so I could score chicks, fulfill my ego, and remain a complete jackA.

The Accident

I don’t remember much of the accident or the events following the tragedy. I spent a while searching for a news release related to the accident but couldn’t find anything. So, you’ll just have to take it from me, even if all I know is hearsay from my mom (who hasn’t finished high school). I guess you can believe as little or as much as you want.

There are, however, a few things of which I am certain: 1. The following scene with Uma Thurman is 99.9999% fake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beZNQyZLO1s

2. My medical bill was INSANELY expensive – especially when considering the amount of time I spent in rehabilitation centers.

3. My broken left femur (aka the strongest bone in the human body), required a steal rod to heal, and my fractured knee cap (see below picture) will most likely expire before my 60’s which means I better get good insurance to cover a knee cap replacement. (Knee image)

4. The great American insurance company that covered the entirety of my medical expenses, including up to 85% of my lost income while working at a school cafeteria, not only saved my life but made it better. This was all made possible through the Michigan No Fault Law which provided unlimited coverage of my personal injuries. It was estimated that my accident costs were upward of $1M back in 96-97. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/cis_ofis_ip202_25083_7.pdf

5. The accident changed my personality for the better. If I didn’t go through the pain and struggle of learning how to live again, I believe I would’ve been killed prematurely for being such an anal person.

Speaking of killing, remember the movie Kill Bill? No, Uma Thuman didn’t come to visit me. Remember the scene I showed you on fact #1 where Uma bends her knee? This feat took me close to a year to accomplish in a rehabilitation center.

6. I was in a coma for a few days, but I woke up as a mad gorilla (as my mom put it). 

7. The brain specialist that was assigned to my case, (I have forgotten his name), showed me a real human skull AND let me touch it!

My Recovery

Recovery was long and difficult for me.

(Insert picture of 110 lb here)

In this picture, I may not be exactly 110 lbs, but when I really woke up for the first time, I was only 110 lbs. This part of my memory is a complete blank for me. So, if anybody in the above picture remembers how long I was acting like a madman, please comment below!

What do I mean by, ‘really woke up?’

When I came out of my coma, I was told that I didn’t recognize anyone, even my own parents.

I wasn’t eating. I was constantly cursing at the doctors and nurses. Like my mom said, I was acting very irrational and aggressive – like a mad gorilla.

Although I was only 110 lbs, I attacked everybody that got close to me including my friends and relatives.

So, based on what my mom told me, the hospital employees had to restrain me with several belts to the hospital bed to prevent me from hurting myself and others. This kept me from eating on my own; my only source of nutrition intake was liquid food in the IV fluids.

I still feel ashamed that I am unable to remember the names of the beautiful individuals who helped me recover: my nurses and doctors, especially the brain surgeon. This is because I remember spitting blood on them constantly during my healing process. Because I was tied down, the only way I could retaliate was to spit.

Based on what my mom told me, I believe the hospital had medical equipment monitoring my internal organs during the time. Likely due to my own struggling, the feeding tube and other equipment must have been scratching my throat as I was spewing blood tainted saliva at the doctors.

Mom would remind me, “you got that doctor good!” I always felt bad thinking of their white colored doctor lab coats and nurse scrubs soiled with blood from my saliva. There I was, an arrogant male that nobody liked with an IQ score of 68, shortly after waking up from a brain clog.

INsERT daNali picture.

In this picture, I weighed about 130 lbs. The difference is shocking when compared to my 21st birthday image at 110 lbs; I guess being a mad man is great exercise!

My brain specialist was phenomenal in explaining my major concussion through the use of a real human skull (which he still has somewhere hidden in his office)!

By letting me touch the inner surface of the skull, he was able to guide me through the brain trauma I had sustained as a part of the accident. I quickly learned that the inside of the skull is not a smooth surface as I thought it would be. During the strong impact of the collision which killed two of my dear friends, my brain, which he explained as having the texture of soft tofu, vigorously struck the inner walls of the skull. Due to the force and unevenness of the bone, brain trauma occurred – causing a massive concussion.

(BONUS: if anyone knows why the inside of the skull is not smooth, please comment! *I told you I have ADHD*)

That super-duper nice brain specialist explained to me that, given the proper training and time, my brain may be able to use the remaining undamaged tissue to replace the function of brain cells that had sustained damage.

The reason I say that he is super-duper nice is not because he let me play with a real skull, but because I was spitting blood at him all day long as I was being treated. So, from that picture to this picture!

In addition to my time as a gorilla in the hospital, the brain surgeon advised me that there was a possible blood clot blocking normal blood flow inside one of the arteries in the brain. My parents were told to, “wait and see,” how I did since this anomaly may correct itself, or not.

I can’t imagine how my parents were feeling with the uncertainty of me being like that, spitting on everybody, cursing at the female nurses, etc. (I was famous in the hospital for demanding new nurses, imported from Japan. I couldn’t stand those Caucasian nurses).


Luckily, my native tongue is Cantonese so my insanity wasn’t quite understood.

Years later, I found myself working with a client who voluntarily gave up his job as a brain surgeon. Surprisingly enough, his specialty was unclogging brains like mine. Apparently, science had made it possible several years after my trauma. According to his wife, he was having constant nightmares after operating on the patient. He became a radiologist instead. This instance tells a great deal about what its like for many surgeons and just how trying the profession can be as a whole. One other thing I must mention regarding my experience while in rehab, and also why Uma Thurman bending her knee has been so impactful for me.

Before my accident, I was unaware of notion that if you didn’t move for a long time, your joints may, “freeze up!” This aspect of recovery was truly painful for me as I had spent so much time tied down to the hospital bed and couldn’t move my legs due to their injuries.

Several months of recovery later and I am back on my feet, able to walk, run, and even sprint. I was amazed at my healing process after completing a half marathon in Bohemia. I eventually finished the race, but it was my lungs that gave up, not my knees.

Insurance Let Downs

So how are my experiences related to insurance?

My personal sharing of my prior struggles is not a scheme to endorse any insurance company in particular. I will say, however, that when it comes to insurance, you get what you pay for. This is especially true in the event of a catastrophe. The more expensive companies tend to have better coverage and are less likely to host scams and fraud.

As stated above, the No Fault law in Michigan required the rental car insurance company to pay for all medical bills, including lost income from working at the school cafeteria.

As for the Dodge Caravan which almost killed all 3 of us in the back, it was completely totaled and would have been a complete total loss without the insurance coverage. Was this the vehicle that hit you or the vehicle you were in? If you were in it, how did it kill you? What were the details of the accident? Did someone hit you? Who’s vehicle was the blue ford focus?

According to my mom, the car was rented by a rich school mate of mine. He paid for the rental car with his dad’s substitute card as a deposit. He made a substantial mistake whenever the rental car company asked if he wanted additional coverage for additional drivers of the vehicle. (How many of you automatically declined?)

Long story short, I believe, he (I wish I could remember his name) opted out of paying for additional drivers in the rental car insurance coverage policy. I just want to confirm that he did NOT pay for additional drivers. That is not the smartest thing to do when traveling with 7 international students. Why? And how does that change how the insurance worked for worse? Or for better?

A Growing Desire to Create Change in the Industry

Many would believe that surviving a tragic accident would come with several great losses, and while this is true, I gained so much more. The horrific accident that left one Ipoh boy broken with an initial IQ of 68, gifted him a purpose in life.

Overall, I cannot overstate how very thankful I am for the insurance company that covered the accident due to the Michigan No Fault law because not only am I alive, but I am able to live in confidence that there are people who do the right thing. I am also able to succeed financially, without thousands and thousands of dollars in debt over my head – providing a future for my wife and I. (Add children here if you have them)

(Nelson to take a screen shot from here) https://www.michigan.gov/documents/cis_ofis_ip202_25083_7.pdf,

After several failures at prior institutions and the car accident, I was finally accepted into a mediocre school in the Western part of Michigan which allowed me to grow and guided my career in assisting others in finding insurance. Because of my new IQ score, I found myself struggling to grow as a student. If I had been a few years younger, I wouldn’t have cared at all, but something about my near-death experience of the accident changed me. Although I am alive today, the arrogant, self-absorbed version of me died in the back of the Dodge Caravan. I refused to wallow in my own self pity this time and strove to achieve the most possible in school.

Although I did well in the end, my degree wasn’t enough to land me a Wall Street job (which has been my dream ever since the accident). I ended up taking whatever job I could get that paid and could sponsor me for a green card like my time as an, “e-commerce,” programmer in NYC. Around the time of the 2008 financial crisis, I was laid off by a company known as Nortel and my dear father passed away.

Insert the picture of the WAKE[NELSON]

One of the harshest realities that came from losing my dad was the realization that we would no longer be covered under his health insurance plan. My dad was a responsible man who paid for coverage to protect his family. The bitter part comes when she replaced his existing policy to a so-called good Friend turned financial advisor/take you out to eat and drink buddy when he was trying to sell you insurance. Who is this person? This sounds like an angry rant about the person who did your family wrong and while this is rightfully so, it doesn’t make any sense. Is it that your dad had life insurance and the person who sold it to him put the beneficiary as themselves and not the family?

I came to understand that this is how 90% of life insurance policies are being sold among the community of people with Chinese heritage. The reality is that life insurance should be sold differently than health insurance. Nobody really wants to buy health insurance until there is a need to see a doctor or to be admitted to the hospital.

50% of the people who buy life insurance from me do so only because they have been diagnosed with a medical illness and were referred to me or they have symptoms of an unknown illness. These people often look for health insurance so save on the premiums they will pay once they visit the doctors they need to see.

Life insurance, on the other hand, is not often pursued by the buyer, it is sold to them under false pretenses. It is also difficult for those who struggle with finances to purchase life insurance thoughtfully. For instance, the wealthy are more than happy to afford what is, to them, a relatively small expense to propel their family to riches such as the case of Elon Musk who took out a 300-million-dollar insurance policy.

There is a stark difference between the rich and the poor, especially for those who fail to take out life insurance policies, leaving their families to muster up some amount of money to pay for their funerals.

(Show FB picture of people who ask for Donation for people who are dead)

Although my dad did the right thing by looking into life insurance, he was sold a lie – believing that the money would be given to his family after death. Yet, we ended up with nothing after he passed. This guided my thoughts on selling insurance in general because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I had sold another poor soul the same type of policy that hurt my family.

I used to work for Metlife over 10 years ago and had to leave because of my refusal to sell a bad policy. Their hierarchy of forcing their employees to focus on selling the policy rather than doing what was best for the consumer infuriated me as I had seen this scam in so many other company policies over the years.

As you’ll find with most of the articles for this website, I have made it my personal mission to fight against insurance policies who take advantage of the weak who do not know better. As you’ve read above, I know the difference between helpful and harmful insurance policies and the ins and outs of their workings. I refuse to stand by as poorly managed insurance companies earn millions and millions of dollars at the expense of honest, hard working people such as my father.

Since I have taken this path to warn others of these scams, I have been under legal fire, in my opinion, by a true Robocall scammer. Upon learning of this scammer, I wrote an online article exposing them – digging up several big names involved in scam related activities. I cannot mention any names of those that are pushing for the lawsuit, but what I can say is that they are BIG, like Bernie Madoff BIG. The only reason I can say his name is because he has already passed.

I expanded my About Me page in an effort to show you the type of person I have become over the years. I also hope to find someone who is able to provide me with representation in Court.

Is this for real?

At the age of 21 (to be exact, Mr. Lai had his 21st birthday party at the ICU). Mr. Lai was in a car accident that fractured his right knee cap and femur. In case you wonder what is a femur, it is the strongest bone in a human being. 

Sustained severe brain hemorrhage, which according to his mum, Mr. Lai was constrained to the hospital bed, hence he is famous for spitting his saliva with blood at the doctors, nurses & his parent. (Most of his friend were smart enough to stay far away) 

As a result of his injuries, he was in a rehabilitation center for over a year.

Had he not had proper health coverage, he would have been either be a crippled, bankrupt and or retarded or at least slow.

After such an unexpected experience, it is safe to assume that Mr. Lai learns a thing or two about the value of having the RIGHT insurance policy. 

Thank God (for having the right insurance)

So he is neither “Retard, Crippled & Bankrupt”.  (maybe he is a little bit of everything)…

This personal experience has not only elucidated how unpredictable life can be but also the importance of having risk protection, which is why Mr. Lai has made it his career and mission to provide insurance policies that provide the proper protection. 

Cheap is only good when you never need the insurance, and there are so many horror stories involving being even falling into an outright for trying to save a few $. 

Health insurance may not always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but here, we have a passion for providing personalized coverage. This mainly stems from a genuine and personal connection to the unpredictability of health risks.

As a brokerage, our allegiance is to you, our customers, not the big insurance companies. We’ll consider all your options to deliver you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve secured the best policy available.

That’s also why we cater especially to high-risk applicants. If you are already pregnant or have a terminal disease or cancer, it can be so hard to find an insurance policy.

That’s where we come in. Some other agents might generalize your case and give you an inaccurate quote. However, we look at your case at a detailed level to find your best rate.

What We Do

With first-hand experience dealing with risk, we have come to know the value of good insurance. At Safe Policies, we know that not all insurance is the same. With so many insurance products and services available on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed in deciding which insurance policies are necessary to have. We want to change that.

As a comprehensive, independent insurance broker, we aim to simplify and streamline the often complex process of obtaining insurance. Our insurance experts are well-versed in both technical expertise and communication, ensuring that you understand and are satisfied with what you are purchasing.

Safe Policies is built upon the pillar of customer satisfaction. We offer personal attention and dedicated service, qualities that are too often lost in today’s impersonal business world. Our major customers are individuals and corporations seeking coverage for a variety of situations.

Safe Policies has demonstrated time and time again its dedication to customer service, and to the overall satisfaction of each and every client that it represents. We invite you to give us an opportunity to serve your insurance needs and prove our dedication to you and your business.

Who We Are

Nelson Lai is the founder of Safe Policies Insurance, an independent health insurance brokerage operating in New York.

Fate puts Mr. Lai, an immigrant in the greatest immigrant city in the world. NYC . After working with many immigrants with their insurance need for over a decade, Mr. Lai and his team know a thing or two about immigrants insurance need. Our agency has the license to conduct business all over the USA.

Our agency has been working diligently for years, in fact, we are still working very hard to straighten our identity. 

What is this Safe Policies Life & Health Insurance, with an email of **@safepolicies.com but the website is 212-484-9888.com? Who uses some phone number to identify themselves. Can there be trusted?

We tried to build our online reputation starting just about 2 years ago. Click to read

Why when we call 212-484-9888 ., we got a text message of spam? 

To be continue