One night stand? Getting on the wrong car [Chinese rich woman Susie Q Zhao] was tied up / sexually assaulted / burned to death 🔥Parents collapsed…

Playing one night stand? Getting into the wrong man’s car, the rich Chinese woman was burned alive after being tied up and sexually assaulted! Parents have collapsed…

The trial is on!
She was tied up and sexually assaulted and
burned to death by the murderer alive!
More than half a month ago, the Michigan State Police reported a piece of news that shocked the local Chinese community: The body of a well-known Chinese female professional poker player Susie Zhao was found in a parking lot, her whole body was scorched!
Yesterday, the case was officially opened for trial, and more details were announced.

According to earlier reports, the last time Susie was seen with her mother during his lifetime was around 5:30 pm on July 12.
Just after 8 o’clock in the morning the next morning, the police received a call. A resident found a charred body near a parking lot near the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area in Oakland County.

As the corpse was burned beyond recognition, the police could only confirm that the owner of the burnt corpse was Susie Zhao by comparing the surviving fingerprints.
Susie, 33, is from Beijing. She has studied and lived in the United States since she was a teenager. She studied in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University.
For Chinese girls studying abroad, most parents hope that their children can become doctors or lawyers in the future, but Susie chose an unusual path.

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Very talented, she started playing poker since high school, and quickly entered the professional circle, becoming a professional player, known as “Susie Q”. Even in the United States, there are only a handful of female professional players in the poker circle. One can imagine how precious Susie’s existence is.
After confirming that the deceased was Susie, the police investigation was once deadlocked. Because judging from the known information, this ordinary and extraordinary Chinese woman really does not seem to provoke enemies. But apart from the speculation that her special occupation led to “retaliatory” crimes, the police can be said to be at a loss.

Later, even the FBI also intervened in the investigation. With the cooperation of multiple parties, the suspect, Jeffrey Morris, was finally identified and arrested on July 31

If you just look at the photos, you never imagined that this ordinary-looking 60-year-old man would be the murderer who brutally killed Susie. However, the police found several suspicious items in his residence: blood-stained sheets, blood-stained baseball bats, fragments of female clothes…

According to Jeffrey’s testimony, the police learned that the place where Susie last appeared during his death was a motel.
Before June this year, Susie mainly lived in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She just moved back to Michigan to live with her parents.
Why did she show up at the motel with a 60-year-old man? What is the relationship between Susie and the murderer?
In today’s trial, these doubts were announced one by one: it turned out that it was the first “encounter” between the two on the day of the case.

Jeffrey claimed that he “picked up” Susie on a certain road in Waterford Township, alluding to each other’s eyes. At around 9:26 in the evening, the two appeared at a motel called Sherwood Motel.

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Later, Jeffrey said that they went out together to buy some drinks and came back. At the same time, he firmly stated that Susie left the hotel room in the middle of the night and took away all personal belongings, including mobile phones.

After investigation, this statement is unreliable. Because Susie’s mobile phone location showed that she stayed in the hotel until 5 o’clock the next day and never left. This obviously contradicts Jeffrey’s testimony that “Susie left in the middle of the night with her mobile phone.”

The police checked the surveillance video near the motel and confirmed that Jeffrey drove away early on the 13th and drove all the way to a secluded place near the Pontiac Lake recreation area, where he stayed for about 7 minutes. Many minutes. (Susie’s body was found in this area.)

A published court document showed that Susie was tied up with a belt and showed signs of sexual assault! The most unacceptable thing is that this beautiful Chinese poker player is suspected to be burned alive!

Inside Jerrey’s car, the police found shoe prints of different sizes, a few long hairs, and unknown fibers with blood stains.
At present, these exhibits are being sent to the local crime laboratory for evidence collection and investigation together with the bed sheets and other objects found in the residence.
At the same time, the ultimate cause of Susie’s death is also under investigation, and it is expected that relevant reports will be available in the next trial.

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In addition, although the murderer Jeffrey has been arrested, considering that many of the testimonies are only his own words, the credibility is really doubtful.
This honest-looking man actually committed a lot of crimes. Since 1989, he has been arrested many times for sex crimes and domestic violence. For many years, I have been living a life of “unfixed place”. I have rented a house, but I am always expelled by the landlord because of misconduct.
The police believe that Jeffrey and Susie’s “encounter” is false, and it does not rule out the possibility that he has already locked the target, deliberately approached the victim, and attacked him.

I believe that in the follow-up investigation and trial, more details about the case will surface until the truth is revealed. Regrettably, in any case, Susie Zhao passed away forever.
Anyone who knows something about this Chinese woman can’t help but sigh her unique charm. After starting to play poker, Susie has repeatedly entered the main event of the world-class Pukesai and stood out among the male professional players.
In 2012, she even won a prize of $73,805 in the main event of the World Poker Tournament, ranking in the world’s 100 and ranking 90th.

Many players in the circle are full of praise
when they mention Susie , saying that she is
exceptionally talented
very energetic
. The most rare thing is that such an excellent player is extremely friendly and humble, and often jokes in the competition arena. .

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Because of this, after the news of Susie’s death spread, everyone felt unbelievable. It is hard to imagine that the kind-hearted Susie would make enemies with others, not to mention the enmity that the murderer would cruelly burn the body beyond recognition…

In previous reports, Susie’s friends revealed that Susie is facing some “challenges in his personal life”. Coupled with the fact that he suddenly moved to his parents after living outside for many years, many netizens suspected that it might be as the murderer said. The two had an unexpected “encounter”, and the disobedience of life made Susie pursue unexpected excitement.
In this regard, Susie’s friends in the circle said the possibility is extremely low. As a professional poker player, playing games and living in multiple cities is the norm.

It is true that Susie left Los Angeles because of economic reasons, but she will never give up on herself because of these “frustrations” and become a casual person.

Before the truth comes out, I hope that all those concerned about this matter can be cautious in expressing their remarks, and do not use their own conjectures to guess the truth of the case or evaluate Susie.

The Sri Lankan has gone, please leave more respect for this outstanding Chinese female poker professional player!

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