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Kimlau War Memorial🙏🏼First Landmark Recognizing Chinese American history

A Landmark for a Landmark

Kimlau War Memorial Kamlau Kim Lao (Liu Jin) Monument Square is located in New York’s Chinatown and the Rumsey fruit Plaza , 1961 by the American Legion 1291 Branch ( American Legion, Lt. BR Kimlau Post 1291 built). It pays tribute to the soldiers of Chinese descent who died in the war to serve the […]

Andy Lau Apologizes for Lying About Vegas Wedding

Andy Lau Apologizes for Lying About Vegas Wedding

Veteran Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau has apologized for lying about his marriage, saying he behaved inappropriately for a public figure. Lau denied that he was married in an interview with Hong Kong’s Cable TV in February, but Hong Kong journalists last week discovered marriage records from the Clark County Recorder’s Office in the U.S. […]

Why Chess Genius Wesley So is Representing the US and Not the Philippines

Why Chess Genius Wesley So is Representing the US and Not the Philippines

Super Grandmaster Wesley So officially ended the hopes of those who wished to see him represent the Philippines again when he became a U.S. citizen earlier this year.  “I want to give back to a country that has been so good to me,” So told the US Chess Federation. “From the moment I landed here, […]

Zhao Ting may make Disney invest 200 million yuan 🦸‍♂️Marvel movie “Eternal Protoss” 🧐

As pride turned insult to China, Chinese director Zhao Ting continued to be banned 🙅‍♀️ may affect the Marvel movie “Eternal Protoss” 🦸‍♂️ Disney’s US$200 million investment or dwindling 🧐 At the 93rd Oscar Awards, Chinese director Zhao Ting won three awards with “A Place to Nowhere”, but was blocked outside the wall and inside […]

Worse than anyone 👎Chinese-American Li Meiqi Maggie Q💃 is as famous as American film and television celebrities🏆 wins the “Golden Sourberry Award”

Chinese-American Li Meiqi Maggie Q wins the “Golden Raspberry Award” as famous as American film and television celebrities The Golden Raspberry Awards (English: Golden Raspberry Awards, referred to as Razzie Awards) is a negative awards ceremony imitating the Oscars. Before 2020, it will be announced before the Oscars every year, in order to tease the […]

4/23 Released 🎬”Mortal Kombat”👊The adaptation of the movie “Magic Empire” turned out to be a Fuzhou native/American Chinese remake of a classic game

Wen Ziren remakes the classic game “Mortal Kombat” and adapts the movie “Magic Empire” After 20 years, the new series of live-action movie ” Magic Empire ” adapted from the classic fighting game ” Mortal Kombat ” is scheduled to be officially launched this year, with ” Chain Saw Cry ” # Saw , “潜伏”# […]

New Yorkers’ blessings✨You can go to Street Fighter at any time🥊The prototype of Chunli is as famous as Bruce Lee🦸‍♀️Kung Fu Queen to meet

I saw the news yesterday that the Japanese textbook officially included Chunli in the Japanese textbook The real version of Chunli is (fortune) for many New Yorkers, and it can be seen at any time… Capcom Officially Approved Street Fighter Chunli Appears in English Textbook As a major animation country, Japan is full of cartoons […]

The former Prime Minister of Malaysia went bankrupt. Could it be that he spent all his money on drinking alcohol in New York?

Malaysia’s stunning scam Jho Low and the intricate global interest network behind him By 2015, a financial cases shocked the world: a man named Liu Tezuo Malaysian businessman, was Malaysia , the United States , Singapore, Malaysia, the three accused by the sovereign wealth fund 1MDB , illegal transfer of funds, involving about $ 4.5 […]

Once upon a time Jackie Chan 🥊 Sammo Hung was her attendant 💃 retired to the United States for the family for 20 years

There was a time when Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung were her attendants who retired to the United States for the family for 20 years Mention Kung Fu Star The first thing everyone thinks of should be Jackie Chan , Jet Li , Wu Jing and others In fact, there are many martial arts actresses […]

The Untold Truth of Clara Lee – Plastic Surgery, Husband, Wiki

Who is Clara Lee? Lee Sung-Min was born on 15 January 1985, in Bern, Switzerland, and is a model as well as an actress, best known for performing under the stage name Clara Lee, or just Clara. She rose to fame through appearing in South Korean films and television shows, often as a sex symbol. […]